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{Wednesday, June 21, 2006}

Okay. My blog is so not up-to-date.
I'm gonna update everything that's happened over the past few days.

Family barbeque day! Yippee. It was the first time that we had a barbeque night at our new house. Hehe. It was a great experience and a perfect time for bonding to take place. =)
I'm not going to blog in detail, because I think I'm gonna post the pictures I've taken during the barbeque on my blog.
Maybe only. Haha.
Okay. What did I do on that day? Many things, I suppose. First, me and my cool and cutesy lil cousins went swimming. Wow. With all the amazing race on Saturday and swimming on Sunday, I am like tanned, tanned and more tanned! Screw it. But I had fun that day!
After swimming, me and my cool and cutesy lil cousins went for bowling. Hehe, I improved a big lot! I got 60 points at the end. Which was cool! It was fun, challenging with my cousins while the lil ones were playing 'merry-go-round' on the rotating chairs available. But sadly, with 60 p0ints and challenging against all boys including my brother, I lost. And the loser had to eat six chicken wings! Awww.
Night fell and the barbeque started. I only ate 3 chicken wings and was already full. Moi ate lots of things that day, marshmallows, chicken wings, slices of pork, beehoon, hotdogs, fishballs, sting-ray...
Wow. I seriously ate a lot! Time to lose weight!

There was a thumbs-up meeting and a so-called celebrity was coming and telling us all about his career being a celebrity. But as expected, the so-called celebrity was late for almost an hour. Made me and thumbs-up friends wait until for sooooooooo ooohhhh long. But we played games during that time. The so-called celebrity wasn't even that famous. Sheesh. Not really worth our waiting, but his talk about his career and all were very detailed. And yes, I am interested in the performing arts field so I went for the meeting. =) And it's weird that I am in a pure science class now. Ha, but I took lit! =))

I went ice-skating once more!
With Xiao Ting only. Haha. The rest of my darling friends are either not free or they say that it's too expensive. =) Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves many many!
Today was just a very lucky day for us. Usually ice-skating costs $10.50 for two hours but today, they're having a special promotion with unlimited hours for only $8.40! What a joy!!!
Actually, we wanted to go kbox after ice-skating, but Cindy had something on with her life science and hence cannot make it. So me and Xiao Ting skated for almost six hours in the rink!
And now, as I'm typing this, my butt feels like it's being whipped by one of those whips in jail.
Especially my right side of the butt! =( My legs are aching now too. Aah, the price of ice-skating!
But I never regretted it. Because, I finally learnt how to ice-skate!!!
WOOOOHOOOO. C'mon, do a dance with me!
Haha. Plus, me and Xiao Ting were able to slide backwards with the skates! Oh so glamourous!
I'm so happy, She's so happy, we both know it, and we must clap our hands!
*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*
By the way, I fell a grand total of 4 times! The first time I fell, I swore I almost wanted to black out. The impact was quite great and I felt dizzy and my senses couldn't work as properly.
That time, Xiao Ting asked me to enter the rink first as she was doing her skates.
That time, I really felt like fainting! Eww.
Luckily, nothing happened to me or else I won't be able to type this!
I fell so many times that I swear next time I don't wanna fall already. I hate the big impact on my butt! Especially the right side! Awwww.
Today, I could skate with both my feet being lifted! As in left foot push, right foot lift, right foot push, left foot lift! Finally. And I could do the sliding backwards 'stunt'! Wow. I wanna twirl myself next time round! =) Though I think I cannot do without my personal coach! Anyone wanna teach me??
And hey, today I met three kind souls in the rink. Two of them saw me not very steady with the skates and offered to help me. "Your feet must be in a V shape and you must feel steady and you just figure it around." "Try looking at how people skate," Hehe. They also held my hands while sort of teaching me how to ice-skate! Such darlings.
One kind soul asked me whether I was okay when I was skating by myself. Honestly, I was feeling okay but maybe I looked nervous or something. Haha, another darling. My expressions are often exaggerated, that's what I know from my darling friends. Lol.
And yes, there are many lil kids who know how to do all those stunts! Make me and Xiao Ting envious only. Lol.
I heart Xiao Ting's company today! =)))

Coming up next would be the annual Sec 3 camp. =))
I hope my butt is well on Friday.

8:01 PM;

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cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


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