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{Wednesday, August 09, 2006}

Happy Birthday Singapore! And to Amelin too. =)
I shall update on what had happened yesterday and today, so it's gonna be a long post, with some photos!

We had a half day off from school, so we celebrated Amelin's birthday in advance.
We happily went to Bugis to have Sakae Sushi after school.
I don't wish to elaborate on the school part, because it's just the school band playing and the uniformed groups marching and the teachers singing. Lol.

Sakae Sushi, taken by moi. =) I was being lame, but it's photogenic, ain't it?

Japanese food! Uber-delicious, I say. And much much healthier than Western food! I was being lame again and I took this photo. The conveyor belt thing looked appealing to me. (Yes, it's the first time I had Sakae Sushi.)

This Japanese soup thing was recommended by Jie Ling and Fiona. The yellow creamy mixture is like typical beancurd, except it was made of egg. The pink swirly thing is actually a fishcake. I thought this dish looked interesting, so I took a picture of it. =)

Typical kukus. Hahaha. My darlings, from left: Jie Ling, Daphne, Fiona.

They were like trying very hard to pose. Hahaha.

From left: Moi, Amelin, Xiao Ting. Lol. Who made everyone look so red and the background so pink? Must be kuku Fiona. But I won't blame her for being so patriotic. =)

Yes! We succeeded in posing. Hahaha. Slurp slurp slurp...

Amelin and Xiao Ting smiling away. Ahahaha.

Doing the "Yeah, I'm so cool baby" pose. -_-

Moi and the soon-to-be-15 girl smiling away.

Doing the "We are lame" pose.

After Sakae Sushi, we had some shopping. During the shopping trip around Bugis, we chanced upon this shop that has some really cute soft toys. The tatty bears we were holding cost about a hundred plus. The one I was holding is so adorable. Though I don't like bears.

That's not just your typical piggy soft toy...

Look at its butt! I'm so amazed! Hence I declared my undying love for Amelin using the pig. Lol.

We had a wonderful time at Bugis. And I bought a necklace, and 2 pairs of earrings. Haha.

Amelin wanted to go ice-skating, then in the end, many people turned up. Me, Amelin, Susie, Jin Ming, De Hong, Mei Yi, Vivian, Jon... So we went.
I embraced the wonderful atmosphere there again. The graceful skaters, the slippery and icy-white surface, the cool and chilly air... Yet I almost forgot how to ice-skate. Lol.

Some warming-ups made me remember how to skate, although today many people have decided to treat me like a bowling pin. I fell down twice because of people crashing right into me.
Damnit. And twice, they were guys. You know, they were like really heavy and crashed straight into me. Like, wham, bam. Luckily, this time round, friends lended me their helping hand when I fell. Lol. There were times when I fell down myself. You know, being a klutz and all. Lol. There was one time when I wanted to fall, yet I tried hard not to fall. Then the guys were like lending me their helping hands and I was like wobbling here and there. Coz' I was trying hard not to fall. Lol. Amelin was like laughing away lah. -_-

She's quite a fast learner; Vivian too. Susie was like making fun of me, saying how they picked up ice-skating quite fast and I was still wobbling here and there like a jelly. Lol, you know, once I fall, my legs will get wobbly. So there. Anyway, I could skate, just that I'm a bit slow, like a snail on skates. =) But during the learning process, Amelin depended a lot on Susie and Susie was always holding her, not letting her fall and all. Good lor, that time when I first learnt, I fell loads of times. Vivian was more independent, she wanted to learn it herself and did it. Clever girl.

The guys dedicated a birthday song to Amelin, and the usual birthday dedicated was aired.
"Here's a birthday dedication to Amelin Foo, 15 years old..."
The happy birthday song came and bubbles dispersed into the air. It was a beautiful and flawless delight to see little bubbles, artificial snowflakes, in the air. Lalala...Amelin must be so touched. =)) We then played around the rink, holding onto one another's backs and whooshing on the ice. It was a weird, scary sensation. Pairs skating hand in hand was played too. Haha, whenever I skated with Amelin, she always wanted to fall.

It was a nice day, ending off with some window-shopping and neoprint-taking at Bugis.

Should I brew tears of joy, or drops of sorrow?

Happy birthday to Amelin, once again.

8:56 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
♥ trains


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