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{Wednesday, November 16, 2005}

Dear Diar2,

Princess Cassie can't speak. So she shall let her blog do all the talking for today.
Princess Cassie is overjoyed.
Princess Cassie is exhilarated.
Princess Cassie is totally speechless.
Because she has just watched her favourite movie, sneak preview of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Okay, this entry shall only be entitled to HARRY POTTER FANS. If you're none other than a HARRY POTTER HATER, please kindly buzz off. Plus, the entry shall be freaking long; time is precious and I don't wanna you to waste it.

Here goes. The 4th movie of Harry Potter. How shall I begin? I think I should begin by rating the movie. Hmm...

What about a 9.9/10? The 0.1% goes to the amount of cuttings they did to the movie, as compared to the storybook. Also, the ending. I hate the ending. Because Cedric Diggory died in it! And plus, the ending is so hurried that it didn't show the whole school celebrating because Harry won the tournament or whatever. The ending was just the trio talking about how school shall be very different after their summer holidays and blah blah blah. AND I thought the movie was going to show a kissing scene between Harry and Cho??

Alright, let's move on to the movie itself. The movie can be considered a comedy at the beginning, just before the dark things were about to happen and all. Because even the professors were cracking funny lines. I totally adore Fred and George. Aww, their cutesy hair and funny gestures and accents. Oh my god. Haha.
Fred and George: WICKED. (they're SO cute!)
And also the part where they mimicked Ron when Ron was forced to dance with Professor McGonagall because Professor McGonagall wanted to show everyone the correct way to dance with a partner for the Yule Ball. Heh. I totally lurved that scene. The way Ron's face cringed and the way McGonagall asked Ron to put his hand on her waist. Oh my Goodness! That was what Fred and George mimicked. HA.
Oh yeah, another scene of the hilarious twins. Ron asked them how to approach girls to be their partners for the Yule Ball, and so, Fred and George showed Ron how exactly to do it. Fred/George looked at a random girl at the Great Hall and gestured to her whether she want to be his partner for the Yule Ball by pretending to dance with an invisible person. The girl said yes, and so, Fred/George was contented. Ron wanted to do the Fred and George way of approaching but had failed when he asked Hermione. LMAO.

The Yule Ball
A traditional event to celebrate the visits of various magic schools. This was what McGonagall said. Ha. Too bad Cho paired up with Cedric, wow, Harry was so heartbroken, but he didn't show it. (Lol, Harry, why didn't you ask me instead??) Hermione was getting emotional, because of Ron.
Ron asked Hermione to be his partner for the Yule Ball, but Hermione refused. Ron was angry, so he sniggered about how Hermione ain't getting herself a partner for the Yule Ball, and Hermione was like,"I'M NOT GOING OUT WITH YOU BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS ALREADY ASKED ME, AND I SAID YES!!!" In the later part of the Yule Ball event, Hermione cried. Because she said that Ron had ruined her day by moaning and groaning about Hermione being with Viktor Krum and all. Ron was jealous. So Hermione ended Ron's jealousy by saying, "You could have asked me out earlier!" Something like that, and she went off, crying.

The 1st Task
All of you harry potter fans should know what I'm talking about, if you've read the book. The 1st task, was very dangerous. I even felt the heat from my seat in the cinema. You know, I was watching the movie and scared for Harry at the same time too. Because Harry had to face a meany meany dragon. Bleh. The most cringing part was the part when Harry was about to fall from the Hogwarts Castle, all thanks to that freaking dragon, when trying so hard to reach for the broomstick. But I sort of forgot that the dragon was stupid. Peabrain. It knocked itself and fell down; this gave Harry the opportunity to grab that golden egg. Yay.

The 2nd Task
Harry was hinted by the oh-so-hot-and-drop-dead-gorgeous Cedric Diggory to open the golden egg while taking a bath in the Prefects Bathroom. The Prefects Bathroom looked like a real luxury. So many different kinds of liquid soaps and shampoos leaking from all sorts of pipes, I knew Harry would smell heavenly. Hmm...I can almost smell it. Haha. So Harry went inside the bathtub. And he was half-naked. OMG! HE HAS A HOT BOD! SIX PACKS!!! So manly, but I don't see the need for every guy to be like that because it's just nice to look that, nothing more. Ha. Really, so guys, don't worry if you do not have a hot bod like Harry's. =D Lol, Moaning Myrtle was so sick. She kept on wanting to see the lower part of Harry! Oh gosh.
Thankfully for Neville's knowledge in Herbology, Harry was saved. Neville adviced Harry to use Gillyweed. So then, the house champions went down into the waters and were challenged by merpeople. Merpeople are not as pretty or gorgeous as what fairytale storybooks claim them to be. They are ugly. Such weird features. So the champions were challenged to save their friend underwater while being provoked by merpeople. Harry emerged last. But he saved two friends, because Fleur Delacour did not managed to pull through or something. So he and Cedric were the top winners.

The 3rd Task
The final task to see who has what it takes to be the real winner. This was the part they cut the most. They did not show the types of creatures inside the maze at all. Nil. Just the main part of the other 2 house representatives getting injured and Harry and Cedric fighting for the trophy. In the end, they both touched the trophy, and it was a portkey to the dark graveyard. Eww.
I hate this, because, just a few seconds after Cedric hit the ground, HE WAS MURDURED BY WORMTAIL WITH THE KILLING CURSE. WTFFFFFF!!!! Curse that freaking bloody hell asshole! WHY MUST YOU KILL AN INNOCENT GUY??? Okay, I'm totally exaggerating, but do forgive me. (Hey, I almost cried when I saw the lifeless Cedric on the floor) When Voldemort returned to his normal state, you know what he said of Cedric?
"Such a handsome guy, too bad he died." Something like that. Curse him.
Voldemort and Harry duelled. Their wands were connected together and then the dead came out to save Harry. Harry was transported back to Hogwarts when he touched the Portkey.
When Harry was transported back to Hogwarts, he was sobbing his eyes out or something. He was hugging the lifeless body of Cedric and was shaking it violently to make Cedric wake up. Of course he didn't. Cho was sobbing too, and almost everyone felt gloomy and all.
*1 min of silence, for Cedric Diggory*

Okay, I've sort of summarized the whole movie. Actually, when I was reading the storybook, all the scenes of the movie were almost similiar to what I had pictured in my mind while reading the storybook! So oh my god. I could have totally enjoyed the whole movie, except for a couple of spoilers.
#1: I almost missed one minute of the whole movie! Because, Mom refused to go out unless Papa helps her with the laundry and after she has drank her stupid coffee. Fking excuses. Luckily we were on the dot (the movie started when our butts hit the seats), or else I'm gonna buy another ticket for Harry Potter! Grumble grumble.

#2: Fking inconsiderate peeps in the cinema. One fattie momma sat next to me and she was so fking inconsiderate. She kept on fishing out her handphone and smsing and calling. You know, the cinema was pitch-black, and suddenly, a glaring fking white light shines on your eyeballs while you're watching your favourite movie. And the glaring white light doesn't flicker away. It continued to stand out in the pitch-black surroundings. I GLARED AT THE MOMMA. I GAVE HER THE DEADLY STARE. HELLO, I'M TRYING TO ENJOY MY MOVIE AND YOU GO THERE SHOWING OFF YOUR BLOODY HANDPHONE IN THE CINEMA? INCLUDING SMSING AND CALLING. CALLING! FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. I was indeed blessed to step out of the cinema and not ending up blind.

#3: Fking bitchy chatty girls sitting behind me in the cinema. You know, the whole movie was going on and all, then very frequently you hear fking comments about the movie. And the voices sounded so freakingly bitchy that I feel like giving them a tight slap in the face. Hello, the royal princess is trying so hard to concentrate on the movie and you girls are sitting there, opening your fking mouths and laughing like the whole cinema is all yours. So uncivillised. Eww. Often, their comments are ever so fking bimboish. Like, "Look at ron's face! Gonna bash his face up!" and "Eww, scottish accent(cho)". Like everyone needs your fking bimboish comments. Like everyone needs to hear your bitchy voice. Hey, movies are meant for you to shut up and watch the movie and not for you to open your mouth and start commenting on the actors/actresses. I turned my head back at them coz' they distracted me, dunno how many times, then finally they fking shut their mouths up.

If only cinemas don't have that kinda people, I shall be an overjoyed princess today.

So now, I'm only a happy one. Bleh.

I am totally in love with Hermione's gown for the Yule Ball. Simply breathtaking and enchanting.
And also, she looked really like an angel at the Yule Ball event. Such a sizzling hot beauty! I'm in support of her being with Ron in the future movies of Harry Potter. Because I think they secretly like each other or something. Ha.

Ron is so cute. But also a green eyed monster. He and Harry sort of fell out with each other when Harry's name was announced in the Goblet of Fire. But of course, they didn't fight for long. And the way Ron was depressed and sad when Hermione danced with Viktor made me even more certain of them being together in the long run. Cheers!

Ha, and Harry. Needless to say, I like his hot bod! Lol!

Cho is pretty, and her accent is unique. I liked the scene when Harry and Cho met together and Harry nervously asked for her hand for the Yule Ball event. Too bad, she's already taken, Harry. =X

Cedric is HOT. I like his features, so dreamy and all...
Why must the good-lookings be the victim for almost all the movies?

Fleur is also pretty. In a different way. Like a warrior princess. And, she's a veela. Veelas have a charm that makes all guys attracted to them, for instance, Ron is one of Fleur's victims. LOL.

What can I say about Viktor? Macho? Ha.
Other than that, he's not really appealing to me. =P

Oh by the way, I forgot all about Draco Malfoy. OH NO!
Okay, here goes. Although Draco Malfoy did not act much in the movie, at least he appeared in it. Screw Mad-eye Moody for turning him into a ferret. Plus, I love his hair. And his accent. And his eyes. And his smirk. Too bad not many scenes of him and Harry quarrelling. Aww. But I still love every bittie of him.

Oh no, I love Harry, Ron and of course, Cedric too!

**kisses flood the whole computer screen**


10:30 PM;

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cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


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Yoga/Electone lessons


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