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{Tuesday, August 09, 2005}

National Day 40th anniversary
Wow, time has indeed passed like a speed of light. It is already Singapore's 40th Bday Celebration (it also means countdown to common test :(( and countdown to my bday ^-^) I'm looking forward to evening where I can see all the colourful fireworks splattering across the tapestry of stars today. I just can't wait. :) This is going to be the 2nd time where I can gaze at the fireworks LIVE! at the field just outside my house. The first time was the National Day Parade Rehearsal which took place about 4 years ago... I wish Singapore a very happy Birthday! May Singapore be standing proud and tall, even on the world map! *hugs and kisses* I'm gonna wear a red shirt and white bottom when I go out today! Whee...no school today, by the way...

Bitchy Bitchy
Ha, the title has said it all. Gonna pent out all my angers onto this bloggie (poor bloggie) but I'm not planning to spoil my National Day celebration mood. Even my friends agreed that some people have changed their personalities. (which is a sad case and a pathetic thing to do) Somehow I feel sorry for them rather than being angry at them, for they have ruined their own reputation by acting like bitches and all. For instance, acting real cute in front of boys and behaving in a flirty manner. Get a life, girl. Acting cute in front of boys does not make you any cuter, nor behaving like a flirt makes you any more attractive. Do think that you would stoop so low to do this to attract boys' attention. I had thought that you were a really nice girl to be with and a really nice person to be friends with. So I was wrong. You're indeed a wolf in a sheep's clothing. I was thinking to myself, "Who the hell changed the person inside you?" Or is it really you? I'd confess that you're much more cleverer than me, but acting like that in front of boys doesn't make you any cleverer. If you continue to do this, people would have an impression that you are really desperate, trying hard to seduce people. LOL. And this type of people are usually hated by students, and they might even label you as a slut or a whore. I have seen these situations in other schools in the US. However, I really don't wanna you to end up in that situation. You shall be sorry if you continue with your bitchy attitude. Speaking of your bitchy attitude, do think that you even attempt to shout at us to keep our volumes down when we didn't even produce as much noise as you did. You screamed and wailed in class. But why? To attract attention, of course. It is rather disgusting to even think of it. I was really pissed off when you did that after school. It's really annoying. Yeah, you succeeded in attracting attention from the boys. But the girls? Nada. Instead, you carved out a really bitchy side of you. Yes, you're popular. With the boys. But why? Because of your attitude. Boys usually like girls acting cute and all. But not girls. Girls just think that you are trying so hard to act like a Queen Bee and you give us an impression of a plain bimbo. In conclusion, girl, I really do pity you when you are ruining your own reputation like nobody's business. I suggest you stop this bitchiness and resume to your goody-two-shoes attitude. You will be so much nicer. By the way, I've heard that you treat friends like specks of dust waiting to be flecked away by that hand of yours. And I assume it's quite true. Because you backstab and hurt your close friends like nobody's business. That's really enough. You acting bitchy and stuff is already alarming, but what with the backstabbing, hurting close friends and stuff too? It's already too much. I suggest you think it over before everything in your world becomes a chaos and no one wants to be your friend anymore. Maybe not even near you, for I believe that close friends are very precious and you really don't wanna hurt them. Think about what you and your friends went through thick and thin together.

Bitchy guy
Girls can be bitchy. So can be guys. Oh crap. I also pity this guy as I have known him for a very long time...he has changed too. From my primary school view of him, he was a very funny and nice chap to be with. From my secondary school view of him, he has become the class clown (sometimes your jokes can be too cold and irritable) and a thick-skinned and proud person. How sad can that be? It's already a hassle to handle someone like you in my class, but you have already influenced some of the guys in our class too. Oh god. Why can't you just let them off? They don't deserve to get the same treatment as you. (Now everyone is like shunning you and your guy friends away) Because of you, they have learnt the bad things and they have picked some of them up from you. Because of you, they are almost like the same replicas of you. It's really bad when people dislike them for they have been influenced by you. So it's you that should suffer for the blame, and nobody else. Everyone should hate you only instead. Also, he has carved out a name for himself. Flirt. Speaking of him being flirtatious, I don't think that he even has a right to flirt with girls. I mean, c'mon. It's purely disgusting to hear of a guy constantly flirting with girls, when he himself doesn't even have the looks. I'm not saying that he is ugly (but I'm not saying he is hansome either :P), but looking from his demeanour, he doesn't deserve to flirt with girls. And still, he flirts with girls and treats them like everyday clothes. Like this girl, like another girl the next day. I dislike this kinda people and feel that they should taste the feeling of being dumped. Who do you think you are? Flirt with girls like nobody existed and still claim them as your girlfriend and the next day fool around with another girl and do the same thing all over again? Do you think that the girl will like it? Do you even care about how she will feel? You still had the cheek to judge about how girls look. Lol, they don't even look as bad as you do, so why complain about how ugly they are and stuff like that? It's as if you're the most handsome guy in school. Okay. However, he is clever and gets really good results. That's good for him, but he criticizes people who get lower results than him (including me) and boasts about his academic grades and flaunting his perfect scores into people's faces. He deserves to be slapped by other people. He hurts other people's feelings by critisizing them. Badly. For example,
"Aiyah, Cai Ling. You don't need to study so hard for history test lah. Study so hard for what? Still will get so bad results..."
What the hell. Is it your problem if I study for my history test? Does it even concern you? And what about the part about getting bad results even when I study for it? Is it really true that I get so bad results? Do not degrade me, for I am not one who tolerates people who ruin my reputation and spoil my mood totally. I despise them, literally. I bet that if you tell that to other people too, they will feel so bloody hurt. You wanna know how I felt when you said that? I felt anger burning up my heart and I felt the need to destroy you. Destroy this proud and arrogant human being. Yet I felt sad and downgraded. Because of YOU, you ruined my whole day. How I wished your academic results would slide off a drain for your very own good. (By the way, your English is really powerful, ain't it) *sneer*

Okayz. I gotta stop here now. Don't wanna this to affect my current mood.

Happy Bday Singapore! MUACKS!


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hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

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Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


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