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{Thursday, June 15, 2006}

Have you ever wished for something you badly want, and after a few months, the wish comes true? =) =) =) =) =)
One of my wishes got fulfilled today.
I went ice-skating with Xiao Ting and Cindy! Pity the kukumalus could not go/didn't want to go.
Trust me, darlings, it's so worth it!
I think I'm falling in love with ice-skating.

Let's zoom into the big picture.
The Ice Skating Rink.
A gentle chill of a wind welcomes us into the ice-skating rink.
Luckily I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and jeans and shoes and a sweater! Heheh.
Xiao Ting and Cindy were shuddering all over and hastily wearing their sweaters.
It was cold, I admit. Like it was 10+ degrees or something. My blood tends to freeze under such circumstances and I often wonder whether I am really a mammal. Haha.
People were actively gliding on the icy rink and I really admire them.
Some were gliding and twirling themselves around; they were like dancing across the snow-white rink. Beautiful. I wonder whether they are ballet dancers in disguise.

When we got everything done, like wearing the skates and putting stuffs into the lockers, we were finally ready to enter the rink.
I could not wait to enter the rink, so I entered it first. Haha.
Followed by Xiao Ting, then Cindy.
The feeling of your legs moving quickly on the slippery surface was a strange feeling indeed.
We quickly grabbed onto the railing for dear life. It was our first time.
Xiao Ting was the fastest learner among the three of us.
She balanced herself on the ice without holding the railing and wobbled here and there.
Finally, she could skate. Whoah.
And when she could skate, I was still wobbling and holding onto the railing. Cindy too.
I gave myself time to control the skates and to familiarise with them.
Skates together with the slippery surface was a hard thing to control.
So I stood still on the hard ice.
It's a funny and weird thing, I could stand still on the ice for quite a long time, but I can't bloody move! When I attempted to move, the skates made me wobble and wanna hold onto someone for dear life. It was quite scary for a first-timer like me. Lol.
And I hate it when I'm standing in the middle of the ice with nobody to hold onto.
The feeling was terrible. A lonely and sad feeling. Like a little girl lost in a big big world.
I was about to give up and hold onto the railing instead, but just then, Xiao Ting whizzed by me.
She held my hand and she skated me across the rink.
Whoosh. It was a funny feeling, like someone pushing you down a slide without warning.
I asked her how the hell she could skate, and she told me you have to push, glide, lift and do everything over again. So I tried, but I almost felt like falling down.
I resisted and stood on the ice again. Lol.
Then I wobbled over to Cindy, this time without the railing. A great improvement for me. =)
Then I held her hand and made her not to hold onto the railing. Because I know that when you do that, you'll never learn how to skate by yourself.
It was dangerous, as I was wobbling and holding Cindy's hand. Lol.
Cindy was exhausted by that time, so she continued to hold onto the railing while I attempted to move without holding onto the railing.
I pushed my left foot, it glided, and I lifted up my right foot. I did that with much hesitation.
But I could not do it the other way around! As in pushing my right foot, lifting up my left foot.
It was like my left foot was 'handicapped' or something. Refused to lift itself. And when I forced myself to lift my left foot, I almost screamed as I felt myself going to fall. I grabbed whoever was near me. Turned out was a little boy. I felt so embarrassed. Lol.
I looked at how the people in the rink skated. They could lift both feet, and I can't! I think it's because I didn't wanna fall. Eventually I did. I wished for myself to fall, and I did! Because I was thinking that if I fell, I would not be that afraid and I would skate better. Lol.
The falling part was sudden and it was piercingly-painful to my butt. Awww.
It's like you fall hard and the ice touches your butt. Like your butt's paralysed. Lol.
And it was hard to get up. I tried to get up myself and I can't. It took me twice tries and I finally managed to freaking get up. Lol. And I hate that feeling of nobody to lend you a helping hand. Lol, it's already cold enough in the rink, with your butt turning icy cold and piercingly painful and your hand gloves soaking wet with melted ice.

Actually, I was thinking that ice-skating is a kinda romantic sport for those people who know how to ice-skate. Some couples were in the rink, holding hands and happily skating past people. Whoosh. An icy gust of a wind blew onto my face, as one of the couples whizzed past me.
Whoah. A huge wave of warmth hit me, as I thought of how romantic it would be, holding hands with your beloved one, and skating on the snow-white ice. It would be more romantic if you dance with your beloved one, like those ballroom dancing, on the snow-white ice. Whoah.
Just imagine twirling around with skates on ice and your beloved one holding you by the hand and hugging you tight. Oh, and waltzing across on ice! Oh, and holding hands while whizzing across the rink with a fast speed. Oh, and holding hands while twirling round and round...
Total warmth and bliss.
Haha, I'm daydreaming and being mushy again.

I'm going to ice-skate again on Wednesday.
I'm so gonna learn it well!
And I will. =)
So romantic! Ahahahah.

6:49 PM;

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