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{Monday, December 11, 2006}

Barbeque with family and friends is a crazy and messy and a fun-filled one. Okay, I guess this post is gonna be a long post with many pictures and words of course. =) For those peeps who wanna get the barbeque pictures, just click on them and right click and "save picture as..." Lol. Here we go...

Yesterday at 1pm+ my 3rd uncle and auntie and little cousins came. They were the early birds. Ha. I kinda feel guilty as my 3rd auntie was the one who did the chicken wings and slices of pork and being the usual whiny,长不大(as always said by my brother) spoilt brat when something goes wrong, I whined and grumbled when my 3rd auntie forgot to bring the marshmallows. I feel so guilty!!! Okay. I shall be nice to her when she comes to my house. Luckily, Edwin helped me buy the marshmallows. Lol. At 3 plus, I went down to wait for Samuel, Jie Ling, Daphne and Fiona at the bowling alley. Seems like they were the late birds, except for Sam, who came punctually. Lol. So Samuel and I started to bowl, and I taught him how to bowl as it was his first time. Yay! Lol. Then after half an hour or so, they came. I helped them bring their spaghetti over to the barbeque area (their spaghetti was nice but the sauce was not enough. Lol.) They were like so hyper when playing bowling. Especially Daphne, I guess. She gloats when she scores. Bleh. Then at 5pm, Xiao Qian came with her jellies. (they were yummy.) Then it started to rain. Drizzle, then a bit heavy. Blah. Then my brother was being irritating because he wanted to bowl and shooed us off. Boo. Then my mood got a bit bad, and I started blaming my mom for the rain. (Because the day before she kept on wondering whether it will rain. and the things will happen. her 乌鸦嘴!) My mom asked me to go away, so I went back to my house with Xiao Qian and Samuel. (dunno where did the 3 of them go.)

At my house, we waited for the rest of the peeps. Ke Hua, Amelin, Cindy, Xiao Ting, Edwin, and the 3 of them. Lol. Then finally Jie Ling, Fiona and Daphne arrived. Seems like they went around for a walk outside and ran back to my house drenched. Aww. They dried themselves and in the meantime, we watched High School Musical. Boy, I think my house was a racket because they talked and laughed while watching the movie. Lol. Luckily no one complained to the security. And yeah, I played the hospitable host by serving them drinks and all. Lol. At about 6pm, the rest of them finally arrived. My house became a tad too squeezy for them, but I thought I felt a comfortable and warm sort of feeling. Because they warmed my house. Lol. I served them drinks while they watched the 红新大奖. Then we went down to the barbeque pit.

It was kinda awkward when family meets friends. Lol, you know. The ice. Anyway, we kinda went through the eating part together which included some otah, beehoon, spaghetti, fishball, drinks... After eating, my brother was getting irritating again because he was like a mosquito in my ear, constantly harping about playing hide-and-seek with my friends. But I told him we wanted to take some pictures first, and he was nagging and all. Lol.

Haha. The crazy us. The pictures were taken at the volcano after eating. I was trying to take a picture of all of us together but kinda failed at the 2 attempts. But the pictures are kinda wildly nice. A new style of taking pictures. =)

My brother took this for us because I promised him we would play hide-and-seek with him and the little ones after taking this photo for us. It's the same place, at the volcano. The photo turned up a bit weird...I'm not trying to scare you but when you look closely by zooming into the photo, you will notice a white thingy that looks like a long-haired thing in the middle of us standing together. And in the photo, I couldn't see the boys. Weird!

But before we went to play hide-and-seek, they wanted to play with the water at the baby pool. It was a kinda crazy thing to do, because we attracted attention from residents as we entered the baby pool with clothes, not swimming costumes. Luckily the security guard didn't come and chase us out of the pool. Lol. I guess it was Fiona and Daphne and Jie Ling and Ke Hua's crazy idea? Lol. But it was fun entering the pool. Cold water and all.

Ke Hua took this picture for us. Dunno what's with the pose. Thought by Daphne, I think. Haha.

After some wading in the pool and getting a bit wet, we walked to The Cave. It was a small cave, but it was a bit scary as it was getting dark. So we held hands and walked to The Cave. It was darker inside and they didn't know there were a few animal statues inside The Cave. The animals were put behind bars and I told them there were some things behind the bars. All of them screamed when they saw the sihouette of the statues. Haha. The statues were a bit scary at night, with their eyes peering straight into your face.

Yay, we survived the darkness and scariness of The Cave. (see a part of The Cave? with the waterfall thing. it's right behind us.) We started snapping pictures again. And my brother was waiting impatiently. Lol.

I didn't break my promise because we went to play hide-and-seek with my brother and cutie and handsome and pretty lil cousins. It was wild again. Crazy people. I think the residents are a bit alarmed by our screams and laughter while running away from the seekers. The game was to last for 10 mins and the hiding places must be around the clubhouse or in the clubhouse. And no hiding in rooms. And after 10 mins, if lost or whatever, just go back to the Games Room. Oh yeah, we went into the Games Room before playing hide-and-seek. (no lah, the Games Room is just an air-con room with tables and chairs and a sofa. Lol.)

At the Games Room, before we started playing hide-and-seek, we snapped pictures again. This is Daphne's crazy idea. Idea taken from Princess Hours. Here I'm posing as the Empress, while Daphne's posing as the Emperor. (haha, but it's weird to have the Empress taller than the Emperor.)

This is a quite nice picture, haha. At the Games Room still, and Daphne's crazy idea of imitating the Princess Hours again. Jie Ling and Fiona as maids, and Daphne as Emperor, me as Empress. Lol! =)

My god. Taking turns to strangle one another. Must be Daphne's idea again. Lol.

After this, we played hide-and-seek. And guess who were the winners? Me, Amelin, Cindy and Xiao Ting! Haha. The seekers didn't count to 20 so we didn't have time to hide and ended hiding in a toilet for handicaps. Haha, we won anyway, but we cheated! We hid in a toilet! Lol. We went back to the barbeque area to eat. There were lots of food for us to pig on; there were leftovers!Was surprised that Ke Hua and my brother didn't finish up the food. Haha. There were lots of food, as I said: Chicken wings, slices of pork, duck meat, sweet potato, corn, stingray, prawns, beehoon, spaghetti, fishball, satay, otah, marshmallows, lychees, watermelon, jelly, puddings, drinks... Lol. I ate a morsel of everything and luckily I'm still 45kg. =)

My 3rd uncle took this. Oh yeah, my family have eaten and so the barbeque pit became ours for us to cook our food. Haha, it was kinda fun but it was a sweaty and hot affair. =)

A candid shot of us barbeque-ing. Haha, seems like everyone was engrossed with cooking the food...but what were Edwin and Amelin doing? Haha.

Another candid shot, this time with 2nd uncle. Everyone is cooking the food except for Eating Edwin. Lol.

Last candid shot with Xiao Qian laughing, Ke Hua scratching his head and me concentrating on cooking the food. Lol.

The last picture of us barbeque-ing together with smiles! Oh and the little pretty cousin.

After we were really full and all, we went to the baby pool again, this time to be really wet. Not me, but Fiona and Jie Ling and the rest, I guess. All of them splashed and played in the baby pool with my handsome and pretty and cutie cousins. Oh my god, and my cousins were literally swimming in the pool after getting really wet. All thanks to my crazy friends! =) It was really fun though. Splashing here and there.

A photo taken by my 3rd uncle at the baby pool with my pretty lil cousin. Haha, look at all the wet and happy people. =)

This looks like a better photo. Again, taken by my 3rd uncle and all of us together with my pretty lil cousin. =)

Look at them! My handsome and cutie cousins were so hyper that they swam in the pool after playing with my crazy friends! Haha.

A failed attempt to take a picture of the stars in the sky. Lol.

We played a last round of hide-and-seek before they went home. We thought of hiding in the small playground because the playground was surrounded by thick bushes. Haha, but it was kinda quiet and deserted and you know we had to run and along the pathway, there were statues with glowing eyes. Lol. Cindy and Xiao Ting and Amelin were kinda spooked by the statues.

We took some photos of us together at the playground while waiting for the seekers to find us. Again, the wild style of taking photos. =) Guess each of the photo was taken by whom. Lol!

Posing at the playground...guess each photo was taken by whom? Haha, this is easier. Lol.

We emerged as the winners for the 2nd round of hide-and-seek. Yay again! =) But we kinda cheated, because we didn't know we had to hide near the clubhouse or in the clubhouse. But the playground is near the clubhouse. Bleh.

My cutie cutie cousins! This was taken by me after I sent my friends off. Time passed too fast; it seemed like an one hour thing and they had to go home so soon. Lol.

The presents received during the barbeque. From top to bottom: Samuel's, Xiao Ting, Cindy and Xiao Ting and Amelin and Ke Hua's, and my 3rd auntie's. Not to forget Jie Ling's earrings. Another big thank-you again to all. I had fun unwrapping the gifts, especially Samuel's. Haha.

I have to say, the barbeque was quite a success, despite the ice and it being a bit messy barbeque with family and friends. But it was fun! A cross off my list of holiday plans. =)

This post is hard to edit, so pardon my spelling/grammar errors. =) Oh and I think I wanna continue writing The Boyfriend Slayer... what do you think? =)

10:59 AM;

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cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
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