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{Wednesday, September 06, 2006}

I remembered the day straight after the last Common Test paper, everyone was like SO looking forward to the holidays. So much so that Samuel said, "I wanna go ice-skating!" Which led me to this fantabulous idea that everyone who is interested in ice-skating go. "Who wanna go?" Then those who wanna go raised up their hands...

So in the end...the plan worked perfectly and we went ice-skating today! Haha. =)

WARNING: Expect many many pictures that would flood this post! Muahahahaha.

"Memories are short-lived; only photos last forever."
Now I finally understand why photographers are a must for every event in our lives.
So this is the all-too-familiar ice-skating rink. This is the 4th time I'm seeing it.

And this is the all-too-familiar signboard. How I wished I'm able to skate like the little cute figure on the signboard. You know, ice-skating is such a graceful thing.

This is a photo of my darling classmates, taken like after a few rounds of us struggling on the rink and holding onto one another and freaking out and screaming and having lots of crazy groupie fun. I'm the photographer, so I'm not inside. =)

I feel so honoured to teach Wan Teng and Samuel how to ice-skate. I actually taught them, you know. And just the previous trip, I was being taught by how to ice-skate and I was the one being held on whenever I felt like falling. I made a GREAT IMPROVEMENT!!! Lol. And the greatest improvement of all, I didn't fall today! Yay, unlike my darling friends, who fell like countless times! Muahaha. Daphne, is a fast-learner. I think she was taught by Xiao Ting. Lol. Then Fiona and Jie Ling were like two irreseparable twins, who held hands whenever they moved on the rink. Haha. Because they were afraid of falling and all. Lol.

Amidst the screaming and freaking out whenever my darling friends wanted to fall as I held their hands, it was very funny and enjoyable. Lol, like I would shriek a high-pitched scream and my falling friend would not fall. LOL. After an hour or two, the falling friends became a bit better in their skating (because of my teaching! lol) and everyone held hands with one another (we alternated between skating partners) and WHIZZED on the ice. Amelin likes to hold my hand the awkward way and skate fast fast. I'm not really used to skating fast; I still have the teeny bit of me that is quite scared of falling. She claims that she is better than me, like WHATEVER. =) Thankfully Xiao Ting didn't show off her skating skills and attempt to skate backwards. Haha.

Actually, a few times, I nearly fell(you know like in the movies, they would really slow down time and you can see the way the person falls) but was always saved by my shrieking and grabbing my falling friend and most of all, saved by grabbing those little boys' poles and their arms. Oh man, I think I almost gripped a boy's shoulder a little too hard when I nearly fell when skating with my falling friend. Lol. See, they are my little angels. =)

After like almost 3 hours of ice-skating, we decided to take a little break, which happened to be our "cam-whoring" time. Lol.

Xiao Ting and Me: Yeah baby, we're Charlie's Angels.
Daphne: Yeah right...then what am I?

Xiao Ting and Me: Alright, alright, we let you be one of Charlie's Angel too.
Daphne: Teehee.

Daphne: Look, I have red-hot-chilli-pepper gloved hands.
Me: Haha, I have normal hands.
Xiao Ting: Then what about me?

Me: Look, now I have deliciously-sweet-pink gloved hands.
Daphne: Then I have RED-HOT-CHILLI-PEPER gloved hands.

Me: Smile people, SMILE!
Amelin: Teehee.
Wan Teng: Eh, hehe.

Xiao Ting: Look at me baby, I'm as hot as my hot-pink sweater!
Me: Don't make me laugh!
Amelin: I'm trying hard to smile instead of laugh.

Daphne: I'm going to shout soon, AAHH!
Xiao Ting: My precious eardrums!
Amelin: Haha, my lucky eardrums.
Samuel: Huh? What is going on?

Me: Learn to smile like me, peeps!
Wan Teng: Oh yeah?
Samuel: Teach me how.

Me: Eh, ok, Photographer Daphne, I twist.
Fiona: This is so lame, I twist.
Jie Ling: Kuku! I twist.

Daphne: Let's do the Charlie's Angels!
Jie Ling: Daphne is so kuku!
Fiona: Haha.

Me: I smile.
Amelin: I also smile.

Amelin: I do the pinky twist!
Me: One of those twists again!

Xiao Ting: I'm tired of smiling.
Amelin: I smile better!

Me: What, Charlie's Angels pose again?
Xiao Ting: Yeah baby!

Applaud, for you have come to the end of photo viewing. =))

P.S. The photo captions are just mindless figurings of what the people in the photos are trying to say, by me. Lol.

Yeah, that's about it. I lurve ice-skating. And my darling friends.
With much love, looking forward to tomorrow. =)))

10:30 PM;

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snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

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Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


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