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{Friday, December 16, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Haha. I'm blogging again. Yeah, I didn't eat my words. I promised you faithful readers that I will blog as frequently as I can right? Haha! =)) Actually, I missed blogging too. Wanna tell you all about my amazing rollercoaster life! Okay, that's so lame. =D But I'm lurving it. Lol.

So what happened today? Lotsa. *winks*

I woke up late this morning. Real late. Because of the chalet thing. I didn't sleep well during it. Haha, okay. I admit I'm Miss Piggy. Lol. Fiona called me. So I went to her house to slack and play. Ke Hua went too. Hehe. =D

We went to Fiona's house to hijack her computer and her television. Haha. I brought my Stairway to Heaven VCD and was totally engrossed in it. Way engrossed. While I was way engrossed with the soppy Korean drama, Fiona was way determined to do up her Friendster profile. Lol, she was so kuku. Didn't know how to edit the profile. LOL! =) And Ke Hua was being so infantile, playing with Fiona's gameboy. Urgh. Pokemon. EWW. =P

While we were having some fun at Fiona's house, it was time for me to go tuition together with my darling Amelin. Lol. Amelin suggested the Edupath tuition thingy to me, saying how great it was and stuff like that. Of course I fell for her, what with me being so naive and all. LOL. =)

Oh man, the teacher was LATE. Fifteen minutes late, for gods' sake. Plus I was so kuku. I didn't know that the guy who came into the classroom, who looked like some hunkie lifeguard, was the A Maths teacher! Oh my goodness. He looked so young and suaive. Drop-dead gorgeous tan, macho body and seductive eyes. He looked at me, and I was being electrocuted by his eyes. I looked totally shocked at the sight of him. And Amelin started laughing.

Okay, I'm only JOKING! The description part of the guy teacher, I mean. I'm not those kind of pathetic girls who fall for their teachers. LMAO. However, Amelin said that he was suaive. Like, AHEM. Really, the part where I described him was totally surreal. Fake. Bogus. It was totally the opposite! Haha. I'm not one who falls in love that easily. =) Though I was shocked because he looked so young and above-average looking.

Enough crapping. Let's get back to reality. I dunno why he kept staring at me. (Hey, I still dunno the teacher's name. He didn't even get us to greet him. -_-) Maybe it was because of his first impression of me. He could be going, "OMG? Why is this crazy girl staring at me like that?" Lol. That could be it.

Oh man, A Maths is quite tough. Sets, elements, venn diagrams, blah blah blah. Luckily he didn't give us that much of a homework. Only 11 questions! Haha. But I bet I couldn't do a single one. Lol. *sheepish smile* After the tuition, we went back to Fiona's house to watch The Rainbow Connection.

What the *toot* is wrong with Jian Yi? Why must he purposely hurt Yoyo by choosing Xiao Qian instead? Why must he hurt her when they're about to depart for the 10 year contract? WHY? I didn't know he's so heartless. And about Xiao Qian. Why the *toot* must she butt into Jian Yi and Yoyo's relationship? Just because David doesn't like you, doesn't mean you can go around separating couples!

I shall stop cursing and swearing. Over a drama serial. LOL.

Maybe because of all the happiness soaking in me.
Maybe because my nightmare is so over.
So Yesterday. =)
And maybe because I'm going to move house soon, and it shall be my first ever moving house.
Stay tuned! =D


P.S. Oh gosh. I almost forgot something really important!

My god. 14 more days till school reopens!!!
I haven't even shopped yet!!!
Gonna faint already. All thanks to my moving house and housewarming party. Hmph!
My mom says after Xmas then go shopping. Like what the???
I know, I know. All the clothes that I've set my eyes on would be GONE.
Whoosh. Gone with the wind. Hmph.
Aww, man. Not to forget my father promised me to buy me contacts. Coz' I've been pestering him for like a few years?? Yeah, that's how much I hate my spects! And now, finally, he says, I'm of legal age. -_-;;;
Oh yeah, not to forget, my mom promised to go shopping with me to faraway places like Bugis instead of the usual Metro and Isetan shopping spree at Tampines!
Please! Let all this come true!

11:28 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
♥ trains


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