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{Sunday, February 26, 2006}

Dear Diar2,

My friends are real caring.
Just look at the long, meaningful messages in my royalle taggieboard.
I know they love me, but.
Whenever I feel really stressed up about school and all, I get really fed up and I force myself not to eat. My parents are quite pissed about this, I can tell, for they always tell me to eat more.
But, I don't feel like eating whenever I get depressed.
I feel better this way, but I will get gastric pain, so I restrict myself to only a few mouthfuls of food.
Am I anorexic or what.
Sigh, but I will be happier this way.
I will be happier, for I will lose weight.
And all my worries and sorrows will fade away.

Today after going to the gym, I burned 218 calories.
I dunno whether that's enough or not, but it's quite tiring for me.
But worth it. =)
So after I went to the gym, my brother and I were heading for the lift.
The lift opened and we went in.
My brother was about to close the door when suddenly, a thin boy about my age walked in.
Oh man, the lift door nearly banged into his minute size.
Luckily it did not, or else my brother would have to pay for it.
You know what, that guy pressed 9.
Penthouse leh.
If the door banged into him, I'd swear his bodyguards or whatever will come after us.
It's such a bliss for him to live in a penthouse.
So my brother and I were standing like two freaking idiots next to the superior millionaire kid.
I stared at him from head to toe, wondering what's so different between him and me.
However, there's no difference.
His attire was like the same as my brother.
No branded stuff or anything on his lanky frame.
But I just can't stand his sulky face when the door almost banged into him and I squealed real loudly. I know it's unprincessy-like to do that but you know, I always react like that in this kinda situations. That's me for you. =)
That superior, snotty, tiny-eyed guy, with his nose real high in the air.
What a snob.
I just hate this kinda people.
Makes me wanna be more superior than them.
Yes, I wanna be richer than that kid!
I wanna be, like Princess Mia!
Yes, I wanna live in a huge penthouse bigger than that kid's, and I want a jacuzzi and private swimming pool built on the rooftop garden there!
Although it defeats the purpose of the swimming pool just downstairs, but I hate the idea of sharing the pool with others. I want my own!
Downstairs would be like my house downstairs.
Except that it includes a huge garden with lovely blooming flowers and a beach nearby. =)
And yes, I wanna go to school in my private limo, which will look very stunning shiny silver, with a posh chauffeur wearing those men-in-black sunglasses!
And the chauffeur shall take my hand, kiss it, and off I go to school. =))
And yes, I shall have a huge bedroom consisting of the egg-shaped princessy bed I saw somewhere in Furniture Mall, a walk-in wardrobe with drawers and compartments that will slide open when I press the buttons of the remote control, a tall standing mirror, a big study table which can slide here and there, a cosy bay window which would be my music corner, and finally, a personal toilet with the sunken bathtub! Grossly fantastic!
And I shall have a bodyguard accompanying me when I go out of my house.
And I shall have my own mall. Branded and expensive stuff. Everything that pleases me.
And I shall have servants waiting on me.
The list goes on.
If anything like this happens, I would just need to forever be, Princess Cassie. =D


8:48 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


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