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{Tuesday, January 24, 2006}

Dear Diar2,

I didn't go school today. Instead, I went to the HPB for extraction of 2 teeth. ='( And it ain't finished yet. I gotta go back on the 7th of Feb for the 2nd round of extraction. Yes, you got your maths right. I would have 4 teeth missing. *sadistic cheer*
In case you don't know, I had to extract the teeth because I need to put on braces. I'm totally looking forward to it. Heh. I've become sadistic all because of the great loss of blood. Help, I'm dying! Yay.
I think the amount of blood I lost will be able to fill a drinking cup. Just imagine that. Heh. Oh well, I know you sadistic readers are keen and eager to know what exactly happened, don't you? Alright, I shall satisfy your sadistic need.

I reached the place at 9:20am. Yawn.
Waited for 10 minutes, before my turn came.
The doctor smiled at me and greeted me.
Asked me to lie down on that horrifying electronic seat.
He forced me to open my mouth wide and shoved a metal thing onto my jaws. The pressure exerted onto my jaws and teeth and gums were great. It was pressurizing. This was to create a mould of my own mouth.
After the mould thingy was done, he put some rubber bands on my molar teeth.
All the above done was painful.
Soothingly painful. Lol.

The next procedure I know everyone needs to feast their eyes on.
The extraction part.
The doctor was a young and quite handsome Malay guy, who was encouraging and kind to me.
He asked me to relax, and sit on that horrifying electronic again.
He fished out his weapon, an injection which was huge and long. It looked real dangerous, the long sharp thing was like 10cm long? Oh my god. I almost fainted when I saw his weapon.
I closed my eyes and he forced my mouth open. He injected 4 times, twice on the upper jaw and lower jaw. It was piercingly painful. I think the long sharp thing went deep inside my gums.
Of course I did scream. My mom did not even dare to look.
One minute later, I felt like half of my lips were paralysed. I could not feel a thing.
Then the doctor said, "Are you ready for it?"
Of course I wanted to say no, but to get the whole damn thing finished fast, I nodded my head.
Again, the doctor fished out his weapon. This time, it was an enormous tweezer, the kinds that are used to grab bread in the bread shop.
He forced open my gaping mouth and applied so much pressure onto the first tooth that is going to be extracted that I could feel the roots rotating and moving.
Then, suddenly, no pressure already.
Then, I saw it. The tooth. Oh gosh. It's like so long. Like 4cm long? Yeah. I'm not kidding you.
The second tooth was the same procedure. Except that a nurse was holding onto my head so that it would be easier for the doctor to remove the tooth from the upper jaw. Imagine that kind of pressure.

Cool, ain't it?
Life is short, so you have to experience many many new things so that you won't die with regrets.

Oh by the way, I have just realized that blood doesn't taste rusty.
It's that kind of sickening sour-bitter-salty taste.
I think my mouth is still bleeding now. A little.
So cool.


4:43 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

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Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


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