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{Thursday, December 22, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Today was the kukuiest and most experiencing day ever. Laughing my ass off! Ahahaha. Okay, I betcha wondering what on earth happened today. Of course, I shall narrate my wonderful story.

Today, I woke up with a nice nice dream. Don't wanna tell you, BLEH. The sunlight blinked blinked into my eyes. I forced my sleepy sleepy eyes open and looked at the clock. 10am only. Still got one more hour till I meet Fiona and Jie Ling for cycling at Pasir Ris Park. So the princess walked here walked there to the living room. Oh gosh! I realized that my clock in my bedroom was 15 mins late! So I hurriedly bathed in the bathroom and changed into my clothes. When I was done, my father still hadn't come home to fetch me to the interchange. Yeah, I am one big shot. If you were in my position, you would do that too, because the house you are living in is so far away from Tampines Interchange. Besides, my father is taking afternoon shift today. So there. =P Well, my father wasn't back then and it was already 10:45! I called him and asked him to hurry get his butt over here. Haha. 11am, still haven't come back. Was bloody pissed. Then the phone rang. I flew all the way down. And got into his car. Finally.

I grumbled and groaned at him.
"Hey! I thought I told you last night when you were about to sleep that I will be going to Tampines Interchange at 11am???"
The reply was,
"Huh? Got meh? I didn't remember."

So I made Fiona and Jie Ling wait for half an hour. Like what the.... TOOT. Okay.
We reached Pasir Ris Park at 12pm.
Went to rent bicycles.
Hey, must buy 4D, our bicycles were 503, 504 and 508! Lol. Lame.
Anyway, the outing was hilarious, kuku, but fun nevertheless.

We were happily trying out our bicycles. Whee! I love my bike! So fast and steady! =)
We rode kinda fast and were like deciding which way to go.
So happy that time. The wind was caressing our hair and all that. I love the speed of my bike!
I could ride as fast as I could and would not run into anyone at all! I love da speed, babe! Lol.
I loved my bike more when we went up and down slopes and bridges. Mwaaahhh, to my 508 bike. Lol!

We took a lot of routes and went deeper into the heart of Pasir Ris Park. The clouds were getting darker and darker, and the route we took felt like it belonged to ours. No one was walking or anything. Yeah, you know, that kind of deserted feeling. The trees shook their leavy leaves and the leaves sprinkled all over the path. We took a lot of unfamiliar routes, hence that kind of environment I've just described. Suddenly, Jie Ling suggested making a visit to the Red House as we passed the Aloha resort. But we did not know where was the Red House, so I suggested calling Suzie and asking him for the location. By the way, I dunno why everyone's so freaked out about the Red House. What's inside it? And what's the house for? I called Suzie anyways, thinking that he will know where it is.

"Hello, Hong Zuo ah?"
"Yeah, who is that?"
"I'm Cai Ling."
"Oh, wassup?"
"Oh, just wanted to ask you how to go to the red house."
"Huh? Where are you now? Who are you with?"
"I cycling with Jie Ling and Fiona."
*serious serious tone* "You better not go there. Coz' we went there, then something happened."
*was already deciding to hang up the phone* "Oh. You wait ah."
Then I told Jie Ling and Fiona.
Dunno what happened. Then Suzie said,
"If you all really wanna go there, wait ah. JON! (in the background: they all want to go to the red house!)"
-_- "Don't call him!" Too late.
"Hello, who is this?"
"Hello, who is this?"
"You all wanna go to the Red House?"
"Eh, yeah..."
"Ai yah, you better not go there. Coz that time hor, we go there, then something happened lah."
"Oh, okay. Byebye."
" Byebye."

Thankfully, we didn't go there. Coz...

Rain started pouring down from the skies. AAHHH! We screamed. We faster rode on our bicycles. But sadly, we forgot how to go back to the bike rental shop. We were like panicking because rain was already starting to pour down heavily and all.

"AAAAH!!! How ah!!!!" I was started to act like a missy freaked out person.

We try and error. A lot of time wasted then. Coz we took the wrong route everytime.


Then, Jie Ling lead us back to the correct path. But then the rain was too heavy. I spotted a big shelter and so we stayed in the shelter like for dunno how long.

"OH MY GOD!!! I'm so drenched!" I whined.
It was so cold and everyone was drenched. Yup. The 3 kukus.
We stayed in the shelter like for half an hour.
Until our clothes were kinda dry.
The rain was getting lighter and lighter, so we took advantage of it and started speeding towards the biycle rental shop. We wet our clothes, again. Ergh.
We were scared that we had to pay extra cash, coz' we were freaking late. Half an hour late.
When we reached the rental shop, the guys were like gaping at us. Coz' we were drenched like dunno what. They understood the situation and hence, we left without having to pay extra cash.

Shush all of you readers. Better don't tell my mom about this. Coz' she won't let a single drop of rain fall onto my head.("or else next time when you get old you'll get migraines") Yeah, this is the first time I was ever so drenched. From head to toe. My hair spotted a new hairstyle, the straight and drenched look. Lol. Enough about the experience. -_- Thanks to us, Amelin and Xiao Qian were waiting for us coz' we had an afternoon outing too. Going shopping with them at TM and CS in the afternoon, but thanks to the rain, they shopped first while waiting for us 3 kukus to get caught out of the rain and meet them.

While we were walking downtown to have lunch at KFC, I spotted somebody familiar. Tall and skinny. Lol. Suzie. I elbowed Fiona and Jie Ling. And pointed at Suzie. Lol. Suzie so extra, give us the I-dunno-you look. -_-;;; We said Hi, despite his stupid facial expression.

"Wah, what a coincidence." So scarcastic man.

Got to know that they were heading towards Escape. Lol.

At last, we met Amelin and Xiao Qian at CS. So we shopped here shopped there, looked here looked there. Ahaha.
The outing satisfied my desperate need to go shopping and buy something.
I bought a missha purple nail polish.
And a door hanger at Happy House.
Fiona and Jie Ling were so nice.
They gave me an xmas present!
But now, I still owe them a candy mix at Mini Toons! Lol.

I hope I won't get sick.
Bless me, peeps! =D

Happy Early Christmas, everyone!

Although I don't celebrate Xmas. Ha.
But is shopping for new clothes and new things considered celebrating Xmas already?


6:46 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
♥ trains


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