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{Sunday, December 17, 2006}

This post is gonna be a long one, complete with photos and words, like always! Haha, a long post to catch up on my "current affairs". Lol? For Trybe (thumbs up) members who wanna grab the photos taken on Saturday, click on the photo and right click and "save picture as...".

Yesterday (Saturday)
Woke up like real early to get up and bathe and get dressed in the dress code for Trybe(thumbs up) celebration finale thingy. Dress code was to either wear a tie/cap or wear both. Lol. I met up with my thumbs up members (oops, still not used to Trybe) and together we met Stephenie (one of my coach) at City Hall and we set out for our destination.

The celebration finale thingy was a lot about talking and prize-giving and a bit of games so it was not as fun as the invitation letter sounded. Lol. But nevertheless, it was a nice bonding time with my thumbs up members and coaches! (Okay, still not used to Trybe.) After the celebration finale thingy, we went for a drink and a lil talking session on our one year relationship together. It was like a touching time for us as each of us took turns to say words to our coaches and members, and for our coaches to say words to us too. The words were like encouraging and straight-from-the-heart. I guess everyone felt blessed to have everyone! Lol.

We decided to take photos after we had our drinking and talking session together. When walking halfway back to the MRT station, we asked someone to take this for us! Yay. Nice group photo. =)

Amelin and I! Man, I think both of us look sleepy. =)

Stephenie and Amelin, Jaime and I. Yay, us and the coaches! =)

Yvonne's solo shoot with the coaches. =)

Jia Wen's solo shoot with the coaches. =)

Hui Ling's solo shoot with the coaches. =)

I was going to laugh when I did the twist pose with the coaches. Lol.

Why didn't Amelin do the twist pose with the coaches too? Lol.

After phototaking, we went our separate ways. Aww, it's quite sad to realize that a year has passed when I first joined Thumbs Up, introduced by Amelin. But I'm happy to have joined, I learnt a lot with my coaches and I'm happy to know them. They light up my life, practically. And I'm kinda closer with my Trybe (thumbs up) members so I made new friends. Lol. And yay. Because after we went our separate ways, I went home to prepare to go to Sentosa with my family! It's been how many donkey years since we went there eh? As said by my brother. Lol, really. I think we didn't go there for 6-7 years? Lol.

First stop at Sentosa: Underwater World. Under the sea...

This hideous and garguantuan fish caught my attention. I thought it was magnified by the tank glass by 10 times or something.

Fishies. Reminds me of the many fishies at home and I don't really like fishies. Fishies take up space, especially their fish tanks, and they smell and attract lots of flies and etc!

My father took this for us while we stood at the moving escalator thingy. This photo looks dark and the huge "aquarium" behind us cannot be seen! Boo. But an effort to take this, for there were thousands of people.

Beware of the Great White Shark. It looks as though it's sneering at me when I was taking a photo of it. Lol.

Stingray that killed the Croc Hunter. Lol, not really.

A Christmas Tree for the fishies? Lol.

Jelly jelly. Bounce on the head of the jellyfish.

This is full of crab.

Oh no, not fishes, but Dolphins. =)
2nd stop: Dolphin Lagoon.

This is the first time we visited Dolphin Lagoon and we were fascinated by the dolphins' cuteness and cheekiness. And they're in pink! Greyish pink, lol. Cheeky dolphin posing for the camera. They can sense us looking at them, and that's why they posed? Lol. =)))

The clever dolphins doing a dance together? A cha-cha, perhaps. =)))

The dolphin wants fish! Patiently waiting for fish. Hey, I can give you all the fishies in my house! Muahaha.

Dolphin laughing with its majestic tail complete with gentle waves and sandy sand. Lol.

3rd stop: Siloso Beach
We went to the Siloso Beach for awhile only, just for probing. And we bought Ben&Jerry's ice-creams and walked around. Lol.

4th stop: Luge and Skyride
Luge is like you sit on a "car" with only a handle for you to control and off you go, down slopes, around slopes, etc. It's quite exhilarating for me; I'm kinda scared to drive a car because I don't like the thought of crashing into things. Lol. After Luge, we went for Skyride. You know, a bench for you to sit on and off you go, hanging above the sky. Luckily, it was not as high as the one I sat at China; the China one was like 3000+ m off the ground!!! Altophobia.

Scenery taken when on the Skyride. And the sun was setting! Sunset and scenery! The scenery was not as breathtaking as the one at China, but there was at least sunset. =) (But the one at China also had sunset, and can see the sun setting, literally. Oh whatever.)

5th stop: 4D Magix
It was a 3D film, requiring you to wear those fake glasses, and a lot of people were queueing up for it. And when we finished watching the film, we knew why many queued up for it. It was amazing. First time watching a 4D film, definition of it is a 3D film with extra real effects. Like wind effects, spraying water effects, moving armchair effects, and sound effect from the armchair. That's why they call it 4D? Lol.

Last stop: Sky Tower

My brother asked me why I wanna sit on this ride when I'm scared of heights. Lol, because I was adventurous? Lol. Luckily the Sky Tower didn't go down fast, or else my heart will drop and my insides will drop too. I took the nice bright colourful scenery of Sentosa, and it ended up like this. Artisitic feel? Lol.

Artistic, oh yeah. Lol.

And after that, we left Sentosa and went to Vivocity for dinner. Had dinner at 9pm and I think I'm gonna gain a bit of weight. Boo. By that time, I felt like literally dropping dead. Was sooo tired as I woke up early, at 7 plus. And then my brother wanted to buy his Xbox game and that left me grouchy, which means sleepy and wanna go sleep now! Lol. Somemore we went to the top level and lingered there for a while. Oh yeah, the nice shops and all didn't do any good in keeping me lively. And now, it's midnight, and I wanna sleep. A bit more to go...

Today (Still Sunday, I argue. Lol.)
First day of Physics and Chemistry tuition. Physics is taught by my A Maths teacher so no new face. The same drama papa and funny and witty teacher. He can relate Physics to People. And he likes to do cha-cha, I guess? Because when he acted out for an example, he kinda danced? Moved his butt, I guess. Of course, Amelin and I laughed out real loud throughout the lesson. And he likes to relate to the boy to Physics, and boy and girl to Physics, and money to Physics. Interesting yeah? Yeah, with 3 students. Lol. But it's better than Chemistry, because for Chemistry, Amelin and I were the only students. Lol.

Chemistry is taught by a NUS graduate. A weird teacher, because firstly, I thought he was a female with short hair due to his voice and facial features. Lol. First impression, weirdo! shouted in my head. Oh my god! And then laughter; continuous laughter during the few minutes of knowing him. Lol! I seriously think that teacher behaves like a doctor. Kept on asking, "You okay?" and speaking like a doctor and all. And then when I laughed, he asked, "Why you keep on laughing? Tell me leh. I see here see there also see nothing wrong with me!" Oh my. Then when I continued laughing, he said, "I know why you keep on laughing! My voice right? It's naturally high." Lol, then I continued to laugh somemore. Of course, Amelin was with me the whole time and kept on laughing at the weirdo teacher. I swear, the weirdest teacher I ever met! The teacher kept on wanting us to ask him questions and talk to him. ("It's a 2-way thing.") I couldn't talk without laughing ridiculously, lol. And he will speak suddenly in Chinese, weird. And asks whether I have a Christian name. Lol, and then a bit scary to look into his eyes, like he will stare for a long time into your eyes. Shudder. WEIRD! Lol. Maybe it's due to the stress and all in NUS.

Okay, gotta sleep now. =)) Don't mind the grammar/spelling mistakes yeah? Lol.

11:37 PM;

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cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


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