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{Thursday, June 08, 2006}

There are good things and bad things that happened today.
So to keep you light and happy after reading this post, I shall post about the bad things that happened first.
First of all, I really need to type this out because I need to get this out of my blasted mind that is now filled with a big migraine.
Secondly, I must first warn you that you must be well prepared for anything that's gonna be typed out before you continue reading.

Here goes.
Today I went to K-Box with my thumbs up clan, the instructor, Jaime, and Amelin. The rest of the thumbs-up people were not really free, so therefore, it happened that only me and Amelin were able to make it.
So after our fun at K-box at Marina Square, we happily boarded Bus 31.
It was a double-decker, but for some reason, I chose to sit at the first storey and Jaime and Amelin went along.
After some time, Jaime decided to go up the double decker as she said that the bus journey would be quite long and she wasn't comfortable seating sideways while talking to us.
So we just followed her and went up the double-decker.
There were three of us, so Jaime and Amelin sat behind me, while I sat alone.
During the bus journey, I had to consistently turn my head back to talk to them.
Then, for dunno what reason, I casually looked at the surroundings in the double-decker.
I think I was really bored so I was just looking around and all.
My eyes suddenly saw something out of ordinary.
The guy seating opposite Amelin had something weird near the pants area.
I thought it was his fingers or something like that, but then it hit me.
Hey, a finger doesn't look that fat and thick right?
Then it hit me.
I quickly turned my head away and was dumbstruck.
I didn't regain consciousness for a while and then I thought that I must have seen wrongly.
So I looked again to confirm.
It was that thing again.
But then I don't really know whether it was really that thing, because my first look had killed my eyes. Something weird, so my brain told me to quickly look away. The second time I looked, I forgot what I saw, because it was merely a one-second check. But it looked out of place and I wonder whether my eyes are playing tricks at me. So the second time I looked over, I must have looked really frightened because Amelin was looking at me and all. Then, she turned over and looked at my direction.
I think it really was that freaking thing, because Amelin looked as shocked as me too.
That time, our instructor was making a phone call and she was just finished with it.
We quickly told her what we saw and then just as Jaime was about to look at the freaking asshole, that freaking pervert got up and went down the bus. He is freaking weird you know.
Wearing a freaking cap with a freaking oversized backpack on the front.
I think I know what's the oversized backpack is for. To cover his freaking toot, I think.
Bloody asshole.

So to people reading this with their mouths wide open and all, you should have realized how something like this could happen to you one day. Flashers and perverts are everywhere, and it's really unexpected to know that these people still exist in modern Singapore. Frankly speaking, I'm so disgusted that I'm speechless. So I have to type this out and forget this FOREVER.

Now's the good stuff.
I'm so happy that I went to K-Box today with Amelin and Jaime!
This the first time I went to K-Box, ya know.
And Jaime was like so honoured to listen to me and Amelin's virgin singing!
Jaime introduced us to Parkway's K-Box, and I think it was pretty good.
Except for the half-torn seats. Haha.
But then, maybe I will puke at Parkway's K-Box in future, because I will notice how much better other K-Boxes in Singapore will be. That's what Jaime said. Heheh.
So we went into the room and saw a half-torn seat. So our first impression was like 'Eh..."
But then we got excited and got the ball rolling.
Jaime started to sing first, while Amelin and I were busy looking for songs to sing.
I picked "Pretty Boy" and she picked a song from Rainie Yang.
So after Jaime's professional singing, it was my turn.
Amelin kept on laughing, because of my shaky voice I think.
But I soon got the hang of it, haha.
Then came Amelin's turn. Haha.
She was as nervous as me so I laughed at her too.
It was very fun you know, to listen to other people sing, especially your friends.
We sang and sang and sang.
It's weird that when you sing, you can't really hear your own voice.
Clutching at the microphone and hugging it close to the lips was cool.
Our eyes were practically glued to the TV screen and sang the lyrics displayed on the screen.
Sadly, the screen was not LCD. Haha.
So after a few solo rounds, Amelin and I decided to sing duets.
Haha, one of the duets we sang was Bu De Bu Ai, and I mimicked two chinese boys' funny actions. Hahaha.
Lunch was provided, and it was quite yummy too.
The singing just went on and on, until after 3 hours later, the person came in and wanted to chase us out. 3 hours seemed so short when you're having fun, ya know.
I wanna go K-Box with the rest of my darlings!
Haha, it will be very fun, and that's guaranteed.
I wanna go during this June Holidays! I wanna.

After K-Box, then came our usual thumbs-up meeting.
Oh well, I shall stop here now.
So tired.

7:06 PM;

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