heart on wings

{Thursday, July 27, 2006}

Oh well. I have an urge to post about something regarding this video.

Yeah, I know. I have posted it before but I wanna post it again. I must make sure everyone watches this, for they simply can't miss it. It's too nice and romantic and fluffy and dreamy for anyone to miss.

Such a delicate and innocent love shared by a pair of "Till death do us part" lovebirds.
Such a perfect plot to mould into a dreamy fairytale.
Such dramas need countless hugs, kisses and tears to make it a never-ending movie watched by die-hard fans.

Oh well. Now I shall update on my beautiful life.
Not really beautiful, actually.
Okay, how to make it beautiful?
Perhaps if everything I wished for comes true.
Like if I wish that I score wonderful grades and it comes true.
Like if I wish that I have many many clothes and accessories and bags and shoes and stuffs, and it comes true.
Like if I wish that I have a slimmer physique and perfect eyesight and a fairer complexion and it comes true.
Like if I wish that I have a Prince Charming by my side and it comes true.
You know...if all my wishes come true,
I shall be the happiest princess in the universe.

And that shall be almost impossible, unless you're my fairy godmother.
Okay, back to my boring updates.
My life hasn't anything new to update about, except that recently I discovered that my eyes are filled to the brim with a tear-bomb. You know, like little things people say to me would make me cry. Embarrassing.
What else? Oh um, yeah, interesting tests this week. Many tests.
Anymore? Oh yeah, I'm trying hard to lose weight. I have like cut down on my food intake during every meal, but then the bad thing is that I have like little stomach warnings now and then. Like I'll get really hungry and all.
And finally, I have been daydreaming.

You know, I miss you.
Everything of you.

7:11 PM;

{Saturday, July 22, 2006}

I know I'm not supposed to post this, but.
I can no longer stand it.
You know, I get really sensitive over my weight issue.
You see, more people are telling me that I'm fat, and that I need to lose weight.
Teasing over my disgusting weight is the last thing one should attempt.
Okay, I admit, I'm fat.
I'm fatfatfat and grossly fat.
A BMI of 18.1+++ is really going to be overweight you know.

So from today onwards, I'm going on a strict diet.
I'm going to eat only 2/3 or even 1/2 of the gross food on my plate and I'm going to exercise weekly at the gym and even swim.
I must make sure that I lose 5 kilos by September.
But, I cannot make history repeat itself again and end up on a hospital bed.
But I wanna prove it to all that I'm not fat.

Contradictingly, some people say I'm very thin already.
But then I think they say that just to please me.
I know it myself though.
My thighs are the size of an elephant's; my waist is the size of a tree trunk; my arms are the size of a gorilla's...
Need I say more?

This is definitely working. Keep your critisisms running, people.
For moi doesn't drool at ice creams and anything fattening anymore.

8:51 PM;

{Friday, July 21, 2006}

Wow. It's been a long time since I've blogged.
I've broken a record of not blogging for 9 days!
Here's a HUGE update on my life; quality is based on my memory. =)

I could remember that my mood has been going on and off, for example, I can be really really happy and jumping all over in school and the next moment, I will feel a sudden urge to cry.
Maybe it's due to those blues in school, like tests and being really sensitive to everything.

Then comes the racial harmony display we had to do and to present it today. Today is Racial Harmony Day, by the way. Our group had to do something on birth rites and we decided to have a video clip and a poster to put up on the actual day, which is today. We went to Cindy's house and filmed it. It was really amusing and embarrassing. But whatever, it's only for a display. Then again, we got a taste of how tiring filming can be, even though we filmed a 3-4 min video clip only. For the poster, we had to bring our baby photos. Really cute baby photos!

Fast forward to yesterday. After school, I had to go for my dental appointment so my mom accompanied me. We were early so we did a lil quick shopping. I finally bought my sport shoes! At the Health Promotion Board, I had to change my braces and it really hurts, because the dentist had to close up the gap and hence, he pulled the rubber band thing all the way to the front. Ouch.

Today. Racial Harmony. The only day where you can see students dressed in colourful robes and shoes. Actually, I wasn't intending to wear any racial clothes, until Darsh asked me whether she could borrow my cheongsam. She suggested swapping clothes with her so I hesitantly agreed. Anyway, it's better than wearing the same old uniform. So I wore. Then today morning, I went to Amelin's house. She wanted me to go, because she wanted her mom to help me tie plaits and she wasn't sure whether she wanted to wear racial clothes. Shafie helped her bring some malay clothes and after much much persuasion, she finally wore. Actually, I had second thoughts on not wearing the indian clothes today, but whatever. What's done is done. Lol. But we were shy, really shy. In the morning. Did not want to step into the classroom. Lol. The racial harmony display turned out to be pretty stagnant, almost boring. Because everyone was practically just walking here and there. But, our class won the best display award. =))

Oh well, that's all for the huge update. I guess I'll have to disappoint my dear readers, if I do have any. Because I think I'll not be posting as frequently. There's so much to do, so lil time.

And later I'm heading for the gym and pool. Till then.

3:53 PM;

{Wednesday, July 12, 2006}


My memory,
I could remember all those moments together,
Whenever I close my eyes, I could see you.
You're far away,
I could only watch you from a distance,
I was not brave enough to say "I love you",
Yet I was secretly waiting for you...
I had a shock,
I could never dream of seeing you again.
I did not stop loving you,
I wanna confess it to you,
I wanna love you forever,
If there's still time,
I shall stay with you,
Till eternity.

7:05 PM;

{Sunday, July 09, 2006}

Ke Hua finally sent me those photos we took using his digital camera at Orchard Road, on Youth Day.
After so many light years.
Haha. Joking.
I didn't know posting photos can be so addictive and time-consuming.
So there you go, moi 2nd entry with photos.

We are the 'twin sisters' merely joined together by a pair of Pinky Winky earpieces. =))) Actually it's Amelin's idea that we wear the clothes we bought, on different days, at This Fashion.

Hello, we are the almost complete Kukumalu Family. We are oh-so-happy in the MRT train, in one another's blissful company. Lol. From left to right: Jie Ling, Fiona, Moi, Amelin.

We just discovered a huge aquarium behind us. =D We thought it was an aquarium with normal fishies and stuff...but...

Ohmygod! There's a great white shark behind me!!! Lol, what is Amelin pointing at. -_- (And wow, I look plump in this photo! That's why I need to lose weight.)

Lol, we were so busy laughing our faces out when Ke Hua took this picture. Alright, I didn't know this is the last photo we took. So tata! Lol. We are youths, so it's alright to be childish at times. Haha.

P.S. Oh man, the pictures looked weird after I made them look smaller. Eh, who knows how to resize a photo but not make it look distorted??

P.S.S. Ohmygod. I'm so freaking dumb. Didn't know there's a photo size to choose from until Jin Ming told me. !!!!

P.S.S.S. Hope the 1st entry with photos doesn't look distorted, do they??

8:08 PM;

{Saturday, July 08, 2006}

Hey people!
My uncle and his family just came over for a swim and brought the barbeque photos during the June Holidays!
Oh well, I reckon it's safe to post photos on the Net. So there you go.
Moi first ever entry with photos.

My darling cousins were having a fun time at moi pool! Cousins from top left to right: Wan Hao, Wan Long, Brother, Justin, Moi, Jia Ying, Xin Hui and Megan. =) Cuties!

After swimming, we went to bowl. This is a candid shot taken by moi on one of my cousins striking the pins.

A quite blurred shot of my brother striking. -_-

My macho and cute 2nd uncle! Haha. He posed this 'kawaii' photo for me during barbeque.

Seriously, I dunno what happened to the photo but it didn't turn out like this when I shot it. My fourth uncle reluctantly posed this for me during barbeque! Haha.

My 3rd uncle and my dearest grandmother! Sadly, my 3rd uncle didn't do the 'kawaii' pose. Lol.

Suntanned Moi and Grinning Mom! Do we look alike, or don't? Lol.

Moi beside dearest grandfather! Happy happy.

Moi with dearest grandmother! Happy happy again.

Look! I'm almost as tall as my 4th uncle! Muahaha.

My version of an Indian Dance. Lol. Featuring my 4th uncle and Moi.

Guys having a crazy 'fight'. My brother VS My 4th uncle.

And some solo pictures to end off this entry...

Adorable Megan, Handsome Justin, Cutie peekaboo Jia Ying, Pretty Xin Hui, Moi and Sporty Grandfather!


4:30 PM;

{Friday, July 07, 2006}


Damn. This music video is so touching that whenever I play the music in my head, my vision will get cloudy and eventually, tears will start to trickle down my cheeks.
It almost happened when I thought of the music and everything during the free periods we got to enjoy today in school.

8:46 PM;

{Thursday, July 06, 2006}

I'm determined, to lose weight.
No one wishes to be a fatass.

9:17 PM;

{Monday, July 03, 2006}

Hey people.
Moi is quite tired after today's shopping with darling Amelin, Fiona, Jieling and Ke Hua.
But moi is very happy today.
For moi bought many many accessories!
5 pairs of earrings and a necklace, to be exact.
But moi didn't buy clothes or shoes or bags or whatsoever.
But moi is still happy.

Let's backtrack to the tagboard prank again.
You know, when I was reading the message the person left for me, it was hilarious, not freaky, anymore. Haha. I seriously think it's really a stupid prank played by some bored guy/girl. Haha.
Thanks for your effort, you totally made my day!
"Cai Ling aka cassiie, would you be honored to be my queen my dearest? You've a great figure...pardon me for not revealing my identity, i need to haf your consent to marry me in the future first." From king of lurffe
A big haha once more. Thanks for saying I have a great figure, though I know I don't have one. And thanks for wanting to marry me in the future, but sorry, I can't marry a mystery guy! =) Plus, hello, who proposes to a girl online???
Funny! =)))
And I bet the pranker must be someone I know, because he/she knows my real name.
And the pranker spells have as "haf", and love as "lurffe". Any guesses? Lol.

Anyway, back to the shopping trip again.
We went to shop shop at Tampines Mall because it was quite early. 10am++.
Actually we wanted to go to Sunplaza Park and play first, but since Amelin told me to wear the jeans dress, as she wanted to wear it too, hence we didn't go. Lol.
Ke Hua said that we looked like twins. Haha. Because of the clothes. But nah, I'll never be as fair as Amelin. =)
We walked around the whole of Tampines Mall, debating whether to eat PastaMania or others.
In the end, we decided on PastaMania. I ordered Creamy Chicken pasta, and it was delicious! Though halfway through the meal, almost everyone got sick of it. Lol. Pasta takes up a lotta space in your stomach. We talked and talked as we ate and ate. After eating, we continued to walk around Tampines Mall and I bought some accessories.
It was half an hour to noon so we walked to the Mrt Station.
During the long journey, we snapped some photos of ourselves using Ke Hua's digital camera.
It's so cool to have a digital camera. How I wish I have one too...joking. =)
Half an hour later or so, we arrived at Orchard Road.
Psst, Mom doesn't know about me going to Orchard! Bleh.
We walked down the streets of Orchard Road to The Heeren, since Amelin wanted to buy her pencilcase. Ke Hua, Fiona and Jie Ling went to the Wallet Shop and Converse to buy their bags while Amelin and I went to 37 degrees and some accessories shop. I bought some more accessories. Heh.
We then walked around The Heeren before going out and walking into Takashimaya. I bought a tiramisu ice-cream and kindly gave my darlings a spoonful each. As we were walking around Takashimaya, we saw this shark display thing and we posed near it. Lol. Then we walked down the streets of Orchard Road again. As we were walking, there were these huge cardboard things with holes for us to put our faces in. Ke Hua took out his digital camera and shot some photos of us posing. Haha. Then, Amelin and I were like damn lucky. Some kuku people requested to take photos of Amelin and I as they were doing some dunno-what-social-thing survey. So we just kindly smiled at their camera. Lol. While I was holding my tiramisu ice-cream. -_-
Then, we went back to the Mrt Station and headed for Tampines.
When we arrived at Tampines, we went to the basement for some Japanese food like Takopachi! and Tori-Q. We talked and talked while we ate and ate. Man, I need to lose weight! I think I gained 2 kgs since the day the Pe Teacher took my weight.
After that, we headed for home sweet home and here I am, finishing up on the details of my shopping trip. Tada.

Aww. Tomorrow is school time. Time flies fast when you're having a good time.
I'm waiting patiently for Ke Hua to send me those photos we took today! =)

5:03 PM;

{Sunday, July 02, 2006}

I've just finished two discs of Winter Sonata and I'm just casually checking my blog and
What's that message on my tagboard??
It's seriously freaking me out.
I hope it's really a prank.
Like last time, the prince-y prank.
And I have a feeling that it's Susie??
I hope so.
I seriously hope that person will reveal himself...or even herself??
Because if that person doesn't, he/she will freak me out totally.
I've read Princess Diaries books before, and Mia was in the same predicament as me!
Ok. I'm thinking too much.
It's just a freaking prank.

My life is so exciting ain't it.
Met a flasher, then this.
How wonderful.
To the person: If you don't reveal yourself, I'm going to FREAK OUT.

6:43 PM;

Tomorrow no need to go school.
For we're youths!
Yes, tomorrow is Youth Day!
So there's no need to go to school!

It's like a little break before we're forced to become nerds once again.
And I'm making full use of this precious time to finish watching my korean drama, Winter Sonata.
Sheesh. Why am I always hooked to soppy love dramas??
Anyway, I'm also hooked to their romantic theme songs.
Here goes the Winter Sonata theme song translated into English:

My memory
I could see the fragments of the memories
You're far away
I could only watch you from a distance
I was not daring enough to say "I love you"
And that I was secretly waiting for you
I was really shocked
I didn't know I was able to see you again
I didn't even dare to dream of it
I still love you
I wanna make it known to you
I wanna love you forever
If there's still time
We'll stay with one another
For eternity.

Very very touching right??
The story is about a pair of high school sweethearts. The guy had a car accident and lost his memory. One day, the girl saw someone that looked very much like him on the streets ten years later. She was shocked. The guy's name was changed so she thought it was another person. But when they got together for work and all, after a few months, the guy suddenly regained his memory after another car accident...blah blah blah... I'm still watching it so I dunno the ending yet. But it's really really touching. The girl still like that guy despite 10 years thinking that the guy was dead. Wow. The power of love.

I like this video a lot.
Because I'm a fan of Disney princesses and romance.

Enough of lovey-dovey stuffs.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
Yes, I'm going out! =)

3:32 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
♥ trains


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