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{Monday, October 23, 2006}

It seems like a few years since I've touched the keyboard, although I haven't touch it for a few days only. Lol. I do sound like one busy princess, and the busy-ness isn't anything to do with studies. Oh quit, I gave up after trying to be so hardworking by doing some assessment books. My brain is still fired up from the End-Of-Year examinations, and I guess I need a break before being hard on myself again in preparation for O Levels. This sounds a bit freaky to some, but hey, I must prove it to people, especially my mom, that going to the arts stream in Victoria Junior College is do-able. Back to the busy-ness. Been busy with many activities, so I shall update on my darling blog on what it missed these few days.

I cannot really remember, but I know it's a school day, with post-exam activities. (I can't believe I neglected my blog for 5 days!) Eh, haha. Lemme refresh my memories. Oh yeah! The post-exam activity was inter-class Captain's Ball competition. Yeah, so the whole class played against other classes. At the beginning, we were winning but due to some bad fengshui, we started to lose. Haha.

It was another school day with post-exam activities. Folding paper cranes for hungy and needy people! One paper crane= a bowl of rice. It was a fun time learning how to fold paper cranes, and it was something worth learning during the holidays (no, should be after-exam-days) and it was something crazy and fun to do. Crazy in the sense that I can fold paper cranes, even though I suck at origami. Haha. So everybody in the school started to fold paper cranes. I think there's enough to feed many needy mouths.

My relatives came over for the pool and gym again. Yay, good excuse to lose those evil fats. And again, I went with my uncle to the gym and started to work my butt out. Oh, by the way, I have started to gain a good habit of going to the gym daily for a half-hour walk on the treadmill at the speed of 6. Daphne says that it's a good way to lose weight, so I'm trying now. Anyway, we ran and ran. My stamina improved and I think I lost 229 cals. After the gym thing, my uncle and I caught up with the rest of the family for a swim. It was a fun time competing with my mom, whether who has a better stamina and swims the fastest. In the beginning, I won but I was so shagged and tired from the gym and swimming that I lost to her in the end. Damn, lol. By the time we stopped all activities, it was already evening. So we went to my grandma's (as usual), for dinner. Dinner was a feast yet again, and my brother ate like a pig, yet again. Haha, got to see my grandparents yet again. =)

My mom decided at the last minute that she wanna go to the Singapore Expo Metro Sale, so of course, my initial reaction was to go, "Yay!" However, my spirits were dampened when I entered the big building. There were so many people and so many items on sale, waiting to be taken off by the hooks, and the shopping spirit was there and all, but I couldn't find any items that were pleasing to my eye! Everything seemed so old and second-handed but after much pissing off from my mom and walking around the big building looking here and there for nice items, I finally bought 2 belts, a nail filer, and some lingerie. Lol, that was all I bought, and I know you will be surprised. Lol. Okay, but anyways, I bought something, and it was much better than buying nothing, because you'll look so off in the crowd carrying a big shopping bag with nothing inside, while people's bags are filled with many stuffs.

I went out with Xiao Qian, Puay Suan and Samuel today, for ice-skating. I was the only bird and I waited for Xiao Qian and Puay Suan for 10 minutes. When they came, I was naturally happy but then after waiting for 45 mins, we still didn't see any fragments of Samuel. We were close to freaking out, me frantically calling many people asking to check whether I got the correct contact number to call Samuel and calling his house number so many times and yet nobody answered. Seriously, that guy needs a handphone! We paced here and there at the platform, and goodness heavens, Puay Suan then suddenly shrieked, "That's Samuel!!!" Of course, after waiting for somebody for so long, your natural reaction was to shriek right? That's what I did, I think. I felt so pissed and relieved, because we were worried that he forgot/overslept and we were pissed because we couldn't contact him! Lol. But we were relieved when he finally came, because we, the deprived-of-fun peeps, were looking oh so forward to ice-skating!!!

Samuel is in love with Uno. Immediately after we saw him, we jumped into the MRT and he immediately took out his Uno cards. I guess we are the first ones to be seen by many people, sitting down on the floor and playing Uno cards, on the MRT. Lol, it sounds so kuku. The train ride was naturally long, but it became short due to Uno and Talk. Haha. Finally, we reached the ice-skating place. We first decided to have lunch at KFC (Calorie attack!) before going to the ice-skating rink. After a long lunch, we checked in.

The atmosphere was cold and icy, yet it felt warm and fuzzy. That kinda weird but nice feeling. The familiar surroundings again, however there were lesser people and the rink felt bigger and it stood out, its icy Snow-white exterior with graceful and clumsy people standing on it. Lol. After all the tying and putting all things into the locker, we finally entered the rink. Samuel, Xiao Qian and I suddenly forgot how to skate on the ice for a few moments after standing weirdly on the ice and wobbling here and there, holding onto the railings. I was the first to recover and I was able to skate again. =) It was Puay Suan's first time, so I was glad to be her teacher. =) Haha. It was fun 'teaching' her because you have the passion for ice-skating and you are like teaching her how to have the passion for ice-skating. She's a really fast learner, but she protests that because she has a good teacher. Lol. Samuel was the 2nd to recover and he likes to skate fast. Fast enough for me to ask him to slow down. Lol. Xiao Qian, loves the railing, because she like to hang onto the railing. But I think she kinda knows how to ice-skate, due to my being a 'good teacher'and best friend, instead of the railing. Haha. In the beginning, we skated in pairs, and I taught Puay Suan while Samuel taught Xiao Qian. Then, we skated slowly and then skated together slowly. By the time, everybody was kinda getting the hang of it (but Xiao Qian still prefers the railing) and then we skated in pairs again, but this time faster. After 2 hours, we rested for about 10 mins before going into the rink again. We talked and talked and talked, and gazed and gaped and goshed at those fabulous figure skaters. Then we went into the rink again and Samuel and I wanted to try to skate fast fast, abandoning the poor two. Lol, then he really skated very fast; I kept asking him to stop. The poor two were resting and they kept on saying how fast we went. Haha, they should try the dangerously fast but cool feeling. So we exchanged partners and I skated with Puay Suan, then Xiao Qian. They didn't wanna go fast, but moderately fast. Lol, lots of wobbling and trembling of hands were involved and when they almost fell, I balanced them. Yay! =) We did many things in the rink, skating hand in hand with one another, skating alone, having a mini skating competition, and trying out the choo-choo train thing but failed. Lol. It's SO FUN!!! Haha. I sure do sound like one deprived child. But of course must say it's fun, because we skated for 5 hours in the rink! Painfully fun. I hate the taking-off-the-skates feeling. It's like your feet is painfully killing you.

This seriously seems like a very long post so I guess I shall stop all my long-winded descriptions. But there's so much to describe about today! I simply lurve ice-skating! Oh and we got to witness 2 birthday dedications! Oh, the cute and tiny bubbles that look like real snowflakes and the sweet and heart-warming birthday song again! Haha, and ice-skating is really fun, I say again! All those wobbling and trembling and falling is really worth it! Because what you get in the end is the wow-ness of being able to skate on the ice fast and free. Woohooooooo, yeah, like this feeling.

This freaking long post is hard to edit, so pardon my grammar/punctuation/spelling errors! So this long long long post compensated me neglecting my blog due to "busy-ness". Haha. Okay, anyway, I've got a dilemma a few days ago and I think I've solved it. The solution is, to go to Combined Science. But I hope that they won't want to change classes because I can't just adapt so fast to the environment, and next year is an extremely crucial year. I chose the option is because I jolly well know that I won't go to a Science stream next time, and also to concentrate on other subjects too. This post is seriously too long. This post shall end here now. Lol.


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cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


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Yoga/Electone lessons


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