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{Monday, December 18, 2006}

Today is not a normal day...today is the 18 of December, 2006 which means the 1st anniversary of staying in Savannah. And today is just not a very normal day, for I went shopping with my mom...at...

Oh my god. It must be a dream come true. Because firstly, my mom doesn't shop at faraway places, what more, in the biggest shopping mall so far away from home. Secondly, my mom accompanied me to Vivocity, where many people claimed that the goods there are unbuyable. It's not really correct; you just have to step into the appropriate shop. =)

Okay, we went out at 2pm after having lunch at home. My brother went out for his basketball practice, so it's a perfect day for shopping. =) And during the journey to Vivocity, I kept grinning at my mom and kept on saying, "SHOPPING!" Lol. Then she smiled and said, "I must control what you buy." Oh well, but luckily her control was not too tight. And I think it's also because I gave her reasonable excuses like next year I can't go out and buy stuffs (definition: clothes and accessories and bags and shoes etc...) due to O Levels and the clothes are for the new year. Lol.

(Vivocity is huge. But I think we walked the whole of Vivocity, from basement 1 to the first, 2nd and 3rd levels. Or maybe just half of the levels? I dunno; I have a poor sense of direction.) When we reached our destination, we first walked over to Fox and started our shopping spree from there. I literally probed the whole shop just in case I missed out a nice stuff, and hence, I took a longer time than my mom to finish seeing all the stuffs. Lol, so I tried to be faster and used my eyes to scan the area and my nimble hands to sift through the stuffs. So I used this tactic to navigate my way through all the shops we went into. I can't really remember where we went after Fox but I know the last shop we went to was Esprit. And yeah, I love the part where my mom and I selected quite a load of clothes to try in the changing rooms. She kept asking me, "美吗?" Lol. I told her, "你喜欢就买." She's a bit weird, asking me for opinions in the changing rooms. Because she knows I have good taste. =) So we constantly gave each other opinions after changing into the stuffs we brought into the changing rooms, and from there, we selected the ones we ought to buy.

Okay, and finally after 7 hours of shopping, which includes lounging at Starbucks and me choosing a really expensive Frappuchino Chocolate Cream Chip (it's really nice, like a thick chocolatey smoothie, oh but think of the calories) , $7 and dining at the food court and me having a hard time finishing a super spicy bowl of kimchi ramen. By the way, I didn't know the coffee I chose at Starbucks was so expensive until my mom told me. Lol. Today is literally a once-in-a-blue-moon day.

I feel like writing a shopping guide. Lol. This whole chunk of paragraph is dedicated only for shopping queens.
The Short&Sweet Shopping Guide
1: Since you shopping queens know that you're out for a whole day of shopping, standing on foot and walking around and going in and out of changing rooms and fishing out your money, jolly well have a comfortable and versatile ensemble so that your day will be purrfect.
Shopping malls are air-conditioned, so don on a sleeved top and bring along a long-sleeved sweater so you won't freeze! =) If you insist on wearing a sleeveless top, wear it, but don on a jacket or a sweater too. And the top you're wearing must be comfortable and not too tight fitting or loose. And it must be easy to remove too, remember, changing rooms! =) P.S. No revealing tops; you're not going to a pub. And it will be embarrassing if someone sees your peekaboo!
For skirt-lovers, wear a skirt that is of knee length or a few inches above the knee. No miniskirts; you're going to have a lot of leg movements and it will be embarrassing if someone sees your peekaboo, yeah? The skirt must not be too tight, or you'll feel uncomfortable and queasy. For loose skirts, wear a belt to secure it, but the belt must be easy to unbuckle; remember, the changing rooms! If you're not a skirt-lover, wear a three-quarter pants that is not too huggable nor too loose. And it must be easy to remove too. Jeans are not advisable, because they are thick and harder to remove. And they are usually up to the feet; good for sweeping the floor though. -_- Long pants are better (but 3/4s is the best), and the material better be good and again, it must not be too tight nor too loose. Shorts are not really advisable; unless you'll like your legs to be frozen and shorts are usually only up to the 1/3 of your thigh.
If you like to put on accessories during shopping, you can. =) Don on a pair of earrings, any kind except large hoops. They are dangerous, what if the fabric of the clothes get caught on it and there goes your ears. And for necklaces, any kind except for those really long and chuncky ones. Not really friendly in changing rooms. You can wear any accessory on your wrists though. Rings are not really advisable; they are easy to be dropped. For hair accessories, just clips and hairpins and hairbands will do; your hair will be messed up in changing rooms and you will not like your beautifully styled hair to be ruined like this. So keep your hair flowing.

Oh my, I guess I should stop here now. Look at the time. Oh well, the above should be turned into a little book or something. Lol.

Oh yeah, I don't wanna reveal how much I busted today. Only in a day. But I guess I'll reveal the stuffs I bought? Here goes...I bought 7 tops, 2 skirts and a pair of shorts. Hey, it's not really a lot, as compared to some tourists I saw, walking out from Tangs with 5 shopping bags in one hand, so 10 shopping bags in both hands??!! (I only had three big shopping bags, which included my mom's stuffs: 1 pair of jeans, 3 tops and my brother's stuffs: 3 tops which I chose for him)Wow. Amazing.

My mom told me that this is all for my new year but I haven't bought shoes, bags, accessories and I wanna buy a dress, more skirts and shorts and three-quarters and jeans! I told her that and she just smiled. Which secretly means a yes, I think. =))
My mom looked shagged while in the train on the way home. But I am still energetic. Lol. And she surrenders to me, The Shopping Queen. She says, "No wonder your friends say you really can shop." Muahaha. My mom is the bestest shopping partner for me! Who wanna be next? (I can hear freaked out shrieks from females.) Lol. Seriously, I can survive in a Shopping Marathon, if there's ever any.

Wow, it's midnight now. =) I wonder if there's any after-midnight shopping.
I'm looking forward to shopping with my mom again. =)))

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