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{Sunday, August 20, 2006}

Okay, this is going to be another update. =)

After A Maths tuition, Amelin and I waited for Ke Hua, Daphne and Fiona to appear at the interchange, for we were going to Sakae Sushi, to celebrate Fiona's belated birthday. =)
It was night, Saturday Night, to be precise. The time where everyone is out on streets and celebrating and all. It was the first time I went out with my darling friends at night. Yay.

Sakae Sushi at Century Square was full, so we waited for like 20 minutes before we were seated. 8pm to 9:30pm was our feast time. We ate many plates, but it was not a buffet, and had an alarming fee of $70++. Ironically, we benefitted as the people there could not count and only counted 27 plates when it should have been 29. =)) I ate the most number of plates, 6, excluding the Japanese soup thing, to be precise. But I felt happy and full and contented during that time. During our feast, we talked a lot and laughed a lot. And we attracted loads of attention unintentionally. Lol. Fiona brought her digital camera, but due to the not-so-good-ambience-as-compared-to-Bugis's, we didn't take photos. Aww. So we gave them extra money and they gave the extra money back to us. Lol. Daphne had an idea, which is to use the extra money to buy a sccop of Haagendazz ice-cream to share among five people. Haha. It was already like 9:30pm after we ate, including the ice-cream. The mall was like going to close and all. Malls should not close so early, you know. So we could not shop for Fiona's birthday present, and went home. Lol. Happy belated birthday, Fiona. =)))

Japanese food is creative and irresistable. Love it.
But I felt guilty after eating so many plates of sushi, so as usual, I went to the gym today.
Just that I ran a bit more. An extra 13 minutes. Lol.
Firstly, I chose the usual option "Manual" on the machine and I ran 5.02km, and burned 248 calories. Then, I was not satisfied with my number of calories burned and I chose "Fat Burn" on the machine. In 13 minutes, I burned 77 calories and ran 1++km. Yay.
Total no. of calories burned= 325. =)))
But does anyone knows whether the no. of calories burned is effective on my weight?
Lol. Love ya, peeps. Till then.

8:01 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
♥ trains


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