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{Thursday, November 08, 2007}

Part I of preparation for the prom night

Went with mom to the city yesterday. And today, upon waking up, I feel as though I'm stepping on knives and my feet are rather swollen...Hear hear; after three hours of walking around the city into many boutique shops and huge shopping malls like Tangs, Takashimaya, Paragon, there's not a dress that seemed to have an affinity with me (none of the dresses there even made me try them on) and I have zero affinity for tube dresses (so suffocating, difficult to wear and unflattering) and I must have 'flipped' through hundreds of dresses on the metal stands (omg book-o-phobia) in the boutique shops and none seemed to be suitable; they're either too mature making me look over twenty (not saying i'm immature!)/skimpy and revealing/nothing great and sooo over my budget (a random dress i chose was like four hundred?! and not as though it was so wow and worth that sum)

I felt so guilty for making my mom shop with me for so long and making her so tired... imma gonna pamper her so much when i make my own money =))

She was like criticizing me for being so fussy (ok i admit i'm rather a fussypot) and she said,"Your friends will laugh at you if they know you went to Orchard but none of the dresses here you like!" So don't laugh okay? Lol. I swear the high-end boutique shops like Daniel Yam that sell prom dresses doesn't suit sweet-and-sour sixteen girls and more importantly, they are nothing great (although this is rather subjective) but I'm sure a normal first-timer prom girl won't spend hundreds on a dress...(saw some teenage girls there too most likely searching for their prom dresses but don't think any one of them bought anything too)

So a moral to be learnt at the end of the day: Boutique shops that sell branded clothing most of the time make you buy the brand much much more than the quality of the clothing itself. =) I always thought branded clothes are really gorgeous, but now, it's all so superficial...they look like normal clothing actually... (but the Topshop shop has one dress (finally a dress that actually made me try it on) that's unique since it's olive green with golden sheen and the type of dress I have in mind but the dress wore me instead: I looked pregnant when I wore it and my mom complained it was too revealing. Lol.)

We almost wanted to give up and my mom was exasperated ("I think you don't know what kind of dress you want..." and "I don't care, by today you never buy anything then you don't wear...") and I was dejected, until we went to a departmental store in the city and inside there was so many much much more suitable dresses. I was like already delirious and quickly grabbed many suitable dresses to try (many people were like gawking) and finally, I found the dress. I'm not revealing where I bought and how it looks like, since the theme is Masquerade meaning a sense of mystery so I'm only telling at my prom night post hehe =).

On a sidenote, during shopping, I realised that when I take out a dress from the metal stands and contemplating whether it's suitable, then other ladies would stare at me and later take the same dress and contemplate. Weird right? Even my mom noticed it.

That dress. Must be fated to buy it; spent like four hours on the search for it. I swear it is a great steal in a departmental store and definitely considered cheap as compared to those boutique shops' dresses and worth the money. =)) The prom night better be great and memorable and worth it. Like a alluringly mysterious night with a fairytale-like touch...

Part II coming up next; gonna buy accessories, shoes... =)))

11:41 AM;

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cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


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Yoga/Electone lessons


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