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{Monday, December 19, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Gosh. Time flies ever so quickly.

Because I'm already sitting on a new computer chair typing this blog entry in a totally new environment. This is ridiculous. =)

And to tell you, moving house is not a great thing to look forward to. Eeww. Someone still told me moving house was a fun thing to do! Not in a million years! Lol. Especially for those people, like me, who hate messes. And also for those perfectionists. They won't stand the piles of things lying all around the whole house, making the whole house look like a pig sty, and having to unpack all those gigantic boxes. Luckily, I only need to tidy up my bedroom. Whew. But pity my mom. She did all those packing and unpacking herself. My father? Ha, he only helped my mom carry the heavy boxes and cleaned our furniture. -_-

Oh yeah, carry on reading because this is so going to be another great entry.

Sunday morning
Woke up with a tired groan, reluctant to leave my snuggy bed.
The peeps came. The movers, I mean.
So they came and moved all those things. Things as in utensils, bags, books, etc. Plus some heavy furniture like my electone organ, TV, etc. Lol. Interesting eh?
It all disappeared, like magic.
They were real fast movers.

Sunday afternoon
They packed and moved everything into their own Movers lorry.
We got into our car.
Here we come, Savannah! -_-
They followed our car.
We reached our new house. (This is only the beginning of a disaster)
They helped us move all those heavy boxes. Disaster starts from here. Cool.
Everything was everywhere.
Had to unpack those boxes. Urgh.

Sunday night
Felt tired and weird. I bet my mom feels worse.
Everything is not so messy now. =)
12am, and I fell asleep, in my new bedroom.
I dreamt of really weird things. I can't remember, but I sort of smiled and laughed in my dreams. Lol! =D

Monday morning (today morning)
Woke up at 10 plus.
Ate some bread for breakfast. (inconvenient to buy food)
Started to tidy up my bedroom.

Okay, shall stop here. End of moving house thingy.
Not so cool, eh? Haha.
But I'm kinda loving my new house.
Of course I still miss my old one, duh! I've been living in it for 13 years...

Yawn, I'm sleepy already.
Gotta stop here now. =)
Shall update about the advantages and disadvantages of the new house. =)
Stay tuned!


8:14 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
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