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{Sunday, February 18, 2007}

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the first time I'm oh so eager to celebrate Chinese New Year, because it means that I can take a lil break from all those piles of homework and school stuffs! Oh, but not really. Lol. Yeah, and I can blog a long entry today, because you know, you need to stay awake at night (for as long as you can) so that your parents can live a long life. =)

Okay, I guess I can update on what has happened since the last entry. Lemme recall...
I remembered that I attended the Dunman Family Carnival and School Staff Concert; it was nevertheless a fun-filled day. In the morning, my group went around the school selling homemade cookies and the carnival was a blast. In the evening, I went first to A Maths tuition!! and then to the concert. The concert made me laugh till I had a bit of a sore throat. =)))

And due to the concert starting at 7pm, I didn't have time to have dinner because I went straight to the concert after A Maths tuition. And I thought it was okay to skip dinner, but alas, something happened on a school day. Some pollen irritated my nose after bio practical and my lungs were kinda affected too. And then I had difficulty breathing. And my heart was beating wildly. So one of the staff brought me home and I was kinda okay after I had 2 tablets for heartburn. Yeah, heartburn. My heart is burnt. Lol, just kidding. Heartburn is the result of gastric; all the gas rises up to the chest area and causes pain and difficulty in breathing, something like that. But I'm okay now, duh. =)

Oh, and not to forget, Valentine's Day. I received many sweets from my girl friends, but other than that, it was not an enjoyable day. It was the first Valentine that I shed bucketfuls of tears. And no, it's not because I'm heartbroken or anything related to matters of the heart. I was so down when my form teacher said that she found it hard to trust me anymore when I told her that I have done corrections for homework but really forgot to bring it on that day...oh well.

I guess that's all that I can remember...lol. More importantly, about today. Just now, I went to my grandma's house for reunion dinner. Caught up with all of my relatives and cousins. My grandma said that I looked skinnier and tired, most of my relatives said that too, and that I study too much, placed too much pressure on myself, blah blah. Lol. I admit that I'm lighter now, and I'm kinda surprised. Because I've stopped going to the gym since school reopened. Lol. The "Yu Shen" is fun, using chopsticks to "raise" the sweet noodles and stuffs. The steamboat is delicious; haven't had that for a long time. Lol. And my grandfather gave me and my brother and my cousins red packets; the first red packet to receive is always from him! He's eager to give out red packets. =)

These few days have been spent preparing for Chinese New Year, and in a split second, today is the first day of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year this year is going to be something different, I guess. Because the darling teachers in schools gave us a huge red packet, lots of homework to do, and on top of that, a biology test. Great job, teachers. =) I wonder how I'm going to finish the 1/3 homework left to do and the biology test to study in the midst of home-visiting and celebrating. But I guess it can be done. =) Nevertheless, I'm still in the festive mood. I'm excited to dress up in my new clothes and meet all my relatives and receive red packets and have fun! Woohoooooooo. =)

12:12 AM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
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