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{Monday, August 08, 2005}

National Day Celebration
Today is the National Day celebration day, so it's only a less-than-half-day school day! Yeehaa! Was so glad that our Principal has made it a special and cozy day for us...loved the concert very much, got to sing all the National Day songs! I like the song "Uniquely You", especially the high part! *glass shatter* Haha...I can reach the note ya know! XD Couldn't believe that school ended at 10 am...it's still so early in the morning...yawn...I thought that it's gonna be a boring day anticipating myself to go home early too, but NO! Today's gonna be a fun day for me! *stressed-up gal*

Bugis craziness
So school ended...what did we do? My dars and I walked around TM to window-shop, also looking for a perfect gift for...*drumroll*...
My dar, Amelin! Muacks! Ya like the gift or not? (of course, you chose it what!) I didn't know that choosing prezzies for friends could be a hard and tedious thing to do. Amelin was very indecisive and couldn't make up her mind whether which present to choose! Finally, she made
her decision. It was a boy boy and girl girl keychain, which was cute and nice. :)) It was still early when she chose her present (finally!)...it was about 12pm and Daphne, another one of my dars, decided to go with her to BUGIS. Oh crap. It was the first time I travelled so far with my dars, ya know? By the way, my mum doesn't know about this! I bet you a million bucks she'll wallop my butt if she knows about it! LOL.
Bugis, here we come! Um, I didn't remember exactly where we were going (coz' I was like following my dars like a blind mouse) as my sense of direction is really poor. Anyway, I just know that we had to walk pass many crowds and bling bling lights. And salivate on yummy foods and babylicious clothes and accessories. I was wondering whether we attracted any attention, as we were wearing our class tees. (which was hot pink in colour?) I think we did. Many of the "high" school students were gaping at us. Their eyeballs were like so huge and they were like, "They wear PINK?" I mean, c'mon, what's so bad about pink? Even the guys in our class opted that colour. Because pink is HOT. And I don't care about what the rest think of us. I should ask them to be more flexible and think wisely. :))

Early Bday Celebration for Amelin
So we were walking around Bugis like blind mice. We wriggled our way to Tampines back again...whew...it's less crowded over here, and it felt more like home... By the time we reached our hometown, it was already getting late. About 2+ in the afternoon. Amelin reminded me that we haven't taken our neoprints yet. For the sake of her early bday celebration, we entered the fully-packed pinky place and waited for an HOUR before our turn (FINALLY). We're pissed off with some bitchy people, by the way. They jumped queue. How can they stoop so low as to jump queue and act like nothing has happened? Anyway, back to the subject. I didn't know how to handle neoprint machines, neither did Amelin. So we did our trial and error. (Teehee, the results were satisfactory!) All I could remember when we were inside the neoprint machine were the flashing camera and the decorative stuffs. (and the frantic moments for poses) 5 mins later, we stepped out.
Whoa, our neoprints were...
Cool! (except for the messy hairdos and weird smiles) My favourite neoprint was the princessy look. We had our tiaras! :D
Despite our naiveness to handling neoprint machines, the results were satisfactory...(wassup with my smile?) Lol...Anyway, the fun part about taking neoprints was the process, not the end results, so I didn't care less when I didn't smile that much. (Guess I was figuring around the poses and all...well, whatever.)

Moral of the day: Do not ever take neoprints in the afternoon. You'll waste an hour. XP

P.S. Amelin, I really do envy you. You look good in the neoprints; plus you get dozens of prezzies from your fellow mates... *green monster*

P.S.S. Ke Hua is still rattling off on the love topic...-_-;;;

P.S.S.S. Today has been a fun day! Funnlicious! :D


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cappucino on a rainy day,
snuggles in the warmth of blankets,
hot food in the arms of hunger,
huge umbrella of a stranger,
embraces in the rain,
smiles amidst frowns,
triumphs and singing of the heart

in center


Raindrops like candlewax
Drowning in a
Solid sculpture, you Burning and cold.


Baking skills
Yoga/Electone lessons


*HUGS* TOTAL! *HUGGIES* snuggles & cuddles


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