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{Saturday, December 31, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Wah. Finally sia. Waited for so many light years for today to come. Lol.

I'm free of glasses! Yippeedoodah! =)

Yeah, I have perfect eyesight now. I'm totally typing this without any need of glasses.

Lol! Joking. Though I have invisible glasses you can't see. *winks*

Went to the second shop then they straight away give lor. So idiotic that first shop. Gonna give really bad reputation for it coz' they made me wait for a week, then I threatened to cancel it, then they go tell me no stock. What the...********. Okay. The shop is called The Point Optical Centre, near the Tampines Regional Library there. Don't ever step into that shop! Go to Tampines bus interchange instead, and look for the one and only optical shop there. =)

Anyway, no more cursing since I've gotten what I wanted. Lol. Though I spent half an hour putting them on! Yeah, I'm a bloody slowpoke. But can't help it. 1st time what. Lol.

You may wonder why I hate glasses so much. Because they make you look freaking unnatural and all. It's uncomfortable too. They will keep sliding down your nose, worse still, they leave irky prints on your nose. Eww. I know why I'm myopic. Because last time when I was in p2, I saw my friends wearing spectacles and thought it would be cool to wear one. I silently wished that it will come true, and a few weeks later, bloody hell it did! Now I totally regret making that wish. Lol. It's kinda scary, I think I have sixth sense. The first shop failed to get me what I want, then my mom says I'm fated to wear glasses instead. But my instinct told me to keep on searching, and I just knew I would get what I want. Boy, did it turn out to be true. Lol.

I can't believe it, so many years of tolerating glasses, now I'm totally free and hopping! Yay!


4:36 PM;

{Friday, December 30, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Lol. Today was just the start of a shopping spree.

Hehe! Gotta stand up and shake my groovy butt to the music "Don't Cha"

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
Don't cha?
Don't cha baby? Don't cha...

Lol. Okay, let's summarize my quicky shopping spree for today, accompanied by a grouchy but willing-to-spend mom.

Mrs Piggy woke up at a late timing today. 11++am. Sheesh. Therefore Ms Piggy followed suit, and was day-dreaming away, hoping for Mrs Piggy to faster wake up and let's go shopping! She took ages to wake up and finally, the two piggies stepped out of the house.

10 mins later, we arrived at Tampines Mall. The first shop I patronized was OP. Went in to have a look at the school bags and clothes. Found that none was suitable for me. (Although I gotta buy the sling bag I saw there. =D) The second shop I patronized was The Wallet Shop. Went in to have a look at the bags. Eh, but there was no time for me to show the bags to my mom coz' of the a maths tuition. Stupid. 1 more hour or so to the A maths tuition, so I was scanning through shops. The third shop I patronized was Giordano. Found some luck there, and bought a nice white top to match with Giordano's pinky jeans. The fourth shop I patronized was Converse. Had been eyeing on a sling bag for a long long time, and since they offered discount for the bag, I pestered Mrs Piggy to buy it for me. Yay. There was not much time left then. 30 more mins or so to A maths tuition and the fifth shop I patronized was Samuel & Kevin's. 2 tops for 22! Hooray. So bought two nice tops. Teehee. Went to Isetan to have a look at school bags and all. Found one really nice converse bag (and saw one really nice Billabong top), but there was not much time left and Mrs Piggy was hurrying to go to Metro. -_-;;; Wasted bloody time at Metro, Mrs Piggy wanted to look at the clothes there. Hmph. So I left her and sped to A Maths tuition.

This is just the beginning of a shopping spree. =)


11:02 PM;

{Wednesday, December 28, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Lol. Lady Luck is certainly shining on me today. You see, my mom, the meatball prince and I were preparing to go out to purchase storybooks and stationaries at Popular and also a visit to the NTUC, hence we went down and passed by the clubhouse. Hey, guess who we saw there. You know that mediacorp actress who acted as Xin Yu(Zeng Shi Mei) in Tong Xin Yuan? Yep, we saw her, together with a man(assuming to be a pretty boyfriend) and another lady. They were all wearing casual clothes, so I assume that they're also living in Savannah. How cool can that be, huh? She was wearing a pair of sunglasses too. I didn't notice her at first, until I looked at her face. Hmm, seems familiar. HEY, isn't THAT a mediacorp actress? So I smiled at her and she smiled back. How friendly. I thought actresses and actors are stuck-up snobs? Lol, she proved me wrong. But I still believe there will be some that will pretend you don't exist when you smile at them.

Feeling quite satisfied today (better than staying at home and not going out) after buying 5 storybooks. Cool huh? Bleh. They are...
The Notebook
All Star
Better Read than Dead (weird title)
Shopaholic Abroad
Memoirs of a Geisha
All of them hastily chosen by me. Not really, I glanced through the back of the storybooks though. Lol. I hope they will be interesting and provide me with loads of new words. Ms Poh will be so proud of me. Ha, as if. Lol. She doesn't approve all storybooks, you know. She says that we shouldn't even give any second thoughts of buying a Harry Potter book. Hello, there are interesting words in there okay. Just because it's a make-believe storybook. Snort.

Hey, this is gonna be a rather short entry, coz' I gotta finish reading all those books I've bought. I hope I can make it before 3rd Jan. Lol.

And not to forget,
I haven't shopped for clothes and all that yet!

Gonna bash you up if you say,
"Hey, I went shopping with my mom today. Bought loads of clothes and shoes."


P.S. Oh by the way, I think I'm gonna make bad reputation for the stupid contact lenses shop in Tampines. Near the Tampines Regional Library there, there's a optical shop and for contact lenses. My father helped me order a pair then they say the collection date is on 27 Dec'05. I called them twice, then they say delay, not sure when, either tomorrow evening or friday. They fking keep on delaying you know. Fk them. Hope they get 1 customer a day. Bleh. Bitches and bastards.

7:05 PM;

{Tuesday, December 27, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Yeah, the holidays are almost over. Five more days till school reopens. Hurray! And I haven't done my shopping yet. Great.

I asked mom when is she ever going to shop with me, and she said
"Can't you see I'm busy with the house and everything? Can't you pity me? Oh well...either Thursday or Friday, but not these few days."

Ahem. What day is today? Tuesday. Thursday and Friday is only 2 days away, so why is she saying "but not these few days"? Lol. She should say, "FK YOU. I'm so busy with the house and everything, can't you fking pity me?? You wanna shop izzit, wait lah, either Thursday or Friday, you shopping freak!" Lol. Anyway, yesterday night I was lying in my bed thinking of my shopping routine if I can ever step into TM or Century Square.

Here's my shopping routine...
-First, step into the entrance of TM. Go to the left, a shop that's named F Men & F Women's. Quickly scan through the whole shop of clothes and take those that catches my attention. I'm kind enough to state a budget. Okay, just 1 or 2 set of clothes.
-Done? Good. Walk out of that shop and continue walking ahead, then turning left. Walk a few more steps and stop at OP. Gotta look at the sandals and the school bags there. Hopefully will be able to purchase something there.
-Walk out of OP and stop at Giordano's. Hopefully can buy a top there.
-Walk out of Giordano's and stop at Perlini's. Hopefully can purchase a few pairs of earrings.
-Walk out of Perlini's and stop at Samuel & Kevin's. Okay, just 1 or 2 sets of clothes.
-Walk out of Samuel & Kevin's and walk into Isetan's. Go upstairs and look at the school bags if haven't bought any. Also, look at the billabong sandals too.
-Go to the ladies' section. Purchase a few **AHEMS**. Censored because it's not meant for guys to read. Walk around and look at the clothes.
-After Isetan's, go up to the levels of Tampines Mall and browse at some shops.
-The whole of TM cleared? Good. Walk out of TM and proceed to Century Square's Metro. Same routine as Isetan's.
-Walk out of Metro and proceed to shops in Century Square.
-Don't bother the 2nd and 3rd levels of Century Square, coz by this time should be able to get whatever I want. =)

Sounds complicated? Provided you can't memorize the whole of Tampines Mall and Century Square. =)


3:37 PM;

{Sunday, December 25, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

I dunno why I'm feeling so moody after the housewarming party. Is it because of the people in there, or is it just I'm so mad about my tan? Oh well, let's talk about the 'fabulous' housewarming party.

I woke up early in the morning just because some relatives of mine have arrived. 9.30am for goodness sake! They disturbed my princess sleep for what... Okay whatever. I shall be magnanimous and forgive them. So I was forced to change into home clothes, nice ones. But there aren't any new ones, so I hastily chose an outfit I wore for the kaleidoscope'05. Whatever.

More peeps came. So we went down to have a swim. I was so happy that time, I kept on splashing water at my uncles and cousins. Lol. But the joy didn't stay in me for long. Lemme think how long I had been in the water, under the merciless hot sun. About 3 hours? I finally gave up on swimming after I kept sneezing continuously and went to the toilet to bathe. When I stepped out of the public toilet and gazed into the mirror, I was freaking disgusted to see my awful tan. OH MY GOODNESS. I'm so freakingly tanned! I cursed at the mirror and stomped out of the public toilet. I changed back into my home clothes and entered my house.

Eew. So many people I have never seen before. Puke. I forcefully smiled at them. There were so many peeps, 35 to be precise. Yeah, I was lame enough to count the number of peeps in the house. But it's easy. It's easy to count a pack of sardines right? Sheesh. One of the peeps was like so qian bian. **translation: I feel like bashing up her face** She kept on asking me to play the electone organ and everyone was like cheering me on. I was so bashful, not that I was afraid to play in front of the audience, but I hadn't touch that freaking organ for like 2 years. Just my luck, so I went into the room to get my scores and started playing First Love. Man, she is greedy. After the song, she wanted me to play more. Bitch. So I played Under The Sea, Flower, Believe Your Smile, etc. Is she trying to humilate me or something? I played so awfully, yet she still say it was superb. Eew.

Oh yeah, and the buffet. It totally sucked. All the food I wanted disappeared after I had my swim. The log cake disappeared, the nice nice food from the buffet also disappeared. I frowned at my father, all thanks to him. He invited those relatives of his, whom I haven't seen before. Haha, they felt so left out in the living room and all. So many freaking relatives of his crowded the whole house and polluted the limited supply of oxygen.

I shall stop cursing and swearing for my own good.
But I shall do that after I've had enough of shopping,
and I've gotten rid of my freaking tan.




7:00 PM;

{Saturday, December 24, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Okay, to start off this xmas eve entry, I shall be an extremely good girl who does things her friends tell her. =))

A QUIZ requested by Xiao Ling

In no particular order, list down...
3 peeps you talk to online
4 peeps you see at school
2 teachers
3 peeps you love going out with
3 peeps in your sms inbox

1. Ke Hua
2. Shi Ying
3. Jon
4. Hong Zuo
5. Wendy
6. Ting Ting
7. Xiao Ling
8. Mr Lew
9. Ms Poh
10. Amelin
11. Xiao Qian
12. Fiona
13. Daphne
14. Papa
15. Jaime
(I know the answers are weird. All these are popped out from my mind.)

What do you think of no. 4? Hong Zuo ah? A person whom I know for a freaking long time already. Hence I know a lot about him. He's always that BHB, flirty, critisizing king, and etc.

How would you feel if no. 4 slapped your face? Wah, then I'll scream my head off and bash his almost botak head. Lol.

On the scale of 1-10, how good looking do you think no. 5 is? 8. =)

How nice is no. 6? She ah, too nice to be described. Lol. But it's true what. Haha!

Honestly, if no. 8 met with an accident, what would you do? I will cry my eyes out, because he's a really nice teacher!!!

Would you ever fall for no. 11? HA! She's my dar, you know!

What if no. 1 got a boyfriend? LOL!!! I will laugh my ass off then!!!

What sport would I play with no. 12? Badminton or cycling! =D

How much do I like no. 12? I can't live without her. Lol. =)

Would 13 and 7 make a good couple? Lol, provided they're lesbians.

Do I hate no. 9? Yeah, I DO! Everyone does, I think.

Would 14 kill me one day? Lol...who knows except himself? But I don't think anyone's heard of the king killing the princess before. Lol.

Who do I like more? 3 or 10? EH. Can I not answer that? *don't wanna get electrocuted by amelin's powerful massive eye* Okok, 10 lor.

And the 5 unlucky peeps are...
I dunno how to answer this part. Lol.

Okay, the quiz was really hilarious! Take it if you wanna! =))) Let's play a game shall we? Those peeps reading this now shall take the quiz! Easy, just copy the instructions and questions and answer them! =) Put the quiz into your blog!

Yeah, today's already XMAS EVE. And I've not gone shopping yet. *crying my eyes out*
Looking forward to tomorrow's Housewarming Day.
I'm so sad to say that the friend gathering is being postponed to 8 Jan, my stupid brother's bday. Got party, I think. And buffet! =) But the stupid prince is saying that I can only invite up to 5 people. Like I freaking care! It's at night, by the way. The stupid meatball prince is turning 12 already! How time flies.

Tomorrow is XMAS DAY right? So I shall make sure Santa Claus reads this entry.

What I want for XMAS
- A new school bag
- A new pencilcase
- A new rubbish bin *not compulsory*
- New stationaries
- Photoframes
- Ipod mini pouch
- Comb
- Jewelleries
- Clock
- New CLOTHES *a must* Santa, go click on 'desires' for more details.
- More sling bags *a must also*
- New sandals *a real must*
- Contacts *really sick of glasses*
- Storybooks
- Cushions

I'm going lenient on Santa Claus, partly because he's getting older and older and I don't wish him to land on his fatass butt when he arrives with all the above. =)

What crap. Lol!


3:12 PM;

{Thursday, December 22, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Today was the kukuiest and most experiencing day ever. Laughing my ass off! Ahahaha. Okay, I betcha wondering what on earth happened today. Of course, I shall narrate my wonderful story.

Today, I woke up with a nice nice dream. Don't wanna tell you, BLEH. The sunlight blinked blinked into my eyes. I forced my sleepy sleepy eyes open and looked at the clock. 10am only. Still got one more hour till I meet Fiona and Jie Ling for cycling at Pasir Ris Park. So the princess walked here walked there to the living room. Oh gosh! I realized that my clock in my bedroom was 15 mins late! So I hurriedly bathed in the bathroom and changed into my clothes. When I was done, my father still hadn't come home to fetch me to the interchange. Yeah, I am one big shot. If you were in my position, you would do that too, because the house you are living in is so far away from Tampines Interchange. Besides, my father is taking afternoon shift today. So there. =P Well, my father wasn't back then and it was already 10:45! I called him and asked him to hurry get his butt over here. Haha. 11am, still haven't come back. Was bloody pissed. Then the phone rang. I flew all the way down. And got into his car. Finally.

I grumbled and groaned at him.
"Hey! I thought I told you last night when you were about to sleep that I will be going to Tampines Interchange at 11am???"
The reply was,
"Huh? Got meh? I didn't remember."

So I made Fiona and Jie Ling wait for half an hour. Like what the.... TOOT. Okay.
We reached Pasir Ris Park at 12pm.
Went to rent bicycles.
Hey, must buy 4D, our bicycles were 503, 504 and 508! Lol. Lame.
Anyway, the outing was hilarious, kuku, but fun nevertheless.

We were happily trying out our bicycles. Whee! I love my bike! So fast and steady! =)
We rode kinda fast and were like deciding which way to go.
So happy that time. The wind was caressing our hair and all that. I love the speed of my bike!
I could ride as fast as I could and would not run into anyone at all! I love da speed, babe! Lol.
I loved my bike more when we went up and down slopes and bridges. Mwaaahhh, to my 508 bike. Lol!

We took a lot of routes and went deeper into the heart of Pasir Ris Park. The clouds were getting darker and darker, and the route we took felt like it belonged to ours. No one was walking or anything. Yeah, you know, that kind of deserted feeling. The trees shook their leavy leaves and the leaves sprinkled all over the path. We took a lot of unfamiliar routes, hence that kind of environment I've just described. Suddenly, Jie Ling suggested making a visit to the Red House as we passed the Aloha resort. But we did not know where was the Red House, so I suggested calling Suzie and asking him for the location. By the way, I dunno why everyone's so freaked out about the Red House. What's inside it? And what's the house for? I called Suzie anyways, thinking that he will know where it is.

"Hello, Hong Zuo ah?"
"Yeah, who is that?"
"I'm Cai Ling."
"Oh, wassup?"
"Oh, just wanted to ask you how to go to the red house."
"Huh? Where are you now? Who are you with?"
"I cycling with Jie Ling and Fiona."
*serious serious tone* "You better not go there. Coz' we went there, then something happened."
*was already deciding to hang up the phone* "Oh. You wait ah."
Then I told Jie Ling and Fiona.
Dunno what happened. Then Suzie said,
"If you all really wanna go there, wait ah. JON! (in the background: they all want to go to the red house!)"
-_- "Don't call him!" Too late.
"Hello, who is this?"
"Hello, who is this?"
"You all wanna go to the Red House?"
"Eh, yeah..."
"Ai yah, you better not go there. Coz that time hor, we go there, then something happened lah."
"Oh, okay. Byebye."
" Byebye."

Thankfully, we didn't go there. Coz...

Rain started pouring down from the skies. AAHHH! We screamed. We faster rode on our bicycles. But sadly, we forgot how to go back to the bike rental shop. We were like panicking because rain was already starting to pour down heavily and all.

"AAAAH!!! How ah!!!!" I was started to act like a missy freaked out person.

We try and error. A lot of time wasted then. Coz we took the wrong route everytime.


Then, Jie Ling lead us back to the correct path. But then the rain was too heavy. I spotted a big shelter and so we stayed in the shelter like for dunno how long.

"OH MY GOD!!! I'm so drenched!" I whined.
It was so cold and everyone was drenched. Yup. The 3 kukus.
We stayed in the shelter like for half an hour.
Until our clothes were kinda dry.
The rain was getting lighter and lighter, so we took advantage of it and started speeding towards the biycle rental shop. We wet our clothes, again. Ergh.
We were scared that we had to pay extra cash, coz' we were freaking late. Half an hour late.
When we reached the rental shop, the guys were like gaping at us. Coz' we were drenched like dunno what. They understood the situation and hence, we left without having to pay extra cash.

Shush all of you readers. Better don't tell my mom about this. Coz' she won't let a single drop of rain fall onto my head.("or else next time when you get old you'll get migraines") Yeah, this is the first time I was ever so drenched. From head to toe. My hair spotted a new hairstyle, the straight and drenched look. Lol. Enough about the experience. -_- Thanks to us, Amelin and Xiao Qian were waiting for us coz' we had an afternoon outing too. Going shopping with them at TM and CS in the afternoon, but thanks to the rain, they shopped first while waiting for us 3 kukus to get caught out of the rain and meet them.

While we were walking downtown to have lunch at KFC, I spotted somebody familiar. Tall and skinny. Lol. Suzie. I elbowed Fiona and Jie Ling. And pointed at Suzie. Lol. Suzie so extra, give us the I-dunno-you look. -_-;;; We said Hi, despite his stupid facial expression.

"Wah, what a coincidence." So scarcastic man.

Got to know that they were heading towards Escape. Lol.

At last, we met Amelin and Xiao Qian at CS. So we shopped here shopped there, looked here looked there. Ahaha.
The outing satisfied my desperate need to go shopping and buy something.
I bought a missha purple nail polish.
And a door hanger at Happy House.
Fiona and Jie Ling were so nice.
They gave me an xmas present!
But now, I still owe them a candy mix at Mini Toons! Lol.

I hope I won't get sick.
Bless me, peeps! =D

Happy Early Christmas, everyone!

Although I don't celebrate Xmas. Ha.
But is shopping for new clothes and new things considered celebrating Xmas already?


6:46 PM;

{Tuesday, December 20, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

I'm currently laughing my ass off. *points to the number of huggies I've received*

Oh my goodness. 1086 huggies? LOL! Didn't know so many peeps love me! Ahahaha.

Wow. I can totally feel the love online. Just that the love I've received is given by anonymous peeps. Sad case. How I wish I can know who likes to hug me. Ahahaha. Laughing my ass off once again.

Oh yeah, I promised you faithful readers that I shall post about what's good and what's not so good in my new house. And now, here's the posting. *drum roll*

What's so good about the freaking new house?
- It is more hygienic than my old house. The rubbish chute has no COCKROACHES. =)
- Better facilitated than my old house. Air-conditioners installed in every room! Cool.
- Ah yes. Swimming pool! Gym! Bbq pits! Playground! Tennis court! Bowling alley! (Sadly, only two lanes, but whatever. I'm scared of bowling anyway. =D) Yeah, you name it. =)
- Sunken bath in the master bedroom. Bay window in every bedroom for the whole view below. =))
- New furniture. Yay.
- Oven in the kitchen. Woots.
- It's higher rised than the old house. Haha. Can take lift. =)
- It's quieter than my old house. No silly kids running around the corridors, making a huge din.
- People will want to go your house see see look look. I love parties. Haha. (Though there's no housewarming party for my friends. Just a get-together one. Lol.)
- Security guards! Haha.

Well that's about it. The nice part. Here comes the not so nice part. =D

What's not so good about the freaking new house?
- It's SMALL. Real small. =( I miss the bigness of the old house. And the staircase too. Boo.
- It's further in, a total big inconvenience for the princess who needs to go to school. Urgh.
- No food courts around the area. No 7-11 or anything like that. Boo!
- People living here are snobs. Can tell. Eww. I miss my friendly neighbour. =( (Though I have no idea how my neighbours here look like. They haven't move in yet. Maybe if I'm lucky, I will get a lovely hunk. LOL. Joking.)
- No lifeguards yet. Urgh.
- Limited furniture. Because of the nice size of the house. Lol.
- Can't run around the house. Can't play hide and seek. Lol.
- It's so quiet here, especially at night. That's where your mind plays with you. Lol.
- Toads croaking at night. Shudder.
- Can't see your neighbour through the window, coz' people here usually shut everything, including windows.

Yeah, that's about it. Yay. 10 more days till school reopens. OMG!!! I'm hyperventilating. Because I haven't go shopping yet, neither have I bought any new clothes, or new school bags and pencilcases and all. I haven't bought accessories to liven up my new bedroom too. And I'm gonna rack my mind to make Xmas Eve a fun get-together day for my friends. Oh yeah, not to forget the limitation of friends I can invite. Aww. So sorry if I didn't invite you. Shall do it on Jan 8, my brother's bday. Got bbq. =)

Eh, I totally dunno what to do. Order pizza for them, go swimming with them? Watch some horror movies? Play bowling? Lol. Gimme some suggestions to make the get-together 'party' a fun one. Lol. Tata for now. +D


10:28 AM;

{Monday, December 19, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Gosh. Time flies ever so quickly.

Because I'm already sitting on a new computer chair typing this blog entry in a totally new environment. This is ridiculous. =)

And to tell you, moving house is not a great thing to look forward to. Eeww. Someone still told me moving house was a fun thing to do! Not in a million years! Lol. Especially for those people, like me, who hate messes. And also for those perfectionists. They won't stand the piles of things lying all around the whole house, making the whole house look like a pig sty, and having to unpack all those gigantic boxes. Luckily, I only need to tidy up my bedroom. Whew. But pity my mom. She did all those packing and unpacking herself. My father? Ha, he only helped my mom carry the heavy boxes and cleaned our furniture. -_-

Oh yeah, carry on reading because this is so going to be another great entry.

Sunday morning
Woke up with a tired groan, reluctant to leave my snuggy bed.
The peeps came. The movers, I mean.
So they came and moved all those things. Things as in utensils, bags, books, etc. Plus some heavy furniture like my electone organ, TV, etc. Lol. Interesting eh?
It all disappeared, like magic.
They were real fast movers.

Sunday afternoon
They packed and moved everything into their own Movers lorry.
We got into our car.
Here we come, Savannah! -_-
They followed our car.
We reached our new house. (This is only the beginning of a disaster)
They helped us move all those heavy boxes. Disaster starts from here. Cool.
Everything was everywhere.
Had to unpack those boxes. Urgh.

Sunday night
Felt tired and weird. I bet my mom feels worse.
Everything is not so messy now. =)
12am, and I fell asleep, in my new bedroom.
I dreamt of really weird things. I can't remember, but I sort of smiled and laughed in my dreams. Lol! =D

Monday morning (today morning)
Woke up at 10 plus.
Ate some bread for breakfast. (inconvenient to buy food)
Started to tidy up my bedroom.

Okay, shall stop here. End of moving house thingy.
Not so cool, eh? Haha.
But I'm kinda loving my new house.
Of course I still miss my old one, duh! I've been living in it for 13 years...

Yawn, I'm sleepy already.
Gotta stop here now. =)
Shall update about the advantages and disadvantages of the new house. =)
Stay tuned!


8:14 PM;

{Friday, December 16, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Haha. I'm blogging again. Yeah, I didn't eat my words. I promised you faithful readers that I will blog as frequently as I can right? Haha! =)) Actually, I missed blogging too. Wanna tell you all about my amazing rollercoaster life! Okay, that's so lame. =D But I'm lurving it. Lol.

So what happened today? Lotsa. *winks*

I woke up late this morning. Real late. Because of the chalet thing. I didn't sleep well during it. Haha, okay. I admit I'm Miss Piggy. Lol. Fiona called me. So I went to her house to slack and play. Ke Hua went too. Hehe. =D

We went to Fiona's house to hijack her computer and her television. Haha. I brought my Stairway to Heaven VCD and was totally engrossed in it. Way engrossed. While I was way engrossed with the soppy Korean drama, Fiona was way determined to do up her Friendster profile. Lol, she was so kuku. Didn't know how to edit the profile. LOL! =) And Ke Hua was being so infantile, playing with Fiona's gameboy. Urgh. Pokemon. EWW. =P

While we were having some fun at Fiona's house, it was time for me to go tuition together with my darling Amelin. Lol. Amelin suggested the Edupath tuition thingy to me, saying how great it was and stuff like that. Of course I fell for her, what with me being so naive and all. LOL. =)

Oh man, the teacher was LATE. Fifteen minutes late, for gods' sake. Plus I was so kuku. I didn't know that the guy who came into the classroom, who looked like some hunkie lifeguard, was the A Maths teacher! Oh my goodness. He looked so young and suaive. Drop-dead gorgeous tan, macho body and seductive eyes. He looked at me, and I was being electrocuted by his eyes. I looked totally shocked at the sight of him. And Amelin started laughing.

Okay, I'm only JOKING! The description part of the guy teacher, I mean. I'm not those kind of pathetic girls who fall for their teachers. LMAO. However, Amelin said that he was suaive. Like, AHEM. Really, the part where I described him was totally surreal. Fake. Bogus. It was totally the opposite! Haha. I'm not one who falls in love that easily. =) Though I was shocked because he looked so young and above-average looking.

Enough crapping. Let's get back to reality. I dunno why he kept staring at me. (Hey, I still dunno the teacher's name. He didn't even get us to greet him. -_-) Maybe it was because of his first impression of me. He could be going, "OMG? Why is this crazy girl staring at me like that?" Lol. That could be it.

Oh man, A Maths is quite tough. Sets, elements, venn diagrams, blah blah blah. Luckily he didn't give us that much of a homework. Only 11 questions! Haha. But I bet I couldn't do a single one. Lol. *sheepish smile* After the tuition, we went back to Fiona's house to watch The Rainbow Connection.

What the *toot* is wrong with Jian Yi? Why must he purposely hurt Yoyo by choosing Xiao Qian instead? Why must he hurt her when they're about to depart for the 10 year contract? WHY? I didn't know he's so heartless. And about Xiao Qian. Why the *toot* must she butt into Jian Yi and Yoyo's relationship? Just because David doesn't like you, doesn't mean you can go around separating couples!

I shall stop cursing and swearing. Over a drama serial. LOL.

Maybe because of all the happiness soaking in me.
Maybe because my nightmare is so over.
So Yesterday. =)
And maybe because I'm going to move house soon, and it shall be my first ever moving house.
Stay tuned! =D


P.S. Oh gosh. I almost forgot something really important!

My god. 14 more days till school reopens!!!
I haven't even shopped yet!!!
Gonna faint already. All thanks to my moving house and housewarming party. Hmph!
My mom says after Xmas then go shopping. Like what the???
I know, I know. All the clothes that I've set my eyes on would be GONE.
Whoosh. Gone with the wind. Hmph.
Aww, man. Not to forget my father promised me to buy me contacts. Coz' I've been pestering him for like a few years?? Yeah, that's how much I hate my spects! And now, finally, he says, I'm of legal age. -_-;;;
Oh yeah, not to forget, my mom promised to go shopping with me to faraway places like Bugis instead of the usual Metro and Isetan shopping spree at Tampines!
Please! Let all this come true!

11:28 PM;

{Wednesday, December 14, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Okay everybody.

I'm officially out of hiatus.

Yep. The beloved, spoilt bratty princess is here to blog as always again.

I know everyone wishes to know why I claimed myself to be on hiatus a month or so before.

And I shall speak up for my actions.

About a month or so ago, I got to know that I was going to be separated with the majority of my closest friends and wonderful classmates for two years and was being forced to adapt to a new environment, which I was not sure whether I could survive in it or not. I was deranged and totally helpless when I saw what class I was being posted to. 3B. Just because I did not study higher chinese. My life was hell. Then, I stopped blogging and became a sadistic person who knew that her world is in chaos and she was bound to be the slave of endless suffering for 2 years. Yeah, I stopped blogging because I knew nobody would want to read sadistic and deranged entries and I was not in the mood to be blogging, anyway.

But all this has ended. It was all but a slow and draggy nightmare. I have woken up from it.
All thanks to Mr Lew. Who gave me the news in the morning of the 2nd day at the chalet.
"Congrats. You're going to 3A. Cheers. =)"
I just could not believe it then.
My sixth sense was totally accurate.
I told myself that I would be alright.
I told myself it would just be a bloody, stupid nightmare.
True enough.
Miracles do happen when you believe.

Now, I have returned back to my original state of being a happy-go-lucky princess where she has nothing to worry about but trivial problems, like her great need to shop for things. Yay nay.

I know I have let you faithful readers down. But I hope you all would be able to understand...

But I'm so totally going to let you have a ride on my rollercoaster life once again. Yes, life is full of ups and downs. After this ordeal, I have learnt to cherish people and things before they disappear from your world, never to be seen again.

To those friends who have comforted me during the terrible nightmare and told me everything was gonna be alright if you believe, I love you all. Your words have indeed given me a glimmer of hope when I was lost in a world of darkness. Your words have soothened the tight knot in my heart. Your words have made me force myself to smile at you all, pretending I was okay, when in fact I was not.

Yeah, "I'm just one lucky girl."- Quote from Ke Hua
Because not everyone who appealed went into 3A.
I felt so guilty when I heard their news.
Should I say sorry? They cannot go into 3A, because of me.
Yeah, I should. I'm really sorry.
I will not forget you all, and I hope you will not forget me too.
Yeah, just let all 2a'ers 05 remember each other even though some shall be going to other classes.

I love all my darling friends in 2a'05 and I always will. =)

I just came back from the 2a chalet. It was quite fun actually. Too bad not everyone came. Aww.

1st day of the chalet
Amelin and I went to coasta sands chalet.
Only a few people went on the 1st day, so nothing great happened.
We played card games, watched TV, chatted and all.

Evening time
More people came.
We went upstairs.
Suzie decided to entertain everyone by telling us ghost stories.
Freaked us out, but Ke Hua freaked us out the most.
I still remember the facial expression he did while telling that ghost story.
It was so sudden that everyone in the room screamed bloody loudly.

Night time
We went out to Macdonalds' for dinner.
After that, we visited the arcade.
My darling friends and I did not stay there for long though.
Coz' we were hygiene freaks and wanted to bathe and go back to the chalet to watch The Rainbow Connection.
When everyone went back to the chalet, it was already midnight, I think.
And I was dead tired and wanted to sleep.
But everyone were nocturnal creatures, except me.
We went out to buy supper at Cheers, while some went to the beach.
We eventually knocked out at 3am.
Oh yeah, not to forget the cockroach activity.
Yeah lor, Suzie, so fun hor, the cockroach activity.
Daphne and I screamed like hell when we saw the cockroach crawling on the wall, near our mattresses. EWW.

2nd day of the chalet
It was more interesting than the first.
Coz' more than half of the 2a'ers turned up. Yay.
Was sleeping like a pig, because I didn't sleep all night.
Wasn't used to the environment, so squeezy.
When I woke up, everyone was already awake. It was only 8am plus... -_-
We bathed early in the morning at the public toilets.
Hygiene freaks once again.
Went back to the chalet and played card games.
Listened to some music and sang along to it.

Afternoon time
The guys were playing Suzie's playstation, and making a hell lot of a noise.
We went to the beach and had some fun.
Then the kukumalu peeps had nothing to do after the beach thingy.
We went out to pasir ris park and rode on the guys' bicycles.
Were freaking tired, because none of us slept well last night.
Went upstairs and slept. Lol.
But Xiao Qian, being the organizer, was busy. Had to prepare for the bbq.

Evening time
BBQ started.
We wanted to help, but there was nothing we could do to help.
Freaking bored once again.
Watched some TV and ate some hotdogs, satays and chicken wings.

Night time
After the BBQ ended, we played Truth or Dare.
Luckily the ball didn't come to me.
Coz' the truth questions and dares were like so AHEM. You know... lol.
After the game ended, we went outside the chalet to play water bombs.
How refreshing. But not a lot of peeps bombed me. Aww. =D
Went to bathe straight after. (Hygiene freak)
Visited the arcade after we bathed again.
We went to Mcdonalds' for supper.
Played Suzie's Dance Dance Revolution.
Then went to sleep.
Blah, was woken up by the guys. =X
They made so much noise, playing the playstation thingy and all.
I thought I was having a fit of a nightmare. =X
But I still drifted off to sleep. Ha.

In the morning, we woke up and checked out of the chalet.
The End.
I hope you have enjoyed the summary of what happened at the chalet. Lol.
And I hope I have made up for the lack of entry updates. =)


6:49 PM;

be with myself


cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


amelin =)
fiona =)
ke*hua =)
edwin =)
sim*yee =)
yi*chen =)
anna =)
♥ trains


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