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{Sunday, December 31, 2006}

I'm counting down now...around half an hour more...yawn. I've set the main music in my blog to Start Of Something New for a lil atmosphere here. Lol. I'm gonna watch the Countdown now. =)

Start Of Something New
Living in my own world
Didn't understand
That anything can happen
When you take a chance

I never believed in
What I couldn't see
I never opened my heart
To all the possibilities

I know
That something has changed
Never felt this way
And right here tonight
This could be the start of something new
It feels so right to be here with you
And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new

Now who would ever thought that
We'd both be here tonight
And the world looks so much brighter
With you by my side

I know
That something has changed
Never felt this way
I know it for real
This could be the start of something new
It feel so right to be here with you
And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new

I never knew that it could happen till it happen to me
I didn't know it before
But now it's easy to see

It's the start of something new
It feel so right to be here with you
And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new...

A happy new year baby! =)))

11:29 PM;

The last day of 2006...which means this is the last post of 2006 and I wanted it to be a really good post, yet I don't know how to, lol. I looked back at the 1 Jan 2006 post and thought it was really childish and all, which makes it really hard for me to believe that I actually typed like that last time. Lol.

Okay, so this is the last day of 2006? Oh I have to embrace the new 2007, whether willingly or not, because it's a really crucial period of my life I guess. This will be my chance to prove to my family that I am not academically-challenged. And there will be lots of changes going on so I hope I will get used to the changes and all in 2007. When the new year arrives, there will be the dreaded new year resolutions, but I guess it's not too dreadful for me, as you can see, I always make resolutions under "Wishful Thinking"(now Fairy Dust). I hope that counts as resolutions? Lol. Okay, so now I shall update under "Fairy Dust" and I would have done my new year resolutions. =)
P.S. I've done a lil revamp, if you can tell. =)

I'm pretty charged up for the new year; school I mean. The gates are embracing us in...2 days time! Which means the big holidays are almost coming to an end...and I must look back on what I have done...and I guess I have done quite a lot. Back to the Holiday Plans...

1. Go Vivocity for shopping spree and sight-seeing
2. Spend a whole day in a library reading storybooks/borrowing storybooks
3. Go to a beach and watch sunset and have a picnic or something
4. Go to Escape Theme Park
5. Go and watch movie
6. Go ice-skating
7. Go to Kbox
8. Go shopping and visit neoprint shops
9. Go cycling
10. Have a gym time with friends
11. Have a swimming time with friends
12. Have a barbeque day with friends
13. Go to Sakae Sushi, etc with friendsfamily
14. Go to Xiao Qian's house for baking lessons
15. Go shopping with mom
16. Go to Sentosa with family
17. Go to Wild Wild Wet with family
18. Stay with grandma/grandma stay with us
19. Order pizzaKFC and watch VCDS
20. Bake at home
21. Learn to play the electone organ again
22. Read storybooks and newspapers
23. Play computer games
24. Spring-cleaning
25. Buy allsome the items and things I want
26. Be smartersome revision

That's quite a load off eh? =) Okay it confirms that I'm charged up to face the mugging year! Gonna post again the day before the gates welcome us back to school. =))

9:04 PM;

{Friday, December 29, 2006}

I'm back at home, but having spent four days at grannie's, I somehow feel that I have only spent an hour there. Yesterday night, I was back at home. Yet I didn't have a happy-and-glad-to-be-back feeling. I wanted to stay at grannie's, for a long long time. Staying at grannie's had made me feel all those childhood memories again. Those childhood memories, like they were alive again. Staying at grannie's had made me much happier, for I was able to live with her, albeit for four days. It seemed like I was a little girl back again, staying with Ah Ma. Those carefree and happy days with Ah Ma...

在回家的途中,心里的感觉却是沉闷的。Ah Ma 的声音不断在耳里回响着,“Ling ah, 这么快就走了啊!”。。。回到家里,我却忘了拿回 Facial Cleansers,但我却很开心,因为我可以打电话给Ah Ma ,听那很熟悉的声音。“Ah Ma!”我很开心地说。。。“Ling ah! 你有没有想 Ah Ma?” 
这时,我的心有一点酸酸的。“有!” “乖,下次你来我煮好料给你吃!。。。”我好像听到 Ah Ma的声音抖了一下,好像在抑制着泪水似的。挂了电话后,我的心更酸了。进了厕所准备洗澡时,泪水从眼睛慢慢地掉落下来;它们似乎知道要走那里,因为泪水流下来的方式是一样的。。。不懂这么说啦。洗澡后,我还在想着 Ah Ma,在床上,也在想着她,所以昨晚流的泪是如黄河;太夸张了吧。。。。。。不知道Ah Ma感觉得到我很想念她。。。

10:41 AM;

{Tuesday, December 26, 2006}

***continued from previous post***

Suddenly I feel as though I'm in Carefree China once again, without their toilets and animals on the streets of course. The rainy and cool weather here makes me think about the snow-capped mountain and chilly air back there. This kinda weather is great for day-dreaming yeah. And maybe writing some flowerly language and poetry...oh yeah, I haven't continue The Boyfriend Slayer yet...lol. I guess you won't want to continue reading it too yeah? Lol. Maybe I'll continue writing if I have sparks of inspiration in my head...

The cool surroundings
Heavy downpours of rain trying to make conversation
Granny's cup of coffee
Warm black liquid that exudes its aromatic personality
A perfect lazy ambience.

No, the above is not a poem. Just some flowerly language...lol.

I'm enjoying my stay here, no stress, no worries. And my Ah Ma is a good cook, makes delicious meals, albeit we have 2 meals per day, brunch and dinner. Because we have a heavy breakfast? Lol. This lil vacation allows me to take time off to smell the flowers, and appreciate lil good things. You know what? I will exchange urban stuffs for this kinda simple life.

I don't wanna go home; =)

Sweet-smelling roses and ribbon-wrapped gifts
Or the simple life and being carefree?
I would rather the latter
So free from life's cruel pressure.

2:09 PM;

{Monday, December 25, 2006}

This sounds very belated to me, but whatever. Better late than never. So...
Merry Christmas to everyone out there, baby! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...
My favourite song is Jingle Bells, lol, but I have never celebrated Christmas before. "Why celebrate when you're not a Christian?" My parents say. -_- Oh well, but I am kinda interested in celebrating. It sounds fun to me, lol. And anticipating Santa Claus, of course! =)

Since this is a belated post, already going to be 26 December in just half an hour, hence I'm anticipating belated Santa Claus too! (Don't ask why I keep on mentioning Santa; I just find him likeable? Lol.) I want belated Santa to grant me all my wishes as stated under "Wishful Thinking". Just that, and I'll be happy. =)

Currently I'm not at home; I'm at my grannie's! I lurve my Ah Ma, and this is my first stay of the year; it's been ages since I stayed! Nostalgia, nostalgia. Suddenly I am conscious about my height. Everything seems so reachable and short, as compared to last time when I stayed. Lol. And I guess I'm not used to Ah Ma's bed anymore; it seems hard, and I start to notice all those flaws in the house...it seems as though the older you become, the more you start to notice things and all. It's not innocence anymore...I wanna go back to the old days, staying with Ah Ma! I was only concerned about dolls and playing and being with my Ah Ma; how ignorant...

Nevertheless, I like the rural-like feeling now. Away from polluted roads with dozens of cars, etc. Oops, my uncle's labtop is on low battery now; I better hurry. I guess I gotta go now? =))

11:20 PM;

{Saturday, December 23, 2006}

I spent the longest time ever in the gym today. 1 and a half hours. And burned 380 calories. Damn, I would have burned 400 if not for the exposed flesh at the bottom of my left foot.

But shoot, why am I still 45kg? I wanna be lighter, literally lighter and be free from all the heavy feelings inside me... I wonder if Santa Claus will help me? Lol. Yeah, Christmas is coming, and I'm gonna have a lil vacation at my grannie's real soon, like tomorrow night.

Boy it feels good.
I wanna continue this.
I wanna be unburdened, free.
I wanna fly.

8:53 PM;

{Friday, December 22, 2006}

I went along with my brother and mom to Tampines Mall to watch Night In The Museum in the afternoon. (My brother wanted to watch so ah well) The movie is a mixture of comedy, spine-thrilly, adventure kinda movie. Oh well, it's hard to explain, you gotta watch it! It's worth watching, trust me. =) At night where everything comes alive...muahaha. And it has a nice plot too. Boo, after that, we went home after watching the movie. Blah.

I attended my first electone organ lesson today. Like finally? I've not had any electone organ lessons since PSLE. Lol, and the venue is at my house, at my block, though different storeys. Yeah, but I guess the teacher is kinda average compared to my Yamaha music teacher previously, however, you can choose the songs you wanna play. Lol, yeah, I'm playing for leisure, but I guess I'm continuing the exams after O Levels.

There's not much I wanna type today, so here's a lil piece of post for you. :P

Don't cha like the song Exceptional? It sounds so...sentimental. And...different. And...heart-melting. No such word though, I guess.

10:14 PM;

{Wednesday, December 20, 2006}

350 calories.

You're beautiful but you don't know
Can't see what's there inside your soul
Always feeling like you're not good enough
You wish you could be someone else
Sometimes you just can't see yourself
But I can see just who you are, who you are

You're exceptional the way you are
Don't need to change for nobody
You're incredible, anyone can see that
When will you believe that?
You are nothing but exceptional

You never think you measure up
Never smart or cool, or pretty enough
Always feeling different from all the rest, oh
You feel so out of place, you think you don't fit in
I think you're perfect in the skin you're in
You're just perfect just how you are, just how you are

You're exceptional the way you are
Don't need to change for nobody
You're incredible, anyone can see that
When will you believe that?
You are nothing but exceptional
If you could see the one I see when I see you
You'd know how lucky you are to be you
I see through into you
And you are...

You're exceptional the way you are
Don't need to change for nobody
You're incredible, anyone can see that
When will you believe that?
You are nothing but exceptional.

This song is going to be the main song now.
I chose it because it sounded very special, and meaningful.
And it almost made me cry.

9:04 PM;

I went to school at 1pm for the All Saints Home CIP thing, only for guitar members. We had to go to All Saints Home and perform songs for the elderly and play games with the elderly (something like musical chairs) and be their Santa Claus for a day. I didn't like the sight of the pitiful elderly, looking like they didn't know what's happening and all. My heart went out to them. Lol. But I interacted kinda well with them and one of the elderly kept on pointing at my teeth and saying that my braces are nice and that her daughter also wears it. The other elderly thought that I'm 20 years old; she says that I look so tall. Lol. The CIP ended at 4 plus, and after that, I went for the Trybe Bbq and Christmas gathering.

Not all of the group members came, like Amelin and Stephenie. Nevertheless, we had a great bonding time together. We set up the bbq pit outside the Trybe Center and tried a bit of barbequeing at the pit. There's quite a lot of food; marshmallows, chicken wings, hotdogs, stingray, seafood spaghetti, chocolate fondue, ice-cream, drinks... I was hungry because I didn't have lunch. Luckily, I didn't have the side effects of skipping meals. We ended up eating while the Trybe coaches cooked the food. They kept on saying that we needed food as we're growing girls. Lol. Yeah, the food was nice. =)

After we're really full, we sat down in a circle to have dessert. Chocolate fondue! I can't resist chocolate, so it's really ooh-la-la. And somemore, we had ice-cream after that. In the midst of enjoying dessert, we had christmas talk, like what does christmas mean to you and all. (I have never celebrated Christmas in my life so I told them Christmas means Santa Claus and all? Lol.) Oh yeah, we kept on laughing while talking too. Then we had girl talk, you know. Yeah, it kinda got serious and all. Everyone shared with everyone. And when it was my turn to share, I did something I've never done in a few months. I cried. Lol. Tears were literally flowing down my face like nobody's buisiness. I guess everyone was surprised.

I guess it's the result of keeping it in my heart for quite a long time, and pretending that I've moved on and trying to ignore it and acting like I don't care...and going to the gym trying to vent out bottled feelings and forcing myself not to eat instead. I am not really good at speaking to people about these things, so I was literally telling my group members in bits and pieces, while crying. Lol. Something told me to let it all out to them, and I think I tried my best to tell them what really troubled me. How I wish it was mind-boggling science/maths problems troubling me. Lol. I was quite enlightened after they talked with me and told me a lot of things and all. Lol, and I was still crying? Damn it, it was embarrassing. Lol.

It ended at 11pm+, real late. But I guess everyone really shared a lot and we learnt a lot from one another and gave and received lots of meaningful words. And we had a good time together. I think we're closer than before? Lol.

I guess I'm still venting it out at the gym, not all of the bottles are emptied yet. Shake your head and say that I'm hopeless. Dang.

10:39 AM;

{Monday, December 18, 2006}

Today is not a normal day...today is the 18 of December, 2006 which means the 1st anniversary of staying in Savannah. And today is just not a very normal day, for I went shopping with my mom...at...

Oh my god. It must be a dream come true. Because firstly, my mom doesn't shop at faraway places, what more, in the biggest shopping mall so far away from home. Secondly, my mom accompanied me to Vivocity, where many people claimed that the goods there are unbuyable. It's not really correct; you just have to step into the appropriate shop. =)

Okay, we went out at 2pm after having lunch at home. My brother went out for his basketball practice, so it's a perfect day for shopping. =) And during the journey to Vivocity, I kept grinning at my mom and kept on saying, "SHOPPING!" Lol. Then she smiled and said, "I must control what you buy." Oh well, but luckily her control was not too tight. And I think it's also because I gave her reasonable excuses like next year I can't go out and buy stuffs (definition: clothes and accessories and bags and shoes etc...) due to O Levels and the clothes are for the new year. Lol.

(Vivocity is huge. But I think we walked the whole of Vivocity, from basement 1 to the first, 2nd and 3rd levels. Or maybe just half of the levels? I dunno; I have a poor sense of direction.) When we reached our destination, we first walked over to Fox and started our shopping spree from there. I literally probed the whole shop just in case I missed out a nice stuff, and hence, I took a longer time than my mom to finish seeing all the stuffs. Lol, so I tried to be faster and used my eyes to scan the area and my nimble hands to sift through the stuffs. So I used this tactic to navigate my way through all the shops we went into. I can't really remember where we went after Fox but I know the last shop we went to was Esprit. And yeah, I love the part where my mom and I selected quite a load of clothes to try in the changing rooms. She kept asking me, "美吗?" Lol. I told her, "你喜欢就买." She's a bit weird, asking me for opinions in the changing rooms. Because she knows I have good taste. =) So we constantly gave each other opinions after changing into the stuffs we brought into the changing rooms, and from there, we selected the ones we ought to buy.

Okay, and finally after 7 hours of shopping, which includes lounging at Starbucks and me choosing a really expensive Frappuchino Chocolate Cream Chip (it's really nice, like a thick chocolatey smoothie, oh but think of the calories) , $7 and dining at the food court and me having a hard time finishing a super spicy bowl of kimchi ramen. By the way, I didn't know the coffee I chose at Starbucks was so expensive until my mom told me. Lol. Today is literally a once-in-a-blue-moon day.

I feel like writing a shopping guide. Lol. This whole chunk of paragraph is dedicated only for shopping queens.
The Short&Sweet Shopping Guide
1: Since you shopping queens know that you're out for a whole day of shopping, standing on foot and walking around and going in and out of changing rooms and fishing out your money, jolly well have a comfortable and versatile ensemble so that your day will be purrfect.
Shopping malls are air-conditioned, so don on a sleeved top and bring along a long-sleeved sweater so you won't freeze! =) If you insist on wearing a sleeveless top, wear it, but don on a jacket or a sweater too. And the top you're wearing must be comfortable and not too tight fitting or loose. And it must be easy to remove too, remember, changing rooms! =) P.S. No revealing tops; you're not going to a pub. And it will be embarrassing if someone sees your peekaboo!
For skirt-lovers, wear a skirt that is of knee length or a few inches above the knee. No miniskirts; you're going to have a lot of leg movements and it will be embarrassing if someone sees your peekaboo, yeah? The skirt must not be too tight, or you'll feel uncomfortable and queasy. For loose skirts, wear a belt to secure it, but the belt must be easy to unbuckle; remember, the changing rooms! If you're not a skirt-lover, wear a three-quarter pants that is not too huggable nor too loose. And it must be easy to remove too. Jeans are not advisable, because they are thick and harder to remove. And they are usually up to the feet; good for sweeping the floor though. -_- Long pants are better (but 3/4s is the best), and the material better be good and again, it must not be too tight nor too loose. Shorts are not really advisable; unless you'll like your legs to be frozen and shorts are usually only up to the 1/3 of your thigh.
If you like to put on accessories during shopping, you can. =) Don on a pair of earrings, any kind except large hoops. They are dangerous, what if the fabric of the clothes get caught on it and there goes your ears. And for necklaces, any kind except for those really long and chuncky ones. Not really friendly in changing rooms. You can wear any accessory on your wrists though. Rings are not really advisable; they are easy to be dropped. For hair accessories, just clips and hairpins and hairbands will do; your hair will be messed up in changing rooms and you will not like your beautifully styled hair to be ruined like this. So keep your hair flowing.

Oh my, I guess I should stop here now. Look at the time. Oh well, the above should be turned into a little book or something. Lol.

Oh yeah, I don't wanna reveal how much I busted today. Only in a day. But I guess I'll reveal the stuffs I bought? Here goes...I bought 7 tops, 2 skirts and a pair of shorts. Hey, it's not really a lot, as compared to some tourists I saw, walking out from Tangs with 5 shopping bags in one hand, so 10 shopping bags in both hands??!! (I only had three big shopping bags, which included my mom's stuffs: 1 pair of jeans, 3 tops and my brother's stuffs: 3 tops which I chose for him)Wow. Amazing.

My mom told me that this is all for my new year but I haven't bought shoes, bags, accessories and I wanna buy a dress, more skirts and shorts and three-quarters and jeans! I told her that and she just smiled. Which secretly means a yes, I think. =))
My mom looked shagged while in the train on the way home. But I am still energetic. Lol. And she surrenders to me, The Shopping Queen. She says, "No wonder your friends say you really can shop." Muahaha. My mom is the bestest shopping partner for me! Who wanna be next? (I can hear freaked out shrieks from females.) Lol. Seriously, I can survive in a Shopping Marathon, if there's ever any.

Wow, it's midnight now. =) I wonder if there's any after-midnight shopping.
I'm looking forward to shopping with my mom again. =)))

11:14 PM;

This song is dedicated to my darlings; Trybe members (thumbs up) and coaches, friends and visitors to my blog, and everyone who loves me! Lol. Just press the play button and turn up your speakers and groove to the music, baby! =)

11:07 AM;

{Sunday, December 17, 2006}

This post is gonna be a long one, complete with photos and words, like always! Haha, a long post to catch up on my "current affairs". Lol? For Trybe (thumbs up) members who wanna grab the photos taken on Saturday, click on the photo and right click and "save picture as...".

Yesterday (Saturday)
Woke up like real early to get up and bathe and get dressed in the dress code for Trybe(thumbs up) celebration finale thingy. Dress code was to either wear a tie/cap or wear both. Lol. I met up with my thumbs up members (oops, still not used to Trybe) and together we met Stephenie (one of my coach) at City Hall and we set out for our destination.

The celebration finale thingy was a lot about talking and prize-giving and a bit of games so it was not as fun as the invitation letter sounded. Lol. But nevertheless, it was a nice bonding time with my thumbs up members and coaches! (Okay, still not used to Trybe.) After the celebration finale thingy, we went for a drink and a lil talking session on our one year relationship together. It was like a touching time for us as each of us took turns to say words to our coaches and members, and for our coaches to say words to us too. The words were like encouraging and straight-from-the-heart. I guess everyone felt blessed to have everyone! Lol.

We decided to take photos after we had our drinking and talking session together. When walking halfway back to the MRT station, we asked someone to take this for us! Yay. Nice group photo. =)

Amelin and I! Man, I think both of us look sleepy. =)

Stephenie and Amelin, Jaime and I. Yay, us and the coaches! =)

Yvonne's solo shoot with the coaches. =)

Jia Wen's solo shoot with the coaches. =)

Hui Ling's solo shoot with the coaches. =)

I was going to laugh when I did the twist pose with the coaches. Lol.

Why didn't Amelin do the twist pose with the coaches too? Lol.

After phototaking, we went our separate ways. Aww, it's quite sad to realize that a year has passed when I first joined Thumbs Up, introduced by Amelin. But I'm happy to have joined, I learnt a lot with my coaches and I'm happy to know them. They light up my life, practically. And I'm kinda closer with my Trybe (thumbs up) members so I made new friends. Lol. And yay. Because after we went our separate ways, I went home to prepare to go to Sentosa with my family! It's been how many donkey years since we went there eh? As said by my brother. Lol, really. I think we didn't go there for 6-7 years? Lol.

First stop at Sentosa: Underwater World. Under the sea...

This hideous and garguantuan fish caught my attention. I thought it was magnified by the tank glass by 10 times or something.

Fishies. Reminds me of the many fishies at home and I don't really like fishies. Fishies take up space, especially their fish tanks, and they smell and attract lots of flies and etc!

My father took this for us while we stood at the moving escalator thingy. This photo looks dark and the huge "aquarium" behind us cannot be seen! Boo. But an effort to take this, for there were thousands of people.

Beware of the Great White Shark. It looks as though it's sneering at me when I was taking a photo of it. Lol.

Stingray that killed the Croc Hunter. Lol, not really.

A Christmas Tree for the fishies? Lol.

Jelly jelly. Bounce on the head of the jellyfish.

This is full of crab.

Oh no, not fishes, but Dolphins. =)
2nd stop: Dolphin Lagoon.

This is the first time we visited Dolphin Lagoon and we were fascinated by the dolphins' cuteness and cheekiness. And they're in pink! Greyish pink, lol. Cheeky dolphin posing for the camera. They can sense us looking at them, and that's why they posed? Lol. =)))

The clever dolphins doing a dance together? A cha-cha, perhaps. =)))

The dolphin wants fish! Patiently waiting for fish. Hey, I can give you all the fishies in my house! Muahaha.

Dolphin laughing with its majestic tail complete with gentle waves and sandy sand. Lol.

3rd stop: Siloso Beach
We went to the Siloso Beach for awhile only, just for probing. And we bought Ben&Jerry's ice-creams and walked around. Lol.

4th stop: Luge and Skyride
Luge is like you sit on a "car" with only a handle for you to control and off you go, down slopes, around slopes, etc. It's quite exhilarating for me; I'm kinda scared to drive a car because I don't like the thought of crashing into things. Lol. After Luge, we went for Skyride. You know, a bench for you to sit on and off you go, hanging above the sky. Luckily, it was not as high as the one I sat at China; the China one was like 3000+ m off the ground!!! Altophobia.

Scenery taken when on the Skyride. And the sun was setting! Sunset and scenery! The scenery was not as breathtaking as the one at China, but there was at least sunset. =) (But the one at China also had sunset, and can see the sun setting, literally. Oh whatever.)

5th stop: 4D Magix
It was a 3D film, requiring you to wear those fake glasses, and a lot of people were queueing up for it. And when we finished watching the film, we knew why many queued up for it. It was amazing. First time watching a 4D film, definition of it is a 3D film with extra real effects. Like wind effects, spraying water effects, moving armchair effects, and sound effect from the armchair. That's why they call it 4D? Lol.

Last stop: Sky Tower

My brother asked me why I wanna sit on this ride when I'm scared of heights. Lol, because I was adventurous? Lol. Luckily the Sky Tower didn't go down fast, or else my heart will drop and my insides will drop too. I took the nice bright colourful scenery of Sentosa, and it ended up like this. Artisitic feel? Lol.

Artistic, oh yeah. Lol.

And after that, we left Sentosa and went to Vivocity for dinner. Had dinner at 9pm and I think I'm gonna gain a bit of weight. Boo. By that time, I felt like literally dropping dead. Was sooo tired as I woke up early, at 7 plus. And then my brother wanted to buy his Xbox game and that left me grouchy, which means sleepy and wanna go sleep now! Lol. Somemore we went to the top level and lingered there for a while. Oh yeah, the nice shops and all didn't do any good in keeping me lively. And now, it's midnight, and I wanna sleep. A bit more to go...

Today (Still Sunday, I argue. Lol.)
First day of Physics and Chemistry tuition. Physics is taught by my A Maths teacher so no new face. The same drama papa and funny and witty teacher. He can relate Physics to People. And he likes to do cha-cha, I guess? Because when he acted out for an example, he kinda danced? Moved his butt, I guess. Of course, Amelin and I laughed out real loud throughout the lesson. And he likes to relate to the boy to Physics, and boy and girl to Physics, and money to Physics. Interesting yeah? Yeah, with 3 students. Lol. But it's better than Chemistry, because for Chemistry, Amelin and I were the only students. Lol.

Chemistry is taught by a NUS graduate. A weird teacher, because firstly, I thought he was a female with short hair due to his voice and facial features. Lol. First impression, weirdo! shouted in my head. Oh my god! And then laughter; continuous laughter during the few minutes of knowing him. Lol! I seriously think that teacher behaves like a doctor. Kept on asking, "You okay?" and speaking like a doctor and all. And then when I laughed, he asked, "Why you keep on laughing? Tell me leh. I see here see there also see nothing wrong with me!" Oh my. Then when I continued laughing, he said, "I know why you keep on laughing! My voice right? It's naturally high." Lol, then I continued to laugh somemore. Of course, Amelin was with me the whole time and kept on laughing at the weirdo teacher. I swear, the weirdest teacher I ever met! The teacher kept on wanting us to ask him questions and talk to him. ("It's a 2-way thing.") I couldn't talk without laughing ridiculously, lol. And he will speak suddenly in Chinese, weird. And asks whether I have a Christian name. Lol, and then a bit scary to look into his eyes, like he will stare for a long time into your eyes. Shudder. WEIRD! Lol. Maybe it's due to the stress and all in NUS.

Okay, gotta sleep now. =)) Don't mind the grammar/spelling mistakes yeah? Lol.

11:37 PM;

{Thursday, December 14, 2006}

350 calories burned today! Like finally, I reached my target. =) To think that I burned only 100+ calories when I first stepped into a gym. Lol. Yes, you can do it. I'm gonna be 42kg soon...

And I've just continued writing The Boyfriend Slayer! Don't mind if this part is a bit lousier than the first. I think my brain is a bit hay-wired after all the running in the gym.

The Boyfriend Slayer (continued)
Every night, at random streets, in deserted alleys, Camilla would have her hands on a random, unfaithful man. Camilla has been killing unfaithful men since the day...

"I don't believe it...no!" Camilla screamed out all the agony that gradually built up in her heart. Hot tears streamed down Camilla's pretty face and she broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. Her tears had become her voice. "Camilla...I'm really sorry to make you so upset...but...I just...don't love you anymore..." Zack's voice trailed off...

Zack and Camilla had been a loving couple since they were young. Yes, they were childhood sweethearts. For Camilla, knowing Zack seemed like the most fortunate thing that has happened in her life. Since she was a little girl, she was always comfortable and happy being with him. Then, she knew that this was the guy for her, in this life. Zack was also comfortable and happy being with Camilla. She was the girl that made his life brighter, happier. As a kid, he felt that he had an affinity with this girl, like they were meant to be together. Zack and Camilla grew up together, and one day, they both realized that they were more than mortals. In fact, they had superhuman powers; Camilla could see a heavy, yellow aura surrounding men who were unfaithful; Zack had a really reliable sixth sense which helped him through times of adversity.

Camilla looked at the man standing in front of her. The man she knew since young. Zack. He looked down; he could not bear to look Camilla in the eye. Camilla kept her eyes on the man. He looked stunning as always. A tall-framed man with blond hair swept to the side, bringing attention to his captivating lime-green eyes. The ends of his blond hair were dyed green, complimenting his eyes. He always wore oversized shirts with abstract words and pictures which accentuated his lanky frame, complete with baggy, denim jeans and a pair of sports shoes. She smiled at him, half-laughing, and half-crying. Camilla was still unable to comprehend what came out of his alluring lips just a few seconds ago. "Zack, don't make such jokes next time." Camilla got up and pecked Zack on the cheek. A teardrop fell on Zack's cheek. "Baby, I will always love you." Zack felt Camilla's soft lips and a wetness on his cheek, and his sixth sense told him that he would regret what he said to her. Camilla looked at Zack in the eye one last time, before going off. Zack thought he saw a look of delirium in those purple eyes.

Camilla walked out of Zack's house and into the streets. The streets, as always, were bustled with activity. She walked aimlessly into the swarm of people, replaying Zack's voice in her head. "Camilla, there's something I have to tell you. Yesterday night, I listened to my heart and it told me that the place reserved for that special someone was not you now but...Rosalle." She laughed out loud, a kind of tortured laughter from a prisoner-of-war. People on the streets stared at her, but she didn't seem to notice. Rosalle. She just couldn't believe it. Zack, the one whom she has trusted completely with her heart since she was a little girl, loves someone else now? It seemed to her, that the world has just been turned upside down. And the someone else is Rosalle, her childhood friend? As the situation processed in her head, she felt giddy. Her heart was aflame with anger and hatred; her senses were overcharged. She felt the need to act. Right now. A voice in her head told her to get rid of the overwhelming feelings in her body. Listening to the voice, she walked quickly, in search for a man with a heavy, yellow aura. She needed justice to be done. And that was to slay all the unfaithful men in the world.

After killing her easy target, Camilla felt an indescribable sense of pleasure, tingling her senses. Yet her heart itched; she wanted more targets. Yes, she was hungry for more. And again, she walked down the streets, looking at random men. How she wished one of them would be surrounded by a heavy, yellow aura. A dirty-yellow aura.

To be continued...

Again, I want comments, solid comments! Lol. Somehow I'm itching for comments...yes, I'm hungry for them...muahaha. Lol.

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{Tuesday, December 12, 2006}

Breaking Free

Start Of Something New

What I've Been Looking For

I like duets...it's a different form of communication with your signifant other. =) Romantic drama.

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{Monday, December 11, 2006}

Barbeque with family and friends is a crazy and messy and a fun-filled one. Okay, I guess this post is gonna be a long post with many pictures and words of course. =) For those peeps who wanna get the barbeque pictures, just click on them and right click and "save picture as..." Lol. Here we go...

Yesterday at 1pm+ my 3rd uncle and auntie and little cousins came. They were the early birds. Ha. I kinda feel guilty as my 3rd auntie was the one who did the chicken wings and slices of pork and being the usual whiny,长不大(as always said by my brother) spoilt brat when something goes wrong, I whined and grumbled when my 3rd auntie forgot to bring the marshmallows. I feel so guilty!!! Okay. I shall be nice to her when she comes to my house. Luckily, Edwin helped me buy the marshmallows. Lol. At 3 plus, I went down to wait for Samuel, Jie Ling, Daphne and Fiona at the bowling alley. Seems like they were the late birds, except for Sam, who came punctually. Lol. So Samuel and I started to bowl, and I taught him how to bowl as it was his first time. Yay! Lol. Then after half an hour or so, they came. I helped them bring their spaghetti over to the barbeque area (their spaghetti was nice but the sauce was not enough. Lol.) They were like so hyper when playing bowling. Especially Daphne, I guess. She gloats when she scores. Bleh. Then at 5pm, Xiao Qian came with her jellies. (they were yummy.) Then it started to rain. Drizzle, then a bit heavy. Blah. Then my brother was being irritating because he wanted to bowl and shooed us off. Boo. Then my mood got a bit bad, and I started blaming my mom for the rain. (Because the day before she kept on wondering whether it will rain. and the things will happen. her 乌鸦嘴!) My mom asked me to go away, so I went back to my house with Xiao Qian and Samuel. (dunno where did the 3 of them go.)

At my house, we waited for the rest of the peeps. Ke Hua, Amelin, Cindy, Xiao Ting, Edwin, and the 3 of them. Lol. Then finally Jie Ling, Fiona and Daphne arrived. Seems like they went around for a walk outside and ran back to my house drenched. Aww. They dried themselves and in the meantime, we watched High School Musical. Boy, I think my house was a racket because they talked and laughed while watching the movie. Lol. Luckily no one complained to the security. And yeah, I played the hospitable host by serving them drinks and all. Lol. At about 6pm, the rest of them finally arrived. My house became a tad too squeezy for them, but I thought I felt a comfortable and warm sort of feeling. Because they warmed my house. Lol. I served them drinks while they watched the 红新大奖. Then we went down to the barbeque pit.

It was kinda awkward when family meets friends. Lol, you know. The ice. Anyway, we kinda went through the eating part together which included some otah, beehoon, spaghetti, fishball, drinks... After eating, my brother was getting irritating again because he was like a mosquito in my ear, constantly harping about playing hide-and-seek with my friends. But I told him we wanted to take some pictures first, and he was nagging and all. Lol.

Haha. The crazy us. The pictures were taken at the volcano after eating. I was trying to take a picture of all of us together but kinda failed at the 2 attempts. But the pictures are kinda wildly nice. A new style of taking pictures. =)

My brother took this for us because I promised him we would play hide-and-seek with him and the little ones after taking this photo for us. It's the same place, at the volcano. The photo turned up a bit weird...I'm not trying to scare you but when you look closely by zooming into the photo, you will notice a white thingy that looks like a long-haired thing in the middle of us standing together. And in the photo, I couldn't see the boys. Weird!

But before we went to play hide-and-seek, they wanted to play with the water at the baby pool. It was a kinda crazy thing to do, because we attracted attention from residents as we entered the baby pool with clothes, not swimming costumes. Luckily the security guard didn't come and chase us out of the pool. Lol. I guess it was Fiona and Daphne and Jie Ling and Ke Hua's crazy idea? Lol. But it was fun entering the pool. Cold water and all.

Ke Hua took this picture for us. Dunno what's with the pose. Thought by Daphne, I think. Haha.

After some wading in the pool and getting a bit wet, we walked to The Cave. It was a small cave, but it was a bit scary as it was getting dark. So we held hands and walked to The Cave. It was darker inside and they didn't know there were a few animal statues inside The Cave. The animals were put behind bars and I told them there were some things behind the bars. All of them screamed when they saw the sihouette of the statues. Haha. The statues were a bit scary at night, with their eyes peering straight into your face.

Yay, we survived the darkness and scariness of The Cave. (see a part of The Cave? with the waterfall thing. it's right behind us.) We started snapping pictures again. And my brother was waiting impatiently. Lol.

I didn't break my promise because we went to play hide-and-seek with my brother and cutie and handsome and pretty lil cousins. It was wild again. Crazy people. I think the residents are a bit alarmed by our screams and laughter while running away from the seekers. The game was to last for 10 mins and the hiding places must be around the clubhouse or in the clubhouse. And no hiding in rooms. And after 10 mins, if lost or whatever, just go back to the Games Room. Oh yeah, we went into the Games Room before playing hide-and-seek. (no lah, the Games Room is just an air-con room with tables and chairs and a sofa. Lol.)

At the Games Room, before we started playing hide-and-seek, we snapped pictures again. This is Daphne's crazy idea. Idea taken from Princess Hours. Here I'm posing as the Empress, while Daphne's posing as the Emperor. (haha, but it's weird to have the Empress taller than the Emperor.)

This is a quite nice picture, haha. At the Games Room still, and Daphne's crazy idea of imitating the Princess Hours again. Jie Ling and Fiona as maids, and Daphne as Emperor, me as Empress. Lol! =)

My god. Taking turns to strangle one another. Must be Daphne's idea again. Lol.

After this, we played hide-and-seek. And guess who were the winners? Me, Amelin, Cindy and Xiao Ting! Haha. The seekers didn't count to 20 so we didn't have time to hide and ended hiding in a toilet for handicaps. Haha, we won anyway, but we cheated! We hid in a toilet! Lol. We went back to the barbeque area to eat. There were lots of food for us to pig on; there were leftovers!Was surprised that Ke Hua and my brother didn't finish up the food. Haha. There were lots of food, as I said: Chicken wings, slices of pork, duck meat, sweet potato, corn, stingray, prawns, beehoon, spaghetti, fishball, satay, otah, marshmallows, lychees, watermelon, jelly, puddings, drinks... Lol. I ate a morsel of everything and luckily I'm still 45kg. =)

My 3rd uncle took this. Oh yeah, my family have eaten and so the barbeque pit became ours for us to cook our food. Haha, it was kinda fun but it was a sweaty and hot affair. =)

A candid shot of us barbeque-ing. Haha, seems like everyone was engrossed with cooking the food...but what were Edwin and Amelin doing? Haha.

Another candid shot, this time with 2nd uncle. Everyone is cooking the food except for Eating Edwin. Lol.

Last candid shot with Xiao Qian laughing, Ke Hua scratching his head and me concentrating on cooking the food. Lol.

The last picture of us barbeque-ing together with smiles! Oh and the little pretty cousin.

After we were really full and all, we went to the baby pool again, this time to be really wet. Not me, but Fiona and Jie Ling and the rest, I guess. All of them splashed and played in the baby pool with my handsome and pretty and cutie cousins. Oh my god, and my cousins were literally swimming in the pool after getting really wet. All thanks to my crazy friends! =) It was really fun though. Splashing here and there.

A photo taken by my 3rd uncle at the baby pool with my pretty lil cousin. Haha, look at all the wet and happy people. =)

This looks like a better photo. Again, taken by my 3rd uncle and all of us together with my pretty lil cousin. =)

Look at them! My handsome and cutie cousins were so hyper that they swam in the pool after playing with my crazy friends! Haha.

A failed attempt to take a picture of the stars in the sky. Lol.

We played a last round of hide-and-seek before they went home. We thought of hiding in the small playground because the playground was surrounded by thick bushes. Haha, but it was kinda quiet and deserted and you know we had to run and along the pathway, there were statues with glowing eyes. Lol. Cindy and Xiao Ting and Amelin were kinda spooked by the statues.

We took some photos of us together at the playground while waiting for the seekers to find us. Again, the wild style of taking photos. =) Guess each of the photo was taken by whom. Lol!

Posing at the playground...guess each photo was taken by whom? Haha, this is easier. Lol.

We emerged as the winners for the 2nd round of hide-and-seek. Yay again! =) But we kinda cheated, because we didn't know we had to hide near the clubhouse or in the clubhouse. But the playground is near the clubhouse. Bleh.

My cutie cutie cousins! This was taken by me after I sent my friends off. Time passed too fast; it seemed like an one hour thing and they had to go home so soon. Lol.

The presents received during the barbeque. From top to bottom: Samuel's, Xiao Ting, Cindy and Xiao Ting and Amelin and Ke Hua's, and my 3rd auntie's. Not to forget Jie Ling's earrings. Another big thank-you again to all. I had fun unwrapping the gifts, especially Samuel's. Haha.

I have to say, the barbeque was quite a success, despite the ice and it being a bit messy barbeque with family and friends. But it was fun! A cross off my list of holiday plans. =)

This post is hard to edit, so pardon my spelling/grammar errors. =) Oh and I think I wanna continue writing The Boyfriend Slayer... what do you think? =)

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be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
♥ trains


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