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{Sunday, December 30, 2007}

Yesterday marked the ending of being legal waitress at Pan Pacific hotel haha! Was actually very elated and happy about it because I was getting sick of being a "nanny" to those guests and having to clear all their dirty plates too and also getting them drinks and blah blah blah...

Yet I have some mixed feelings too yesterday. Like I know I will not see Mr. Mole ever again and all the kind and friendly waiters and waitresses and some of the nice managers...life is like that eh? Full of regrets and wistfulness...

Yesterday was a chinese wedding dinner, oh yeah but we're separated again, Alwina and I, Amelin and Puay Suan... but the wedding dinner was a very busy one (due to some idiotic girls that stole my silver tray and slowed things down and also it's a nine-course dinner...) a really busy one! I didn't even get to see the wedding couple oh my goodness although I was really looking forward to it since the wedding decorations were really nice! The nicest of all. I was thankful that the bartender helped me a lot (the one who asked me for my number haha) as my guests were kinda... particular. Oh and the food was also the nicest of all wedding dinners but none of us ate secretly! No time I guess. Some funny things happened too like Mr. Mole took peanuts from my peanut bowl during cocktail reception and then I became kuku in front of the bartender when I sort of forgot my guests asked for what drinks...haha!

And of course we took photos on our last two days for memories...

Before makeup and neat hair..

And taa-daa! We're the wonderful waitresses! (Deliberate alliteration lol)

And some funny random poses..

Because we're having mixed feelings about last few days haha! Both happy and sad at the same time..and if you're wondering what we're doing at the last picture, it's us folding our arms! Lol.

Don't look at us, look at our uniforms instead. -_-

Group photo with fellow girlies!

So bye bye Pan Pacific! Don't miss me, fellow managers! Haha. I will remember one manager who pretended to strangle me when I could not lift the table glass thing and carry it and I will remember the nice manager who asked me why I don't wanna continue to work during holidays and I will remember the indian guy manager haha..

Went to do wavy hair today in the afternoon. Oh man, it took like about three hours?? I even counted the number of rollers in my hair...thirty! Cool. Oh and there's like one major problem about really wavy hair. Like I'm so used to combing hair and for this kinda hair, it's not a necessity to comb it (or rather a no-no!) ?~my mom is like scolding me for not knowing how to manage my hair...eh but she must remember it's the first time I'm having "permanent" wavy hair! New hair for the new year?? Haha. And a new beginning? =)

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{Friday, December 28, 2007}

Oh my goodness...I'm really addicted to the current blog song, Back Here by BBMak. Found it by "chance" on my Pinky Winky and realised it's a rather old song but...I'm in love love love with it!!! Have been listening to the song all day. Oh my goodness...

Finally understand the meaning "An irrational liking"..

Found this amusing video of the song, made me laugh at the computer for nothing! Check it out, it's funny Japanese students lip-syncing the song.

Until you're back here baby...MISS YOU WANT YOU NEED YOU SO~

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On friday, we; Samuel, Puay Suan, Amelin, Cindy and I met together early in the morning to book movie tickets for the show "I am Legend". One word for the movie: Scary. Oh man, it was so embarrassing to scream out loud in the cinema whereas your friends laugh at your big reaction and freaked out expression. Lol! I swear at times when the sound effects was really loud and unexpected, my heart almost jumped out. The movie should be rated NC16 instead.

After the show, we had lunch and then acted as tourists in the Pan Pacific hotel. I have never seen the whole hotel before since my presence there was only in the kitchen and the ballrooms. The decor was really nice and grand and the lift reminded me of Charlie's Great Glass Elevator! I should have brought my camera! We acted so kuku and went up to the highest level and experienced air pressure. Oh and my phobia for heights! Because the lift had transparent glass.

And then we went shopping at Marina Square, after collecting our pay that is. Haha, it was again fun to shop with friends and actually shopping, not window-shopping. I bought another top and some earrings and leggings. Hehe, but it's for the whole year, I protest! =) Puay Suan and Amelin and Samuel bought some clothes too. After some serious shopping, it was time to go home. Lol.

Yesterday was the second last day of work. It was definitely a novelty to be serving two to three tables and definitely a hectic one. I was blessed to have a really nice buddy who kindly explained to me how to serve two to three tables and who offered to bring for me my assigned table's new plates and serving gear for every course. =)) Amelin and Puay and Alwina should envy me haha. He was also nice to talk to and joke with too.

It was a CID Dinner & Dance function yesterday and having to serve two to three tables, it was quite a headache to remember who asked for what and speed was really necessary. But the cool event and funny show and nice songs made up for it. Oh and Maia Lee performed for the D&D yesterday and I got to see her; she's so full of makeup and was wearing little clothes. Lol. I guess I'm already okay with the cocktail reception thing; my wrists are kinda used to the weight. And something amusing happened at the bar yesterday. While I was retrieving my drinks and all, one of the bartenders asked me for the type of drinks, and for my number. Sheesh! My instinctive reply was "I don't know". So kuku! I should have said "You can try calling triple nine". Haha! And of course they laughed at my reply. -_-

And finally, some accident happened to me. Sheesh. I broke about four plates while I was going to put them on my tray. Lost balance and they just fell with a sickening sound. Luckily the nice manager was in charge so he just asked me to clean up the mess and all. Lol. And another manager, malay guy, was weird. I was like smiling at Amelin while we're carrying some big plates and he 'whacked' me for that. He said, "You keep smiling for what? Hungry is it?" Lol! Oh yes! I was hardly able to resist the smell of the mango cream dessert thing. And some guests left before eating it! What a big waste. Then after work Alwina was like dissing me for not eating the dessert secretively while she did. Not fair! I shall dare to eat on the last day then! Haha.

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{Tuesday, December 25, 2007}

It was the first time going out on an Xmas Eve with friends! Haha, so deprived. In the morning, met up with Xiao Qian, Amelin, Cindy and Samuel for shopping at The Mall. It was also the first time doing real shopping with friends. The novelty of it is exhilarating, both shopping and sight-seeing on Xmas Eve. Okay, actually, not all of us bought things, well, only Amelin and I; we bought some clothes and accessories using our hard-earned money. Lol. But it was also fun walking into shops and looking at all the store things, although not buying at times. =)

In the afternoon, Xiao Qian left to join her 4B classmates while the rest of us continued to shop at The Mall and Century Square and then had our lunch. After our lunch, we took the train to Orchard and continued our shopping there. Oh man, the area was like buzzing with people from all walks of life and the festive spirit was definitely there, but not at night..later I shall explain... We window-shopped at Shaw House, Wisma Atria since the store things were definitely not within our budget haha. And we took pictures with the christmas decorations at Wisma Atria since the decor there was cool.

The decor reminds me of a dreamy, fairy-tale like White Christmas, but without Prince Charming haha...

Amelin and Samuel smiling widely in front of the white Xmas Tree

Eh what does Samuel think he's doing?? Haha he's acting cool of course while us girls are smiling

Group photo in front of the white Xmas Tree

Waiting for our Prince Charming?...Haha

Taa-daa! The Xmas Tree!
Kicking up their own legs haha
Okay I can't act cool lol!
And soon, time flew really quickly and night came. We had an early dinner and went out to look at the christmas lights...but alas! The crowds of people were overwhelming and we were nearly being suffocated by them! We sort of developed a phobia for people too because we're afraid of being groped/stolen/whatever that's really bad that could befall us. Thankfully, nothing happened to us. And we managed to take some pictures with the lights at night too. =)

Say hello to the photographer!

Testing testing.. with the scenery at night

The 'saints' were like very enthusiastic about taking pictures...and I guess their disease sort of got to us!

See what I mean?

This 'Roman Knight' doesn't talk!

A motherly figure


We shoved our way through crowds of people into the Takashimaya Mall...and saw this huge Xmas Tree!

Three by three by the Xmas Tree lol

Nice Xmas Tree with nice people =)
Acting like superheroes
Blowing kisses
Posing with the Xmas Tree

I'm blushing in the first picture haha! I feel so blessed...lol

And here are some dated pictures that I haven't posted...

Night scenery at VivoCity

The Xmas Tree at VivoCity with us; Alwina, Puay Suan, Amelin and I

Group photo by the Vivo River; Alwina, Puay Suan, Amelin, Me, Fiona, Daphne

In the Science Centre...any resemblance between the two photos? =)

The mummy museum in the Science Centre...too dark lol
So...merry Xmas though I don't celebrate it sheesh! =))

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{Sunday, December 23, 2007}

Back Here

Baby set me free
From this misery
I can't take it no more
Since you ran away
Nothing's been the same
Don't know what I'm living for

Here I am
So alone
And there's nothing in this world I can do

Until you're back here baby
Miss you, want you, need you so
Until you're back here baby yeah
There's a feeling inside, I want you to know
You are the one and I can't
Let you go

So I told you lies
Even made you cry
Baby I was so wrong
Girl I promise you
Now my love is true
This is where my heart belongs

'Cause here I am
So alone
And there's nothing in this world I can do

Until you're back here baby
Miss you, want you, need you so
Until you're back here baby yeah
There's a feeling inside, I want you to know
You are the one and I can't
Let you go

And I wonder...
Are you thinking of me?
'Cause i'm thinking of you.
And I wonder...
Are you ever coming back in my life?
'Cause here I am, so alone
And there's nothing in this world I can do...

Until you're back here baby ....

I like the guitar introduction of this song! The beat to the song is so catching, the male vocals too! =)

The serene stillness of the night and sea, an oddity...like the occasional stirring of the trees, so does my heart.

11:13 PM;

I swear yesterday's working day was the most fun and funniest of all days! Or am I getting a little bit sadistic haha...it was the first time working at the bigger ballroom with a very nice manager who smiled at me and talked to me kindly, lucky lucky. But that indian manager picked on me yesterday, probably to make up for being kind to me that day. He questioned me on the names of the red wine and champagne, and I still don't get the real purpose behind it, except to please him or humour him? Since I haven't met one guest that asked for the names of beverages haha. Oh I didn't cry but I laughed. Lol.

One waiter stationed near my table was very funny; he asked me whether I know that 'bird-faced auntie' and he asked for my age but didn't wanna tell his. Lol! He was kind enough to help me clean my table's 'glass' haha. Oh yeah and he was daring enough to eat the leftover dessert I was carrying to the kitchen. Eh and one chinese waiter was weird, called me "Mei Nu". Sheesh! I guess it's just a joke. But I'm flattered, haha. Joking. And I caught him eating/drinking! It was a rather relaxing day since the 'bird-faced auntie' (lol!) didn't find anything to pick on me and I got a nice manager! =)

The fun part was that I got to open the door for the bridegroom! Yesterday's wedding was the nicest of all! They were childhood sweethearts oh my...I'm swooning haha. So romantic childhood sweethearts... And I chatted quite a lot with my guests, even joked a bit with them; they asked about some of my particulars and they kinda felt sorry for me because they could see beads of sweat on my forehead. (I guess that ballroom has a higher temperature lol) And of course they commented on my good service haha. =)) Oh and I got to see Mr. Mole, even before work! Haha so funny.

The aches resulting from the work are not that intense now and I'm rather glad I can finally 'eat some salt'. Haha. And I gotta say about friday's outing with Amelin, Cindy and Samuel! We went to Chinatown to act like some tourists and I bought some dangling necklaces while we window-shopped and shopped and ate Samuel's chocolates. Haha. Then we sort of drifted to People's Park and window-shopped. And then we drifted on to Marina Square and then later on to Esplanade. We talked a lot on the way and Samuel kept offering his choccies lol. We watched a carols performance, free of course, at the Esplanade. The things at Esplanade are quite cool and we even got to sign on a huge water balloon haha. Going out tomorrow again! =)))

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{Wednesday, December 19, 2007}

Yesterday was a rather dramatic "Please scold Cai Ling" day. Okay, this will be a rather embarrassing but very true post...okay, I'm blushing now. -_- I felt rather pissed off and frustrated when they again, assigned Alwina and I to finish work at 11pm, when we already told the secretary again and again that we wanted to finish work at midnight instead. So we talked to the indian manager whom everyone shuns away from because he is rather intimidating? But..I did something really unexpected and which nobody would dare do in front of him. I got really frustrated when 'arguing' with him about why the secretary specially selected us because Amelin and Puay Suan could finish work at midnight. I hated the idea of being manipulated. Then, in the midst of the 'argument', I cried, scowled and sulked in front of him.

Oh man...I didn't meant to do that, which was definitely not on purpose! No wonder my brother always says that I'm so childish which is unlike my current age, sheesh. Okay, it sounds funny and childish now because when I did that, he looked kinda 'amazed' and then he smiled and said, "You're a big girl now leh!" Lol. And then he went on to explain that I cannot do this in work in the future blah blah...rather strange for the intimidating guy to do that eh? Haha, it's so funny now...and then he put his hand on my shoulder and asked me to smile. Okay, it's so unlike him!

Alwina was like comforting me and all, and then we rushed up to the ballroom for the briefing. I swear that manager who briefed us is gay, I just know it, the way he talks, his gestures and all! He made such a big fuss when I didn't notice that the chopsticks on the other end of my table were splayed open, sheesh! So from then onwards, he liked to pick on me for minor things...-_- An auntie loved fussing over me too; the way she says things 'cutely' makes me wanna puke. Okay lah, I think everyone loves to fuss over 'Xiao Mei's...including the kitchen staff, sheesh!

The good side of the day was that I served my table successfully! Yesterday was a chinese wedding dinner again! I think I'm gonna be sick of weddings haha! Okay, some form of jealousy here.. Some aunties at my table even chatted with me and a woman told me when she wanted to leave, "Thank you for your service". =) Lol! The best thing was that I finally managed to use the serving gear correctly and hence was able to quickly serve the food. =)) So nobody at my table complained about slow service. =))) I peeked at the comments card (and then got scolded by the gay manager) and was happy to know that they ticked "extreme" on the "The waitress was friendly, courteous and helpful blah blah..." Haha. Oh and we're not being separated yesterday because I reckon there's lesser staff on weekdays as compared to weekends, so I didn't get to see Mr. Mole and Amelin didn't get to see her buddy. Lol.

P.S. I adopted some adorable avatars from glitter-graphics; I love the animated ones, especially the one about love and Tom Felton a.k.a. Draco Malfoy! (ignore this if you know nothing, nil about Harry Potter) =))))

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{Sunday, December 16, 2007}

Oh man...I spent three full days resting after the first day of being a waitress. Damn the cocktail reception thingy that caused my neck and shoulders to ache like anything...and also first time carrying all those big plates! Work-lag, I'm sure. Luckily yesterday, the second day of waitressing was more relaxing. But, we're being separated! Alwina and I, Puay Suan and Amelin. =( BOO.

But but, I saw the guy with the mole on the forehead! Crazy girl eh...but he's quite cool you know...lol. Okay, we secretly call him Mr. Mole. Haha. Amelin didn't get to work with her buddy, too bad. =) But Alwina and I were on the same group as Amelin's buddy and Mr. Mole. Lol.

Yeah, ours was a chinese wedding dinner...again. The first hour was like chit-chatting with a girl that we knew since the training day while preparing the tables for the dinner. Oh by the way, I was nameless yesterday, but on the first day, I got a name called 'Jude'. Haha, what a name! Didn't do cocktail reception yesterday, so no work-lag today. Had a fun briefing by the manager, but kept getting scolded because weird girl holds the serving gear wrongly yet can still serve...sheesh.

Met with a few unpleasant guests on my assigned table yesterday. They were quite sarcastic ("Hey, your prawn very fresh eh, can jump on the table eh!" and "I'll try to write some nice things about your service") Some of the ladies kept on scrutinising me from head to toe, giving me that patronising look. Sheesh. I felt quite alone since Alwina was quite faraway from me..=( Aiya, don't wanna say much about the job already...quite sad that we're separated...but got to see Mr. Mole. Heh.

After 3 full days of rest, I went out with my mom for retail therapy. Haha. 2 days of shopping and I bought 5 tops, 1 3/4 pants, 1 pair of leggings...and still counting. Okay. I think I've busted all my hard-earned money. Lol! But I like. Sheesh.

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{Tuesday, December 11, 2007}


Good evening, sir/miss/ma'am! What would you like to drink, sir/miss/ma'am? We have soft drinks, beer, red wine...or me? =)

Lol. Yesterday was the first day as legal waitress at Pan Pacific. As this week only left night shift, we had to work from 5pm to 1am, but on Saturday, I'm gonna work till midnight only because the hotel's weird. You work 8 hours, they minus $3 from the total pay. I still don't get it. Okay, on the first day, already got scolded, well not exactly, because I applied on foundation, the rest never, but I went with them to apply on blusher and lipstick. Yeah, makeup is compulsory...-_- (Okay this paragraph is rather broken but heck...)

Then we prepared for a chinese wedding dinner! The manager was strict, somewhat reminded me of military style. We were rather nervous and kinda doubted our ability when the manager briefed us on what to do later on when the wedding dinner started. Duh, it was our first time. Luckily we were assigned to a buddy, but during the wedding dinner, our buddies sort of disappeared. Poof. Eh my buddy was kinda a joker type of guy, so it was nice to talk to him and all, until he disappeared after the first course was served. -_- And my buddy's friend was nice to me too, telling me what to do and all. But he too, disappeared. Another poof. Before the wedding dinner started, we had to memorise the menu. Actually, it was not necessary since the cooks were kind enough to tell us which plate of food to carry from the kitchen. Oh yeah, carrying the big plate of food for every course was like daunting, especially for the first course. (must walk in then model for the food then serve) Lol. My fingers were wobbly while trying to hold the fork and spoon to make them function like a pair of tongs to serve the food. Luckily my guests were really nice, telling me to take my time, or they will serve themselves..one even showed me how to scoop up food fast since he had work experience from the table's conversation. Lol.

I did a few mistakes but luckily, they were quite minor. Like I took about 5 seconds to unfold a napkin to put it nicely on the guest's lap? Because I was feeling nervous and all. Oh and while serving the shark's fin soup, I spilled a tiny bit on the table. And while I was attempting to clear the dirty plates for the first time, I cleared them quite noisily and one lady guest sort of frowned at me. Lol. And when I cleared the plates full of prawn shells, some prawn shells fell onto the floor. Lol.

With my buddy missing, I felt kinda lost. Luckily, there was a malay guy who was kind enough to help me with my table. So I gained confidence with every course served and was able to serve food with the fork and spoon quite fast. Lol. Oh yeah the cocktail reception was the most tiring; have to hold a tray of soda in glasses and walk here and there to offer the guests drinks. But not every guest you approach will take the drink from your tray, and that really sucks.

I didn't even pay attention to the wedding; every course coming up will keep you walking to and from the kitchen and the bar and being the anxious me, I actually half ran here and there, so some of the cooks in the kitchen were half-laughing at me and teasing me. -_- Probably they thought I was cute? Lol. A waiter actually asked me whether I could speak chinese. Don't I look chinese enough? Lol. Oh yeah, and a few guests teased me too. Joked about why they cannot enter the ballroom yet and all. Sheesh. Luckily most of the waiters and waitresses there were nice and friendly to us newbies, so it made our job more enticing? Lol.

I guess I still have a lot more to learn, like must remember to change the guests' plates every course and all. But at the end of the day, I was able to carry a tray of 6 glasses without any accident and was able to serve the big plate of food quite well. Cheers.

Oh yeah, it was fun to work with Alwina, Amelin and Puay Suan. Many laughters, jokes...yay. And I totally dig the waiter joke; A waiter can never spill the drinks he carry on the tray. =)

P.S. I forgot to add, the night shift sort of disturbed my sleeping routine and it was quite scary having a van to send all of us home and all...not to forget with my cursed feet with killer ache and sore arms and shoulders...and I didn't get to see the guy with the mole on the forehead! Sheesh.

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{Sunday, December 09, 2007}

Okay. I'm gonna update a long post with details of many happenings this week. First off, I can't believe that I'm actually gonna start work real soon! Thought that I would be able to take up dancing courses and baking lessons and electone organ lessons instead. It all started with Amelin asking me to tag along with her and Puay Suan to find jobs at The Mall. On Monday, we asked almost every shop whether we can work, and some shops turned us down due to them requesting long-term contracts and some shops asked us to fill in forms but in the end didn't call us. Then I casually smsed Xiao Ling to find out about her waitressing job at Pan Pacific then she said the hotel needs labour and all. So on Thursday, Puay Suan, Amelin, Alwina and I went to fill in the form and just yesterday, they asked us to go for training already. Lol.

A rather long story eh? Oh well, the training yesterday lasted for 10 hours and oh man, my shoulders and feet ached. First off, there was this slide show briefing and I was so hungry; my gastric was about to act, thought that they would provide lunch for us..luckily Amelin brought some bread. Then all of us, about 30 of us, tried out carrying a tray of four glasses of water (man it was so heavy that my tray was wobbling while trying to serve) Lol, luckily for the real thing, don't need to serve while carrying tray... We also learnt how to carry things with a fork and spoon (that would be to portion the food) In the evening, we wore the full uniform with tidy hair (bunned hair for me), light makeup, court shoes and stockings...and we attended some D&D. Didn't know that standing for a few hours could be so tiring and my buddy introduced himself by saying in chinese, "Pour tea, pour tea!" Lol, I don't even know his name...just the guy with a mole on the forehead. He's pretty cool, lol..there's some nice-looking waiters working there, so some eye candy, especially for Amelin. =) So at night, we tried serving drinks and tea...Amelin's buddy laughed at me for holding the tray too high and one female buddy called me "Mei Mei". Lol. Yeah, and I got scolded for not knowing where to get iced water (it's actually tap water with ice cubes...-_-)

By the way, saw quite a number of Dunmanites working there, it's a small world after all. Lol. Hope that the few days of working at night this coming week will turn out well. And I'm still not used to having dinner so early, plus I actually lost 2kg due to the training yesterday, didn't have proper lunch...Lol.

Tuesday, Wednesday were spent at home playing The Sims 2, reading Harry Potter while cycling and daydreaming and listening to music...haven't got the chance to swim yet due to the weather and I think I'm avoiding the gym lol...

Thursday was spent hanging out with Amelin, Fiona, Daphne, Puay Suan, Alwina, Ke Hua and Edwin at night! It was the first time for me to go out with friends at night so it was rather cool. =) We went to VivoCity whereby we can see the night scenery with the Xmas tree and sea and all the artefacts...and then we went to Clarke Quay (seriously the first time visiting for me) to see the sea with boats and all. We were behaving like tourists, how amusing. =) And we went to The Mall to chill out at Mcdonalds and we actually had supper (ice-cream, that is) Actually we took some photos with the night scene but the photos taken by the guys were blurry...-_-.

On Friday, Amelin and I attended the Trybe, or rather, Thumbs Up Xmas Party. It was quite fun, when there was the game whereby all the gifts brought must be placed on the floor and they number the people over there and everyone has to pick up a gift, open it, and others can have a chance to grab your gift (oh man I opened a gift containing Belgium chocolate! and it was grabbed by many people) and one of the manager there kept on wanting to steal from me. Lol. Had bonding time with the people there. =)

My mom's like complaining having to work at night and she's like asking me to quit now so I can break the record of quitting on the training day. Lol. But I guess I wanna continue...weird huh? Me, a rather spoilt brat, working as a waitress...=/ !! Haha.

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{Sunday, December 02, 2007}

I was just done scrutinising every single photo in the Dunman Yearbook. Weird thing to do huh? Well, it's pretty normal for a weird person like me. Discovered many small tiny details (usually unexpected and funny) in every photo, lol...sounds like a boring thing for a bored person to do. Oh well, you can't do much when you're feeling rather weak due to a weak stomach...

I wanna get really fit soon, so that I can swim and run and do rather intensive outdoor things...

Fleeting images, usually comical and happy, from the past four years as eyes darted from photo to photo. Lips curved into a wistful smile, and an occasional giggle escaping from the lips...

Happy memories are easier to recall, they always say and I finally understand why...

Can't wait for the 2007 Yearbook! Lol...

P.S. Man, all the courses at the community centre have already started! Wanted to learn the salsa since it was the only dancing course for beginners but my mom didn't want me to miss two lessons, so she asked me to forget it. =(

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{Saturday, December 01, 2007}

I Can Take You There

Let me think about it before you come over
Pull up in your range rover
Looking so fresh and so clean (you know what I mean, oh)
Your love is like an MVP
You should coach me baby
And after one game, I wanna be part of your team

It's whatever baby, I can be your lady
If you want me to then I can take you there
It's so automatic, oh you gotta have it
If you feel me boy then I can take you there
It's my love you're craving, oh it's so amazing
If you're with it boy then I can take you there
Don't be shy about it, ain't no way around it
Since you love me baby
You can take me there

Ooh, baby
I want you to practice till
Practice till you are prepared
I can take it to the championship (I can take you there)
I can't let you get lazy
You gotta work with me
Rebounds and touchdowns
If you want the title boy
Don't you let me down

It's whatever baby, I can be your lady
If you want me to then I can take you there
It's so automatic, oh you gotta have it
If you feel me boy then I can take you there
It's my love you craving, oh it's so amazing
If you're with it boy then
I can take you there
Don't be shy about it, ain't no way around it
Since you love me baby
You can take me there

Boy, whatever it is you need
I can guarantee I'll be all you dream (All that you dream)
Make you feel like you should if you let me
I promise to be good to you boy
We can win (I promise you we'll win)...

I'm giving an edge to my blog music. =)

4:16 PM;

These few days I have been out of the house, and I'm so glad I was. Had a small shopping spree with my mom and at times, with my annoying brother jabbering about wanting to buy games while I wanted to shop. Went to Robinsons with my mom since I had $80 voucher from my aunt to spend...actually there were nothing much about the clothing there that had captured my interest so in the end, just spent all the voucher on a bag. (okay, that bag is supposed to be shared between my mom and I) It's rather infuriating that when you wanna buy something, it doesn't want to appear in front of you regardless of how much time you spent hunting for it and when you don't wanna buy anything, all the things spring up upon you like anything...lol.

My favourite mall would be The Mall. =) It just so happens that I can purchase things within 15 mins so I would regard The Mall as of my affinity? Well, it doesn't make sense...lol. Oh and I got my new pair of spectacles! Not that I want to, but I lost my pair of specs about a week ago...oh no I'm not gonna say how I lost it...it's embarrassing. Lol.

I guess I spent quite a lot already though I only bought 3 tops, a pair of shorts, 2 pairs of shoes and a bag...I still wanna buy some skirts and dresses and accessories and 3/4 pants and many more...lol. Oh and I kept bumping into schoolmates and teachers while on the shopping spree and looking for courses to take (dancing courses), in a good way of course. It's quite a thrill to meet schoolmates and teachers outside of school. =) Which reminds me of meeting my Principal at Century Square last year. Lol. I guess it's fate. =))

I've decided to start on my exercise regime since I would be hitting 50kg if I don't! Have stopped exercising since the O Levels period plus 2 weeks of lazing around in the house with the occasional out-of-the-house thing. And I have been eating more than necessary so it's time to start working out! Have done a weird thing just now; reading Harry Potter while cycling. Not on the usual bike of course. It's a killing-two-birds-with-one-stone activity which helps you lose half a kg, haha. I'm gonna do that everyday for an hour, and exercise at least twice a week. (swimming and running) Whoever wants to be my exercise partner, just message me! =)

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be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
♥ trains


mist swirl memories

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