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{Monday, November 20, 2006}

You might be wondering whatever major happened to me as it's been a week since I've updated on my life. I guess it's the lazy bug that has bitten me from tonnes of homework and loads of stuff to do during the holidays! Yes, finally, I can type 'Holidays'! =) =) =)

Although it's the holidays now, I'm feeling oh-so-tired. Like I'm experiencing another End-Of-Year examinations period. I wanna sleeep. SLEEP! Okay, I shall do a quickie update on my life now. Starting from Friday, the 17.

The last day of school for this year. And I remembered my solo existence after school for make-up lessons; empty library with silence filling up every space and corner, almost empty levels except for cleaners, etc. But somehow I liked that kinda silence. So new and mysterious. Heh. The last day of school. Wow, it's like so fast. I'm gonna face the big and oh-so-grand exam next year. I know why I am so sleepy now. Thinking about all the things I have to catch up or perfect on in preparation for next year just makes me wanna yawn. But I know the way of making myself alert and excited. Think about Victoria Junior College, think about Theatre Studies and Drama after a full year of full-blast mugging and crazy revision! They say only people who dare to dream and find means and ways to pursue their dreams become successful in life. So I have only one life, and I have to live it well. Live it to the fullest!

Oh I remembered, I went to Shafie's house for some get-together (not housewarming, lol) straight after dreaded guitar practice. I think he's born to be talented in organizing events or something, because I can't possibly invite 50+ people to my house and manage the whole event well. Heh? Why do I like to type heh now? Lol. Anyway, Shafie suggested that I should come up with a poolside party or something (barbeque party you mean, because nobody would want to swim in their swimming costumes in front of people) and he got some people excited about it that I got their excitement and I told my mom about it and she says yes, although there's a limit to the amount of people you're inviting. Oh well, this idea is under my To-Do Holiday Plans(at the end of this post) but I'm not sure about this idea as I suck at doing this kinda things because being such a perfectionist, it must be perfect. Like everyone's having the best of their times and all the atmosphere and etc, just like in the movies. Sheesh. Anyway, back to Saturday activities but tell me about the idea yeah? Like whether it sucks or rocks. Ha. Went to grannie's as usual. She cooked marvellous food as usual. Knowing that my health is not too good, she wanna buy some chinese herbal stuffs for me. Awww, I love her! =) And she promised to stay here with us next week! I hope she does! Yay.

I was supposed to have my Physics tuition, and oh by the way, I had my A Maths tuition on Friday and it was a new teacher teaching us! Acutally it's the boss of the tuition centre and the 'hunkie' teacher is gone! Aww, I prefer the "hunkie"'s way of teaching; the boss teaches like a snail. Haha, he's so funny, he can teach Permutations for 1 and a half hours, drawing and drawing and writing numbers. Haha. Yeah I was supposed to have my Physics tuition but it was cancelled so I got the whole day off! Finally I can breathe, not. Still had to revise for Chemistry Test on Monday, which is today, so ya all know why I'm so tired now. Yawn. But I remembered that my 2nd uncle, the cheeky one, came with his family for swimming and all! Been months since I seen him, and his little ones, Ha. And I'm surprised and happy that he said I look skinnier due to my cheekbones "sinking" in. I guess he's a bit dramatic, lol.

Went to school just for the Chemistry retest. Oh, now I know why I'm so sleepy. Has been waking up early in the morning either for school or for guitar practice or for chemistry revision. YAWN. And has been studying Chemistry since Wednesday, just for this day! I really hope I can decent grades for Chemistry!!! Like I got C6 in my report book, and I really hope I can get a B this time round. Because I love Chemistry. Heh. The retest was kinda easier than the End-of-Year exam, but the time is really tight. Like only 1 hour and 15 mins??? I was halfway through finishing my last question and time's up. !!! Oh well. But after the retest, I went straight home, and during the journey, I read my The Devil Wears Prada book. I'm not a freak, but I just wanna finish the book; I'm like still reading it even though I bought it months ago! And I wanna read many storybooks; it's another holiday plan. Haha. And in the afternoon, I went out with my mom and my brother for lunch. And after that, my mom and I did a little window shopping while my brother hurried for his barbeque with his friends. I didn't buy anything, relax. Lol. But my heart was itching all the while during window shopping.

I'm currently waiting for my 2nd uncle, yes, the cheeky one. He's like wow, he's coming to give me my ipod mini speakers and earphones after I asked him to help me check it out just yesterday when he came for a swim. So efficient, I like! =)

Haha. This certainly ignites my shopping-for-everything-i-need mood. I wanna cross out everything from my Fiery Desires! I WANNA!!!!! Lol.

Eh this post is so long. Hey, he's coming now. I'm gonna greet my new speakers and earphones!

Apparently the speakers I chose were so hot that he got the demo set and it currently has some problems. Luckily, because that set looked old. Lol. But the earphones are okay.

The To-Do Holiday Plans
1. Go Vivocity for shopping spree and sight-seeing
2. Spend a whole day in a library reading storybooks/borrowing storybooks
3. Go to a beach and watch sunset and have a picnic or something
4. Go to Escape Theme Park
5. Go and watch movie
6. Go ice-skating
7. Go to Kbox
8. Go shopping and visit neoprint shops
9. Go cycling
10. Have a gym time with friends
11. Have a swimming time with friends
12. Have a barbeque day with friends
13. Go to Sakae Sushi, etc with friends
14. Go to Xiao Qian's house for baking lessons
15. Go shopping with mom
16. Go to Sentosa with family
17. Go to Wild Wild Wet with family
18. Stay with grandma/grandma stay with us
19. Order pizza and watch VCDS
20. Bake at home
21. Learn to play the electone organ again
22. Read storybooks and newspapers
23. Play computer games
24. Spring-cleaning
25. Buy all the items and things I want
26. Be smarter

This is fun. I wanna cross them all! I'm a bit deprived, lol. And I wanna make the most out of this holidays, next year is gonna be study all day long. =) =) =)

8:54 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
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